MTV Fanaah Season 2 16th January 2015 Written Update

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MTV Fanaah Season 2 16th January 2015 Written Update by Sona

MTV Fanaah Season 2 16th January 2015 Written Episode

Samir says that these two have the right to stay together and we can’t do anything. His father says that I can while Samir tries to stop him and says that you will lose your children if you hurt these two. Saher cones and says that you are making us live by your way and I can’t bare the way you are asking us to live. She says that I want to live my life the way I want to and let us breath. He is about to slap her when Ranbir stops his hand and says that Sir what have we done wrong.
He says that my religion is something else and the heart doesn’t knows anything about religion. Samir also backs him when up. After listening Samir’s father says that you have no place amongst us then and are dead for me. He leaves when Ranbir says that I will handle everything and thanks Samir for everything. Samir tells Saher to pack her stuff from home.
Sarthak comes to a room and injects himself with the viles. He feels pain but after it gets some unbelievable powers. Prateek is brought to the emergency room when Rose comes and so does Mr.Malik. Joe is there and says that we are trying our best to help him.
Saher comes to the hospital and sees Sarhtak with Dr.Mehgna. Mehgna says that after sometime we will be unbeatable and you will kill all our enemies. Saher listens and drops something and the two of them hear it. Ranbir calls Samir and asks about Saher and Samir says that she had left home along time ago. Sarthak had dropped Sarthak somewhere unconscious. Prateek wakes up and remembers nothing of the guy of why he did. Avani apologizes to Joe for not understanding him though he is a nice guy. She says that you are a nice guy and shakes his hand to become friends.
Sarthakc comes to the class and apologizes to Yamini and says that my mom got very sick. Rose comes and says that I just heard about Prateek and says that I am very scared. Joe says that if someone kidnaps you then I would say that keep her we don’t want her. In the talk Sarthak sees the scar of Joe’s hand and says that it means he also has powers.
Ranbir looks for Saher while Prateek comes to the class and Avani tells him to sit down though he should be in the room. Sarthak asks of how it had happened while Prateek remembers his father telling him and Avani and Joe not to talk about it. Prateek makes an excuse to Sarthak when Dr.Mehgna comes and says that I will mentor you while Dr.Vivan is not here. Joe proposes for something but Mehgna gives them a job and all of them leave. Sarthak pukes while getting up and Yamini takes him to the ward.
Rose is pissed at the job she had got and says that I am very mad at you. Avani says that listen to me and tells the admin and take Prateek with you. Avani then goes off with Joe and he says that you have these skills as well. Joe admires her work while Avani says that I should say this to you as the idea was you. Then the two of them leave to work on their thesis.
Yamini is taking care of Sarthak and says that how did this happen suddenly. Sarthak says that I was with my mom and was stressed so my friends gave me some to drink. He gets a message about the fourth vile but doesn’t tell Yamini anything when she asks.
Yamini tells Sarthik that she has a surprise for him and gives him a letter saying Happy New year. He takes the card and reads it. Yamini smiles at him, he asks did she make her by herself. That is so sweet. She says she thought they couldn’t celebrate together so they must do a lunch together. Sarthik agrees.
Joe wonders he must know what Avni actually feels about Vivan, as whatever he knows has been told to him by Vivan. He says doesn’t anyone wonder where has Vivan gone. Avni says it is good he has left. He asks why she is saying so, was there any problem. She says there was much problem, he behaved so strange and what he did to her. She leaves, saying she doesn’t want to talk about him. He says doesn’t she think he is a good teacher, though a bit strict.
Joe tells Avni that he heard something about her and Vivan, he wanted to confirm. She asks what did he listen to. He says he heard and she and Vivan kissed, but it is alright if she doesn’t want to tell. Avni gets flash backs about their past, she says it is nothing about not telling. She had feeling which she couldn’t control, there was something in him that she couldn’t stay away from him. When she told him the truth, his true face came to me. She had blamed on him of using her, but he was ruthless. Avni was disturbed and says she doesn’t want to listen about him. She leaves, while Joe says it has been confirmed Avni loves Vivan, and Vivan also loves him.

PRECAP: Yamini tells Sarthik that she loves him, they hug while she suddenly feels pain. She thinks something is wrong with Sarthik. Pratik also says to Yamini that something wrong is happening in the hospital..

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