MTV Fanaah Season 2 17th January 2015 Written Update

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MTV Fanaah Season 2 17th January 2015 Written Update by Sona

MTV Fanaah Season 2 17th January 2015 Written Episode

A Polio campaign is carried out by the students and they are interviewing the parents. Rose is trying her methods to stop a child from crying and making it understand that polio drops are good. On the other hand Ranbir is asking Samir about Saher if he knows anything. Ranbir says that he should call the police when Samir says that don’t bring them in the situation. Ranbir says that it’s Saher and let me handle this as this is more important..
Joe catches Avani as she bumps into a stretcher coming out of a room. Vivan in his hibernation says that what are you doing Joe and why are you acting like this. Joe on the other hand leaves Avani and apologizes and she leaves. Yamini has just checked Sarthak when Mehgna comes and scolds them as they are resting while the other students are working. She tells them to get to work while Yamini says to Sarthak that you can take rest here and I will cover for you. Sarthak says that better to work than to lye here. He further says that I have been thinking about the lunch since you told me about it. Yamini says that let’s go for that and I will get your medicine.
Ranbir is looking for Saher asking around if anyone has seen her. One of the patient says that he had seen her when Ranbir says to himself that I have to watch the CCTV footage to know about her. He goes into the room and no one is there so he starts to look. He finds the files empty and can’t believe and says that what is happening. He prays to god to protect Saher and says that I should speak to Vivan sir or Mehgna mam.
Joe comes to the hibernation chamber and tries to wake Vivan up and wonders of how sleeping vampires are woken up. He says that one person must know the answer as he knows everything. Avani is sitting outside when Rose comes and asks if she is Okay. Avani says that she had been thinking about Joe and says that Joe has made him confuse and today he acted weirdly. Rose says that it means he is crazy about you and it’s Okay. Avani says that after Vivan she thinks all the boys are the same. Rose says that forget about Vivan, Avani says that she can’t forget him though she has tried. Rose says that it will and give Joe a chance.
Sarthak comes and starts to eat lunch with Yamini. Sarthak says to himself that It looks and tastes totally different. However for the formality he says that he hasn’t eaten anything like it. When Yamini eats it she coughs it out and says that why are you eating it and tells him to stop. She says that you are eating this so that I don’t feel bad. Sarthak nods yes when Yamini says that no one cared this much about my feelings. She says that if it were my ex-husband he would have said a lot to me.
She stands up to wipe her tears and says that I tried a lot to stop my feelings. Sarthak comes to her and she says that I can’t, I can’t understand to what to listen to. She says that now I have decided to listen to my heart. Yamini hugs Sarthak and he says that all the power by viles is on one side but this is something else. He says that there is only problem that she works for Vivan. His claws start to work out again and Sarthak tries to control them.
He tries and succeeds but they come out and hurt Yamini in the arm and she goes out of the room. Sarthak comes out apologizing to her and Yamini says that this is no way of showing it. Sarthak says that I like you as well and there is no one other than you. Yamini says that it’s not about feeling as you become very violent. He follows her again to give him one more chance while she leaves without saying anything. Sarthak gets a message again as he needs all the viles to finish the job.
Joe comes to Vivan’s lab and hopes that he finds a way in this book as he has tried everything else. He finds that hibernation can’t be stopped and the Vampire locked will be locked forever in it. Joe says that I swear that if I knew I would have never locked you in that coffin. Joe says that Aroso Uthamo is the person who has all this knowledge.
Yamini decides to call Vivan as she has got sever cuts which can’t be from a normal human. Ranbir comes to Saher and talks about Saher and says that something is very strange in this place. Yamini says that only Mehgna mam knows about if there is something to ask. Yamini comes to her room and asks about Vivan when Mehgna asks about what is going on. Ranbir explains to what is going on and the reason they are here. Mehgna says that I can’t believe that you are blaming the hospital for your personal reasons. She tells them to drop it and she will handle it herself.
MR.Malik is talking to someone on the phone about the incident and says that I know as he will come to the hospital. He says that it is the only chance to catch him when the masked man comes. He says that what did you thought that you found your son and the deal is ended. Sarthak says that I have taken your son once and will do it again and asks for the viles. Mr.Malik says that I don’t about them as Vivan knows where they are. Mr.Malik says that he doesn’t knows where they are and takes his masks off in the struggle. Sarthak gives him a blow to the heart and kills him.

Precap: Avani opens the coffin to Vivan and as he wakes up scares him. Ranbir is talking to Yamini about what is going on. Joe comes to Vivan and tells him about the person who he encountered while saying Prateek.

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