Mohi 17th February 2016 Written Update

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Mohi 17th February 2016 Written Update by Amena

Mohi 17th February 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shanta and Satish talking about Ayush. She says Manohar has sent my son to jail, and now Ayush has gone to jail. Satish says its all because of me, as I took Mohi’s letter from you. She asks do you want me to praise you. He says I want my share of money, but once Ayush comes out, he will not leave me. He recalls Ayush’s words. She says we should do something that Ayush stays in jail only. He says I think Madhur is going to do his bail tomorrow. She asks how, I will do something that none can go from home.

Anusha recalls Ayush and is sadly sitting in her room. She cries. Sharad opens the door and sees police. Inspector asks is Ayush’s house. Sharad says yes. Madhur and Swati are shocked. Inspector says we have to question you all. Sharad asks him to come. Anjali comes and is shocked seeing police.

Inspector asks did Mohi stay here with you all. Sharad says yes. Inspector asks did Ayush got her from Bhuvana. Swati recalls Mohi. Sharad says yes, Ayush and Mohi said that. Inspector asks for Anusha’s marriage proof. Sharad says yes, I have some pics. Anjali brings the marriage album and gives them. Sharad shows the album of Ayush and Anusha’s marriage. Inspector asks about Mohi. Sharad takes him to Mohi’s room.

Inspector checks the room and police does not find anything there. Inspector asks about Mohi’s parents, if they are hiding proof of Mohi’s marriage. Swati says we did not know, I don’t believe this, its all lie, Ayush is framed. Sharad says just Mohi or Ayush can say the truth, you go Bhuvana and find the truth. Sharad asks inspector to go Bhuvana and find out. Inspector says don’t teach us what to do. We know our work. Madhur asks will Ayush get freed. Inspector says I can’t say now, and leaves.

Madhur recalls how Ayush got Mohi from Bhuvana. Sharad says we will lose name, we will tell everyone that we have nothing to do with this. Swati says how can they punish Ayush based on one letter. Madhur says if Ayush did marriage, then he has to bear punishment, I will always support truth, but no one will discuss this matter in this house now.

Ayush tells inspector that he has to call home and talk to his wife. Inspector says give statement first, then talk to everyone. Ayush asks who did the complaint. Rekha comes there and says Ayush you cheated my daughter, I will not leave you now. You were becoming hero by showing society truths, see how I defame you. He asks where is Anusha. Rekha says forget Anusha, I never liked you, but I accepted you for Anusha’s sake, but now I will never forgive you, I will ruin your life and won’t let you get bail, just wait and watch.

Precap: Shanta tells Sharad that Rekha will win anyhow, you shake hands with Rekha, she won’t want Ayush to come out of jail, you have to support her in this aim.

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