MTV Fanaah Season 2 11th January 2015 Written Update

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MTV Fanaah Season 2 11th January 2015 Written Update by Sona

MTV Fanaah Season 2 11th January 2015 Written Episode

Avani and Rose are ckecking the patients and Rose says that I can’t believe that Samir did this. She says that who does that, hitting someone with an iron rod. She says that I am Samir’s girlfriend so what is his problem with Saher and Ranbir. Rose says that I am going to call it off, Avani follows her outside and says that don’t take such a decision as I have a plan. Rose says that you have a plan from stopping him from killing me. Avani says that by following my idea we can help Saher and Ranbir as well, she tells Rose the plan and says that we have to take a chance.
Rose calls Samir as by Avani’s idea while his father is calling some men. Samir says that I will talk to you in a moment while Rose says that I don’t care I want to talk right now. Rose says that whatever happened is Okay as I care so much for you. Samir’s father asks where the two of them are meeting and Samir gives the location behind the hospital. Rose cancels the call saying that meet me there since you are coming here. She gives Avani a hug and goes to get ready for the next step. Samir says that I have to handle Rose before father and his men get there. His father tells him that all the men will be there in 30 minutes.
Samir goes to his father and says that I have doubt that mom might find out to what we are about to do. He asks his father to take Mom to a dargha and he will watch the men in the meanwhile. His father agrees with him and says that do as you are saying. His mother comes and Samir tells Saher not to leave the house while they are gone. Samir picks his glasses and goes to see Rose.
Saher sees him leaving and calls Ranbir and says that I am coming to meet you. Ranbir has just taken stood up and instantly leaves to see her. He is stopped by Avani and Ranbir says that it is very urgent. Ranbir asks of why are you coming to see her, Avani says that I will come and take care of you so that you may meet her. Ranbir agrees with Avani and leaves with her now.
Prateek is screaming and tells the person to let him go. Sarthak puts a piece of cloth in his face and tells him to shut up. He then says that If someone is following me than he might come here and I must do something. He gets a call from Yamini and says to her that I am with my mom and will talk to you later.
Samir is waiting for Rose as he wants her to leave in 5 minutes. Rose comes dressed like an Indian girl and says that I wore this so that you may like me more. Samir says that all of this doesn’t looks nice on you. Rose says that you are such a hypocrite as girlfriend has to wear short skirts and dresses while you want to cover your sister with a blanket. Rose says that I love you but didn’t know that you had two faces. Samir says that we will talk about this later and goes to drop her off.
Mr.Malik is worried as he can’t find Vivan and wonders where Vivan might have hit them. He goes through the videos and finds Vivan with the boxes of viles and locates the room. Mr.Malik says that Vivan as hid the viles where I have installed the safe.
Ranbir and Avani are at the garden and can’t see Saher. Ranbir is worried about her when Saher comes and he runs to hug her. Saher looks at his wound and says that he had hit you hard didn’t he, she says that brother and father won’t let us live like this and if we want to stay together than we should leave. Ranbir says that we are doing nothing wrong we only have to make your father and brother understand. Saher says that you do not understand me as they will never understand you. Ranbir says that I will handle it when some armed men come.
Saher says that these are my father’s men and they knew about me. She asks Ranbir to leave otherwise they will kill him. Ranbir says that I am not going anywhere as today I have to show your dad the meaning of love. He holds her hand when Saher’s father comes as well; Saher get’s scared to see him. He orders his men to kill Ranbir.
Sarthak says do you want your son dead, if not than bring me the viles. Mr.Malik says that I have the viles and meet me at the ground floor. Sarthak says that I am there and Mr.Malik comes in and sees Prateek. Sarthak comes in his way and asks for the viles, Mr.Malik is about to give him the box when Joe comes in the way with his face covered. Sarthak says that the deal is the deal I will kill Prateek if I don’t get that box. Sarthak says that things can be solved just give me the box, he holds Prateek and tells Joe to move aside. Joe drops the box and comes aside but grabs Sarthak as he goes for the box. Sarthak gives him a scar on his hand while Joe manages to get take his mask off but Sarthak runs off. Joe wants to follow but Mr.Malik asks him to help Prateek instead.
Saher asks Ranbir to leave while Ranbir says that I am not leaving you. He says that I love you and will till death, Saher says that I also love and the hug each other. The men come and take them apart while Avani ask Samir to help Ranbir. Samir says that he has betrayed me while Avani says that they love each other and what is wrong in that. She says that what you did he could have sent you to jail but he didn’t. She says that he still think of you as a friend. Samir says that all of this doesn’t happen in our family as our religion is different. Avani says than what are you doing with Rose and says that Saher was about to leave but Ranbir stopped her.
Ranbir is on the ground when his father points the gun at Ranbir. Samir comes in the way and stops his father and pulls the men of the two of them as well. His father says that are you mad when Samir says that what were we about to do. Samir says that we were going to kill a man while his father says that they did a sin. How dare he talk to my daughter? Samir says that today we don’t think like that and they have the right to stay together and we can’t do anything. His father says that I can do a lot and points the gun at the two of them.

Precap: Sarthak injects himself with the viles and gets all the powers. Dr.Mehgna meets Sarthak and says that in sometime no one will be able to stop us. Saher listening by them gets caught by Sarthak who hurts her leaving her fainted.

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