Mohi 16th February 2016 Written Update

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Mohi 16th February 2016 Written Update by Amena

Mohi 16th February 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Anusha arguing with Rekha. Rekha gets angry. Aaji scolds Rekha for giving more pain to Anusha in this weak moment. Rekha says I exposed Ayush, I had proof. Rekha asks Anusha did she not see Ayush’s family, they got upset after the party ended, they could not answer reporters. Anusha says I hate this mindset, you think so to insult others and get peace. She cries and says no one can stay with you mom. Rekha gets upset. Anusha says I hate you. I can’t stay in this house. Rekha raises her hand. Aaji holds Rekha’s hand and stops her.

Rekha recalls Anusha’s words and gets sad. She thinks how Vinay cheated her and cries. Its morning, Anjali recalls Rekha’s words. Swati and Kaki cry and do the work in kitchen. They all recall Mohi and cry. Anjali asks Kaki how much more water will she add in flour. Kaka keeps the water bottle. Anjali says don’t know whats happening, Rekha insulted us so much, I would have replied her if you all were not there. Swati cries. Kaki asks Anjali to be quiet. She says I don’t understand, how did Rekha get Mohi’s letter. Shanta comes there and hears them. Kaki says Mausi said Mohi wrote that letter and gave it to Rekha, as Mohi knew Rekha’s behavior with Ayush, I can’t believe this, how can Shanta say this.

Swati says don’t know why Shanta is after Mohi, I think all this is a lie, what is the proof that Ayush married Mohi. One letter can’t be a proof for marriage. Mohi would have told us truth and stopped Ayush and Anusha’s marriage, why was she quiet then if she is Ayush’s wife. Anjali suggests that they all should go Bhuvana and they will know truth there, we should meet Mohi and who knows she will say she did not marry Ayush and that letter was fake, then Ayush will be freed soon. Swati agrees. Shanta reminds them that Ayush went to drop Mohi, maybe they had some fight and Mohi took revenge.

Kaki says you can’t say good about anyone right. Shanta says I have more experience, I have told you all about Mohi. Swati reminds Shanta’s words. Shanta says you all should have believed me and this would have not happened now.

Madhur recalls Ayush and gets sad. Satish comes home, and says everyone is speaking against Ayush, no need for anyone to go out, media and neighbors are attacking us. Sharad says we can’t be at home, why should we pay for Ayush’s deeds. Satish says fine, but Ayush is part of this family also, we can’t make him away from us like this. Madhur says since when will we run from truth, we have to go out. Let everything calm down, till then no one will react.

Sharad opens the door and sees police. Inspector asks is this Ayush’s house, we have come to investigate. Sharad asks him to come.

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