Mohi 25th February 2016 Written Update

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Mohi 25th February 2016 Written Update by Amena

Mohi 25th February 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sharad signing the papers. The broker gives him 25 lakhs. Sharad thanks him. Shanta smiles. Shubhangi calls Kaki and asks her to check house papers in cupboard fast. Kaki says I will check, it will be there. She checks and says papers are not here, how do you know, where are you. Shubhangi tells Kaki that Shanta and Satish are planning to get our house, they have kept our house mortgaged by using Sharad, they are taking Sharad somewhere with them, we have to stop Sharad, he won’t listen to me, we have to save our house, we have to do something, I have a plan, listen carefully. She tells her plan to Kaki.

Kaki says yes, I understood. Shubhangi says I will show Shanta how to play this game. Kaki cries and nods. She ends call. Shanta and Sharad come out. Shubhangi catches Sharad’s collar and scolds him. He asks what are you doing here. Shanta interrupts. Shubhangi asks her not to talk between husband and wife. She cries and asks Sharad why did he insult her parents, I will keep quiet today, let this decision happen today, where are you going with items packed, you want to go far from me, I won’t let this happen. She takes the bag. Shanta says you are mistaken. Shubhangi says no, I m thinking right, I will not let Sharad go, I will see how he goes, you have to come with me to police station now. He asks what. Shanta worries. Shubhangi says fine, come to your house, my parents will come there. Shanta agrees and asks Sharad to understand the situation. Sharad says fine, come. Shubhangi calls and says I m calling my parents. She says we are coming there and ends call. They leave from market.

They all come home. Kaki asks how dare you come here, we don’t need you, leave from our house. Shanta and Sharad smile. Shanta says I told Shubhangi not to come home, see now she is getting scolded. Kaki says you are mistaken, I m scolding you, not Shubhangi. Shanta asks what joke is this. Sharad says kick out Shubhangi, she argued with me in market. Kaki slaps Sharad. Madhur, Swati and Anjali come there and get shocked. Kaki scolds Sharad. She asks Shubhangi to come inside the house.

Shubhangi says leave it, he will not understand. Shanta asks is this way to talk to elders, I will not stay here. Kaki says you have to go anyway Mausi, but let everyone know your true face. Kaki asks Shubhangi to show recording. Shubhangi shows the recordings, how Shanta and Satish planning to fool Sharad and take house and 25 lakhs. Sharad and everyone get shocked. Sharad recalls Shanta’s words. He thinks of his family.

Madhur asks Shanta why did you do this. He asks Sharad does he have any sense or not, its your fault, that’s why this happened, I did not find difference between you and Ayush ever, take anything you want, take this house and money, we all will go from here, home is made by family, you want to stay alone, then stay alone, we will leave. He asks Swati to come with him. Swati asks him to calm down. Madhur says I m ashamed of myself. Kaki says stop Madhur, I m eldest here and I will decide who will stay here and who will go, no need to be scared Shubhangi, you got injustice on you, Shanta and Sharad will go from here.

Sharad scolds Shanta and asks her to leave from this house. Shanta gets shocked.

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