Mohi 20th February 2016 Written Update

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Mohi 20th February 2016 Written Update by Amena

Mohi 20th February 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vinay and Anusha coming to police station with lawyer. Anusha says I m Ayush’s wife. I want to take that case back, I know the truth, which Rekha does not know. Inspector says we need proof. Anusha says I know and gives divorce papers of Ayush and Mohi. She says now there is no bigamy case, as his first marriage is null now. Inspector checks the papers. Ayush gets shocked. The lawyer does the formalities. Ayush gets freed and comes out of the lockup. He thanks Vinay.

Anusha says we will go home and talk. They leave from there. Vinay wishes everything gets fine now. Anusha and Ayush come home. Madhur stops Swati and Kaki from going to Ayush. Madhur scolds Ayush and says any of his explanation will not change his crime, he is culprit in their eyes. Ayush cries.

Madhur says law can forgive you, but we can’t. he goes to Ayush and says you know no one came to meet you in lockup, it means we don’t have to keep relation with you. Ayush says you can do anything, but give me a chance to speak up. Sharad says Ayush, when Madhur said his decision, then this all is not needed. Shanta ignites fire and says I want to know. Ayush says you are elder, and we all respect you. But I have seen the true face behind your fake face, I don’t want you to get insulted, so stay away from this matter. Sharad asks what is this way to talk to elders, you did mistake, when your lie is caught, you want to prove Shanta a liar. Madhur asks Sharad to be quiet, its not about Shanta here. Ayush says you all don’t know what happened with me in Bhuvana, how Mohi and I got married, I m having this burden on my heart since many months, you have to listen to me.

Ayush tells everyone about how he landed in Bhuvana and was caught by Pratap’s men. Everyone cry hearing him. Ayush tells them how Mohi supported him in Bhuvana and Pratap asked did they have any affair. Ayush cries and tells them that Mohi married Ayush to save Ayush’s life. Ayush says Mohi was shocked, she thought if she does not say we both got married, then village people and Pratap will kill me.

Ayush says Mohi’s one mistake made me do all this. Swati asks everyone to hear, Ayush is innocent. Madhur says it was acting for Ayush, but for Mohi and her family, this was the truth. Ayush says no, Mohi knew the truth, she knew I love Anusha, that I m going to get married to Anusha, so she promised me that she will not tell anyone, please trust me, I m saying truth.

Kaki says but you could break that marriage as well, if you married Mohi. Ayush says Mohi supported me and said she won’t tell anyone. Kaki says you are educated, you would have known that truth will come out some day, then you will get punished and lose name. Anusha and everyone cry. Ayush says if I told truth, I would have not married Anusha, I did not wish to lose Anusha. Anusha says you lost Anusha. They all get shocked.

She says I m going my home and greets Madhur. Madhur says you won’t go Anusha, Ayush will leave from this house. Ayush gets shocked.

Madhur shouts on Ayush. He says I won’t compromise with my ethics. Swati says I will support Ayush, he is our son and will always be our son, this is the biggest truth, you have to change your decision.

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