Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 1st February 2023 Written Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 1st February 2023 Written Update by MA

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 1st February 2023 Written Episode

Gaura dances on Chalka Kalsi Ka Paani… song during Chanchal’s haldi ceremony and imagines her marriage. Chanchal shakes her and asks where is she lost. Gaura says her wedding is fixed. Chanchal is surprised and asks with whom. Gaura says with a boy. Chanchal says marriage happens with a boy itself, who is the boy and what does he do. Gaura says boy’s grandmother fixed alliance and even gave 1 lakh rs for wedding preprations. Chanchal says boy must be old or having some defect. Gaura says her mama saw his photo, he is an young charming boy. Chanchal says maybe boy is a spoilt brat and will torture Gaura. Gaura says then she needs to meet a boy first and requests Chanchal to accompany her. Chanchal says tomorrow is her mehandi ceremony. Gaura says they will go out day after then.

Kanchan collapses in shock seeing Som and Twinkle together. Som gets concerned and tries to wake her up. Rekha senses Kanchan’s drama and asks him to make her smell dirty socks as its her daily drama. Drama ensures. Kanchan wakes up. Som offers her water. Twinkle touches Ganga’s feet. Ganga blesses her to marry in a good family. Som says he wish is blessing is already fulfilled as he likes Twinkle and wants to marry her. Kanchan spits water on Rekha’s face in shock. Ganga asks if she is out of shock. Som asks Ganga if she liked his choice Twinkle. Rekha says Ganga loves Som immensely and would die a moment she rejects Som’s choice.

Kanchan tells Ganga that Rekha has trapped her in her web. Rekha says she is very happy that both Ganga and Kanchan also liked Twinkle, plays shank, and asks Twinkle’s mother to perform Ganga, Kanchan, and Rahul’s aarti and then let Twinkle do same. She recalls Ganga and Kanchan not letting her perform Som’s aarti and controlling him against her wish. She thinks now they can’t even speak. Harish returns home and seeing Lakshmi counting money asks how did she get it. Lakshmi says she fixed Gaura’s alliance with a rich boy who gave money for the wedding expenses. Harish says she sold Gaura, forcefully takes money, and goes to return it to Som’s family. Lakhsmi fumes on it.

Rekha celebrates her victory. Twinkle’s family congratulate Ganga and Kanchan for fixing Som and Twinkle’s alliance and leave. Ganga and Kanchan’s jokergiri continue. Kanchan emotionally blackmails Som and asks if he will reject Twinkle if they don’t like her. Rekha says she is sure Kanchan and Ganga wouldn’t do that as they are not shameless and ruthless to break Som’s heart. Som says he will not marry Twinkle if Kanchan and Ganga are not happy. Rekha tricks them in her web of words.

Precap: Ganga fears seeing Yamraj and thinks he came to take Ganga away, prays to take Ganga away immediately after Som’s marriage.

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