MTV Fanaah Season 2 19th January 2015 Written Update

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MTV Fanaah Season 2 19th January 2015 Written Update by Sona

MTV Fanaah Season 2 19th January 2015 Written Episode

Ranbir says to Yamini that was it just my or everything is weird. Yamini says that it is as it has happened before and we will keep looking for Saher. Yamini says that we can only trust Dr.VIvan and asks Ranbir if he knows someone who can help them. Ranbir says that there is someone who might be able to help them out.
Avani is looking for Joe when she comes in front of Vivan’s office. She goes inside after standing for a few minutes and remembers the things that happened here. She lifts the tag of Vivan off her desk and looks around through the drawers. She is about to leave when Avani sees a locked door and finds the keys in the cabinet.
Sarthak is looking for the viles and calls someone saying that I killed Mr.Malik. She tells him to make it look like a nautral death otherwise they will never be able to find the other viles if the police gets involved. Avani has entered Vivan’s lab and looks through the stuff and finds a letter for Joe regarding Avani. Avani is thrilled to know that the two of them know and is scare to see the word coffin. She reads further and the letter says that don’t try to open me up otherwise I will be locked forever. Avani can’t understand.
Joe is with someone asking for help when the person says that only one true soul could open that coffin. On the other hand Avani has found the coffin, Joe says that it is impossible to find that soul today. He says that the person who gave me life one day is about to die because of me.On the other hand Avani opens the coffin and is shocked. She turns around when Vivan wakes up catches her from behind and howls at her. Avani asks of what has happened to you when Vivan says that I am like this and am a vampire. Vivan says that I am a real dead vampire someone who kills people to help his thirst.
He further says that all the crazy things happening in this hospital are because of me and if you stay close to me you will be in one of the lists. Avani tries to leave when Vivan catches her and sayst aht if you tell anyone I will remove every drop of blood from your body. He then lets Avani go who is stopped by Joe and he asks if she is Okay. Without saying anything Avani says that I need to go home.
On the other hand Vivan says that what does destiny wants with me and the more I try to stay away from the closer I get to her. She saves me every time and now this life looks like a joke. He looks at the coffin and wonders how Avani opened it. Joe comes and finds Vivan unlocked and wonders how he got out.
Vivan says that I told you to take care of things and how did Avani got here. Joe says that he has no idea of Avani and how she got to you. Vivan says that what were you doing when Joe says that I did my best as you said. Joe says that I realized that Avani had a strong relation with you and that’s why she was able to open the coffin. Joe says that she is a pure blood as only one can open a coffin and wake a vampire.
Vivan says that he doesn’t wants Avani to give her life for him again. Joe says that now it’s becoming clear as you guys have lived in another lifetime together. Vivan says that it would have also been clear that the more we come closer to each other than we get Fanaah. Joe says that all of this bullshit when Vivan says that it’s time to change destiny as she has seen me. He tells Joe to try once more and says that only you can do this.
Avani is lying in her bed scared thinking about what has just happened. She remembers what Vivan said to her and cries as she does. She says that Vivan can’t do this but if he is a vampire than they are like this. She says that why was I attracted to him what is happening to me. Her parents bring a doctor to check if she is Okay. The doctor diagnoses her and says that you should consult a psychiatrist.
Joe agrees to what has said but says that I should tell you what is going on in the hospital. Joe says that when you went into hibernation someone kidnapped Prateek. Joe tells about the person and how he was when Vivan says to himself that the antidote had no affect on Sarthak but how.

Precap: Joe takes the viles from Vivan to keep them in safe hands but gives them to Sarthak. Sarthak meets Dr.Mehgna who congratulates him on doing the job while Joe is affected by a girl.

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