Mohi 19th February 2016 Written Update

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Mohi 19th February 2016 Written Update by Amena

Mohi 19th February 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ayush asking Nilesh will he get bail. Nilesh says yes, but there is a problem, Mohi is missing. Ayush gets shocked and asks what, where did she go. Nilesh says don’t know, Satyakam blamed you for her disappearance. Ayush says what will I do now. Nilesh says don’t worry, I will get you out of here, I will try my best to get you bailed out, I spoke to lawyer, I will free you, don’t worry.

Anusha is at home and thinks of Ayush. She recalls Swati’s words. Anusha recalls how Ayush used to dislike Mohi and was always rude to her. Ayush recalls Mohi and Anusha. He gets sad. Aaji recalls Anusha’s happiness and her old jolly behavior. Aaji and Archana cry. Aaji tells Archana about Anusha, and wonders why is this happening in her house, why is her family breaking like this. Archana says I m also reason of this pain. Aaji says no, don’t say this. They cry and share a talk. Archana says I m thinking to visit Ayush’s house, maybe there will be some solution. Aaji says yes, whats wrong in trying, go. Archana recalls Anusha and cries.

Madhur asks Swati to have food. Anjali says Swati kept mannat for Ayush. Madhur asks what is all this. Anjali says Swati has trust in Lord, we all have right to get Ayush freed. He says yes, but no one will go to do Ayush’s bail from this house. Swati recalls Madhur’s words and cries.

Satish goes to meet Ayush in jail and says you threatened me to send me jail, now how are you feeling being in lockup. Ayush argues. Satish says you would have given money and secret would have been hidden. Ayush scolds him and says you did not change, you are a cheap man and liar, Deepa should not be with you. Satish says you are proved the biggest liar, who will trust you now, you can’t come out now, you are finished, everyone is saying this, not me. He says you have two wives and did not get any. Ayush says I did not cheat anyone, I will prove this. Satish says best of luck and goes. Ayush worries.

Kaki tells Ayush that he would have known truth will come out. Ayush says if I told truth, I would have lost Anusha. Anusha says you lost me Ayush. They all cry.

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