Mohi 27th February 2016 Written Update

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Mohi 27th February 2016 Written Update by Amena

Mohi 27th February 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vinay and Rekha talking. Vinay apologizes to her for not being strong to tell her truth. He holds Rekha’s hand and thanks her for giving her a chance. Rekha says I m sorry too. Anusha smiles and says this is most beautiful moment of my life, I m seeing you both together for the first time, I love you both. Aaji says I m happy too, but my happiness will be complete when I see Ayush and Anusha together.

Vinay tells Archana that Anusha is leaving. She asks him to explain Anusha. He asks how much will I explain her, she is adamant. Rekha comes and says we have a way, Gokhale family, they can do something. She says I spoke to Sharad, he said he is going to Ayush to talk, something will happen, lets hope for the best.

Sharad tells Swati that Ayush called Anusha a lot, she did not reply, Ayush does not want to meet her by forcing her, Anusha can leave. Swati says I m worried for them. Sharad says Anusha has to do something now. Anusha gets her bags. She asks Vinay to take care of Aaji. She says Rekha is perfect and will do everything on her own. Vinay hugs her and asks her to take care. Rekha and others hug Anusha.

Sharad calls Anusha and cries saying Ayush…… Anusha asks why are you crying, what happened to Ayush. She worries and tells Vinay that maybe something happened to Ayush, I have to go there, please get luggage at airport, I will go with Archana. Rekha and Vinay smile. Anusha comes to Gokhale house and asks Sharad what happened to Ayush. Sharad laughs and she gets shocked. She asks what happened, where is Ayush.

Sharad asks don’t you know, I will tell you, Ayush is in your heart, so you came running madly, see the reaction of my call. I just said Ayush…. and you left your flight to come here. She says you did wrong, I will not stop. Sharad says whats right and wrong, how will we know.

He says everyone makes mistakes, Ayush is bearing punishment without doing mistake, you did not realize, but we all are sure that you still love Ayush a lot. He asks her to learn trusting Ayush, why is she hurting herself and Ayush. If Ayush is so bad, then why did you do his bail. Why do you love all of us? They all look on, Sharad asks her to think well and answer. She recalls her marriage with Ayush and their love.

Kaki says we are sure, Anusha will not get anyone like Ayush to love her, Anusha will always be our daughter, but we like you as our bahu more. They all try to convince Anusha.

Archana tells Anusha to forget everything. Anusha cries and says whenever I see Ayush, I will miss my sister and the injustice happened with her. Archana says it was all fate, Ayush and you did not do this intentionally, its all over now, we can change things now. She asks her to accept life with love, life is waiting for you. She recalls Ayush.

Sharad asks Anusha to decide, they won’t say anything now. Anusha says Lord did all this, but I have to take some decisions. Anusha hugs everyone and takes blessings.

After five years, Mohi is shown. She sees some papers and recalls talking to Manohar about divorce papers. She thinks she freed Ayush by signing on those papers, she did not mean to hurt Ayush, my motive to come to city was something different. She recalls her dreams to become a doctor and treat the ill people in her village. She writes that I have seen a Lord’s avatar in Anusha, who helped her, and now I have become Dr. Mohi, Ayush and his family gave her chance to become a doctor, now its my turn to do something for my family.

Sharad asks everyone to come soon, flight is on time. Swati and everyone wait. Kaki says we are giving tiffin for Mohi. Ayush and Anusha come downstairs with their little daughter. Madhur says you will be getting Mohi back after 5 years. Anusha says call her Dr. Mohi Vinay Dixit. Ayush says I did not think that the Mohi I got from Bhuvana will become doctor after 5 years and I will get her from USA. Anjali gives some admission file. Shanta asks them to take blessings for Mohi. She asks Ayush to tell Mohi that I m waiting for her, chess game is still left midway. Ayush smiles and says sure, we will tell Mohi. They leave.

The show ended on a happy note.

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