MTV Fanaah Season 2 21st January 2015 Written Update

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MTV Fanaah Season 2 21st January 2015 Written Update by Sona

MTV Fanaah Season 2 21st January 2015 Written Episode

Avani is with the doctor who tells her to follow her instruction and hypnotizes her to reach into her past memories and Avani succeeds. Avani remembers the time she had spent with Vivan and to what it lead to. The doctor asks of what it is while Avani runs in shock from the room.
Ranbir comes to Vivan asking about the update and Vivan tells him to listen carefully. Vivan says that everything that happened earlier there something involved and powers which were not supernatural. Vivan says that Saher is also involved in one of these things and she might not even come back. Ranbir can’t believe and Vivan says that I know the pain and I will find the person and punish him. Ranbir says that I can’t wait and will find him myself. Vivan texts Yamini to come to his office.
Sarthak takes the viles and Mehgna tells him to control his powers and so he does. Vivan tells Yamini to find Mehgna and give her his resignation letter. Yamini asks why and Vivan says that it’s time for him to leave this place. Vivan says that you will also have to face a truth and either Sarthak has to be cured or killed. Yamini says that she saw something in him while Vivan says that he made a fool out of you and lied to you. Vivan says that he might not be human anymore not to think about the cure.
Yamini says that she can’t forget Sarthak though you are right but it’s a like a curse from the past. Yamini asks Vivan on how he could handle Sarthak and if he has powers like him. Vivan says that there is only thing he can tell her not and that there is two sides good and evil and nothing in between. He tells her to take care and stay safe and leaves the room.
Mehgna injects Sarthak with another vile while he is tied to a chair. Sarthak gets up while Mehgna tells her to calm down as he can’t do anything to her. Sarthak than looks around the room and says that someone is coming here and tells Mehgna to leave from here. Vivan is looking for Sarthak and enters the room where he was and calls him to come out and not waste time. Sarthak comes out and howls at Vivan while he tells him to calm down as there is still time as he has the antidote.
The fight begins but Vivan out powers him in the beginning and keeps tell him to calm down. Sarthak is wondering of how Vivan is still so strong. He throws a sheet and runs from the place. Vivan says that these powers came from the viles I gave to Joe but how did they get to him. Sarthak comes in the room to Mehgna hurt and Sarthak says that I didn’t even kill him as he still stronger. Mehgna says that she thinks how to stop him and says Meera.
Vivan finds Joe standing still in a room and calls him but he doesn’t responds. Vivan gives him a push and Joe falls on the bed. Vivan tries to wake Joe up and realizes to what has happened and gets frustrated. He apologizes to Joe and says that I am the one who brought you here and should have taken care of you. Vivan says that who could it be as Sarthak can’t do and says that someone else did it but whoever it is with Sarthak.
Meera comes to meet Sarthak and Mehgna and says that are you ready for more favors. Mehgna explains to what is happening and says that I need some information and says that something is missing and I need to find out what is missing. Meera walks up to Sarthak and says that blood sacrifice, a pure blood one born every century. Drink it and you would have unimaginable powers. Mehgna asks of where they can find one and as Meera is about to walk out she says that the one thing Vivan stays away from.
Mehgna understands it and says that Vivan runs from one thing and that is Avani. Avani has come back to the college and looks around asking for Vivan. At the other end of the corridor Vivan is walking towards her and Mehgna and Sarthak are behind her. The two of them come forward but see Vivan talking to someone and though Sarthak wants to fight but he calms himself down. Mehgna tells him to realx as they have to stay away from Vivan until they find Avani.
Mehgna turns into Rose and says that stay here and I will be back. Avani sees Vivan when Mehgna comes to her asking for a selfie. Avani turns around refusing but Vivan is not there. Avani says to himself that we are made for each other and I won’t let you get away this time. Avani says that life gave us another chance and I won’t let it go.

Precap: Avani is caught by Sarthak and Mehgna, Mehgna tells Sarthak to get ready and he goes towards Avani.

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