Mohi 23rd February 2016 Written Update

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Mohi 23rd February 2016 Written Update by Amena

Mohi 23rd February 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ayush taking the medicines and stopping seeing his inner self, who asks him not to end his life by taking this easy way, better lit the hope and convince your loved ones. He gets motivated and throws the tablets. He calls someone. Sharad misses Shubhangi and recalls their love and fights. He gets restless. He recalls Shanta’s words to get the house papers and keep the house mortgaged. He recalls Manohar’s scolding. He thinks Shanta is right, I have to do this work, I don’t think there is some other way.

Sharad goes to Kaki’s room and steals the property papers. Kaki wakes up and asks is there something. Sharad hides. Kaki sleeps. Sharad silently leaves from the room with the files. Anjali comes that way. Sharad gets scared seeing her and drops the files. He picks the files and hides it. Anjali asks from where is he hidng like this. Sharad lies that its his interview tomorrow. Anjali says you are coming from Kaki’s room right. He says I was walking and studying my files, what are you doing here at night, go to your room and sleep.

She smiles and wishes him all the best. He asks her to go. She goes. Anusha tries calling Anusha. She ignores his calls. She recalls his words and cries. He calls again. She answers call and scolds him. She ends call and they both cry recalling each other.

Its morning, Sharad gives the files to Shanta. Shanta checks the files and fools him that everyone will be proud of him once he becomes rich. He says if you are saying so, but no one should know this, how will we manage. Shanta says I will get right price for this property, and you can earn a lot, don’t worry. He says just you help me here. She says we will leave now itself. He says fine and keeps the papers in his bag. Kaki sees them leaving and stops Sharad. Sharad gets tensed.

The broker asks for Sharad’s signatures and explains the terms. Sharad gets shocked.

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