Mohi 26th February 2016 Written Update

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Mohi 26th February 2016 Written Update by Amena

Mohi 26th February 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sharad thinking how Shanta fooled him and provoked him against Shubhangi and family. He asks Shanta to stop her drama now, he has understood her true face. He says I got cheated, I could not see your truth, I was trying to see my mother in you, you can’t be called a woman, it will be good that you get away from this house. He says get out of this house and shouts on her. He says we don’t need now, don’t think to come inside this house again, else I will forget that you are my Mausi. He apologizes to Kaki and says I don’t want anything, this house, money, nothing, I want you all. I can see everything clear now, but I fell in my own eyes, forgive me. Kaki cries.

Kaki asks Sharad to apologize to Shubhangi, who saved this house and family today. Sharad apologizes to Shubhangi. She says don’t say this, I will always love you. Madhur opens arms and hugs Sharad. Madhur unites Sharad and Shubhangi. They all smile.

Kaki gets sad. Sharad apologizes to her again. Kaki forgives him and asks him not to misunderstand them. She says she is feeling bad for Shanta, as Sharad asked Shanta to leave from house. She says Shanta is alone in this world, life is not game that someone wins and someone loses, life is to forgive, to change bad into good. The one who forgives is big, if I can forgive Ayush and you, why can’t Mausi, she is also part of our family. He says fine, I will meet Shanta. Shanta cries recalling Sharad’s words.

Sharad goes to Shanta and sees her crying. He says she is still like his mother and asks her to come back home. He calls her Maa and asks her to come home. She cries and asks him to call her Maa again. He says Maa. She says you always loved me and respected me, I always wanted to take revenge and I took wrong path, forgive me, I did so much and you are still calling me Maa. She hugs him and cries. She says I will apologize to everyone.

Swati and Kaki talk about Ayush. Swati says I want Ayush and Anusha back at home, and wonders what to do. Vinay sees Anusha packing her bag. He asks where are you doing. Anusha says its enough, I have bear a lot, I m tired of all this, I want to stay in fresh environment. He says I spoke to Mohi, she said she saved Ayush’s life by marrying him, its not Ayush’s mistake, you should think from Ayush’s side too. Rekha tells Vinay that she did many mistakes and want to rectify mistakes, to make her marriage work.

Vinay and Archana talk about Anusha. Rekha says we can do something, we have one way, Gokhale family.

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