MTV Fanaah Season 2 20th January 2015 Written Update

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MTV Fanaah Season 2 20th January 2015 Written Update by Sona

MTV Fanaah Season 2 20th January 2015 Written Episode

Joe asks Vivan if he knows about the person and Vivan tells him to focus on Avani and he will handle the rest. Vivan goes to call Yamini and runs into Ranbir and her who explain him the scenario. Ranbir says that this doesn’t makes any sense when he says to him to that we will calm him down. He takes Yamini aside and asks about Sarthak and says that what of his update. Yamini shows him the scars and Vivan figures it out saying that someone is still helping him and there is only one person who knows about this.
Soon the hear Prateek screaming crying over his father. Avani’s parents want her to meet the doctor and she denies it. Her mother tells his father to call the doctor. Prateek asks for help from Vivan when he tells the ward boy to take the body for autopsy. Everyone else tries to calm Prateek down as the body is taken away. Dr.Mehgna comes and says that your gap has caused us a lot while Vivan says that he must destroy the viles.

Avani is telling the doctor of her time in the college and all that she had to go. Avani says that she still couldn’t why she wanted to go near a man who hated her. On the other hand Vivan takes the viles out and outs them in a box. The doctor says that I will asks you questions and you must answer honestly. She asks of what the quality is that drags her to him and Avani says that all of it. She says that his each breath affects me and I can’t keep away from him, it’s like we have lived before. The doctor says that to clear things you can use a method about past life. She explains and says that you don’t have to worry as you are safe and all your problems will be cleared.
Vivan brings the viles and says that I have to destroy them with vaporizing but that won’t be easy. Joe comes in asking about what he heard though he was told to go after Avani. Joe asks Vivan if he wants to destroy the viles and says that you can give the viles to me as I will keep them safe as you have to save people. On the other hand Sarthak is handed the viles by Joe and Joe says to him that no one can defeat you. Joe turns into Dr.Mehgna who was actually her disguised as Joe.
Dr.Mehgna says that after waiting for so many years my ultimate ambition is completed. She says that I used everyone in my way to get the viles. She explains that everything happening was her cause but she can’t understand Joe and Avani. Sarthak says that there is no need to worry about him as after the viles he will be able to destroy the viles. Sarthak says that if someone told Vivan than our planned would be finished. Dr.Mehgna comes in the way saying that I have a person named Merry.
Joe is trying to call but can’t when he is called in a ward for help. A girl is standing there and Joe can’t stop starring at her. The girl says that if something happens to you please make sure that I get treated. She shows her arm that is cut and Joe rushes to clean the wound.
He tells her to sit down and puts a bandage on it, the girl says that you can ask if you want. Joe says that there is no need for it but if it’s a suicide attempt than I would have to write a report. The girl says that it’s like you already know about me as if you can read my mind. She further says that you can’t read Avani’s thoughts as her thoughts already belong to someone else.
Joe backs up worried to what she is saying while the girl stands up and stares at him. She says that I always feel alone and so decided to take my life. She says that now I know that there are other like me. Joe is about to say something when she tells him to stay quiet and uses her powers on him and absorbs something out of him. She leaves while Joe stands still like a statue. The girl collides with Rose and when Rose asks about her she says that wait.
Vivan enters a room where Saher was kept and says that she had no relation to any of this He wonders to what the reason maybe and says that it could be something she didn’t say. He says that someone is helping Sarthak as he can’t do it alone but who.

Precap: Vivan says to Sarthak that he has to be stopped otherwise we would have to kill him. Yamini says to him that I feel that there is a connection of mine with like a curse from the past. Yamini says that I want to ask of how you know about the viles and Sarthak and if you know about Sarthak than how can you say that you can handle him, do you have any powers like Sarthak.

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