Mohi 18th February 2016 Written Update

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Mohi 18th February 2016 Written Update by Amena

Mohi 18th February 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rekha telling Ayush that she will not let him get jail. Ayush gets tensed. Swati asks Kakai to talk to Madhur. Kaki says you know well, Madhur will not change his ethics. Anjali comes and says she found out that Ayush can get help if Anusha takes the complain back. Kaki says but Anusha will agree or not. Swati says I think Rekha did this, maybe Anusha did not know this. Kaki says Anusha was there in party, she would have told us. Swati says we should try once, Anjali come with me. They leave.

Aaji and Rekha ask Anusha to open the door. Aaji says Anusha did not have food. Rekha asks Anusha to be practical. Anusha asks them to leave her alone. Rekha says I m your mother, not enemy, what will happen if you cry like this, come out. Anusha says leave me alone. Rekha says Aai, Anusha will be fine, lets leave her alone for some time. Rekha goes. Aaji gets worried for Anusha. Anusha cries.

Sharad comes to Shanta. She asks him to come and sit. He recalls her words and says if I asked Mohi the reason of her coming, her truth would have been out, I did not expect this from a simple guy like Ayush. She says yes, but your work got spoiled, Rekha got ready to support you. He says yes, she knew everything and even then agreed, now nothing can happen. Shanta says there is still hope. He says no, its bad situation now. She says you should never lose, Rekha is a good player and she will win, you should support her. He asks why. She tells him that Rekha can support him well, Rekha will not wish Ayush comes out of jail, you have to support her in this aim. You have food now and then meet Rekha. She goes to get food for him. He gets thinking.

Swati and Anjali come to meet Anusha. Swati asks her to have food, and talk to her once. Anusha opens the door. Anusha cries seeing them. Swati hugs her. She consoles Anusha and wipes her tears. Swati feeds food to her. Aaji asks them to talk and goes. Anjali asks Anusha why is she crying, why did she do case against Ayush. Anusha says I did not do, mom did that. Swati says see Anjali, I told you Anusha would not do this. Anusha says till I knew this, it was very late. Swati says you can free Ayush if you want, take this case back. Anusha says you want to say Ayush is innocent. Swati asks did you talk to Ayush once, he should get one chance to speak up.

Nilesh meets Ayush. Ayush asks did anyone from home did not come, atleast they could have come to meet me. Nilesh says they lost their name, media has spread this news a lot, family is in shock, Anusha went to her Maayka, I tried to talk to her, she is not ready to hear anything. Ayush says you know Nilesh, how many times I wanted to tell Anusha, I told her, she did not hear it. see the result now, I have lost everything, make my bail possible by any way, get me out of free. Nilesh says there is a problem, Mohi is missing. Ayush is shocked and asks what.

Satish tells Ayush that he is proved a big liar, who will believe him now, you are finished, everyone is saying the same.

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