Mohi 21st February 2016 Written Update

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Mohi 21st February 2016 Written Update by Amena

Mohi 21st February 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Madhur saying Ayush will leave this house. He says Ayush ruined two girls’ lives, we can’t become part of his sin by supporting him, we break relations with him and remove him from Gokhale family. Ayush and everyone get shocked. Swati asks Madhur what is he saying, its true Ayush did mistake to hide this, but he did not do wrong with Mohi, you can’t punish him like this. Madhur says you know, I won’t change my decision. Swati says Ayush is my son too, you alone can’t take this decision. He says I can’t compromise with my morals. She says Ayush will always be our son, this is the biggest truth, you have to change your decision.

Ayush cries and says no Aai, I did mistake. I took that way which was easy, you all got hurt, I accept this punishment. Swati says no, this is not just your dad’s house, everyone stay together here. Ayush says I respect dad, if he wants me to leave from this house, I will not stay here, I m going, I will get my bad. Swati cries and asks Ayush to listen.

Ayush goes to his room and recalls the discussion happened downstairs. He packs his bag, while Anusha too packs her bags. Anusha recalls his promise and their love. She thanks him for help. He says I should thank you, I m out of jail today because of you. She says now there is no case on you, you are free. He says body got free, but mind and heart are still tied by chains. I will be punished till you and family forgive me. She says you agree that you did sin.

He says I did not do sin, it was mistake and want forgiveness. She says don’t expect anything else from me, I freed you from jail. He asks her to understand his viewpoint once. She says I m not hurt that you married that time, maybe situation was such, I m hurt that you broke my trust, trust was foundation of our relation, what did you feel I will not marry you if you told me that you married Mohi, was my love so weak that I would not understand you, you should have told me the truth once about your relation with Mohi. If you told me, I would have understood. She cries and says its very late now Ayush. You made our pure relation impure, I hate this, you married me infront of Mohi, Mohi has made me ready and bear all this, without telling anyone. You were just watching all this, I will not forgive you for this, never. He asks her to understand him. Will you not forgive me, do you want to break this relation? She pushes him away, as he holds her.

She says you made our relation illegitimate, we were mirror for each other, today I m not able to see myself. She cries and leaves with her bags. He asks her not to leave him. He recalls Kaki’s, Madhur’s and Rekha’s words. He gets worried. He recalls Mohi and Anusha. He packs his bags angrily.

Ayush takes some medicines to eat and stops…

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