Mohi 24th February 2016 Written Update

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Mohi 24th February 2016 Written Update by Amena

Mohi 24th February 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shanta telling Sharad about Mr. Gupta, who would give them a good price for property. They start leaving and Kaki sees them. Kaki stops Sharad. He gets tensed. Kaki asks where are you going. Sharad says actually, its my interview today, I was going for that. Kaki asks whats in his bag. He says my CV, I m getting late, I will leave. Shanta says Sharad is getting late for interview and goes with Sharad.

Ayush reads the upsetting news about him staying with two wives in same house, and how he got arrested. He gets angry. Nilesh asks him to leave it. Ayush says I will bring out my truth infront of everyone.

Sharad finds the place strange. Shanta gets a call and says we are coming. Sharad says its good Madhur disowned Ayush. Shanta says so what, Rekha’s work did not happen, she will not help you. He says how will I arrange money, I have to take loan by mortgaging property. She says I m here, I will take you, we will arrange money, come with me. Shubhangi is also there in the market, and thinks what is Sharad doing with Mausi here. I have to do something. She looks on as Shanta takes Sharad to that broker.

Kaki tells Swati that she felt like someone was there in room and finding something, I did not see anyone, don’t know did anyone come or I was thinking. Swati says Ayush is not here, that’s why. Kaki says I will call Nilesh. She calls Nilesh and asks about Ayush. Nilesh says Ayush is here with me. Kaki asks him to take tiffin for Ayush, I will make him fav food. Nilesh says fine, don’t worry, I m with Ayush. Kaki asks Nilesh to talk to Anusha, she is your good friend. Nilesh says I wil talk to her, don’t worry Tai. Kaki ends call. Swati and Kaki cry.

Archana comes to Anusha and asks her not to limit herself to the room. Anusha says its easy to say all this. She says I m applying job in America, I want to leave from here. Archana gets shocked and asks why is she punishing herself and Ayush, he did that being helpless, he is not a criminal, he did not do anything and getting punished. Anusha says I love Ayush, but I can’t be here. Archana asks her to save her house from breaking, go back to Ayush, please. Anusha cries.

Shanta and Satish meet the broker. Sharad gives the house papers. The broker checks the papers. He says papers are right, but before giving money, I want your signs on this paper. Sharad asks sign? Broker asks Shanta does Sharad not know, I do everything with honesty. Shanta says yes, I told him. She tells Sharad to sign, all papers are right. Broker says its written that if you don’t return papers in 3 months, house will be mine. Sharad asks what. Shanta says but don’t worry, three months is big time, I m here, sign on it. Sharad asks about clauses. Shanta says its all right. Broker says I m giving 25 lakhs, don’t you trust me, take money, sign and leave. Shanta asks him to sign, and goes. Shanta meets Satish and says everything is fine. Shubhangi records them. Satish says I made papers as you told, its written 50 lakhs, if Sharad does not return that amount, house will be ours. Shanta sends Satish. Shanta goes to Sharad and asks him to sign fast, as she knows this broker well. She signs the broker and smiles. Sharad recalls Manohar’s words and signs. He gives the papers.

Shubhangi calls Kaki and asks her to check well, where are the house papers. Kaki says papers are not here.

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