MTV Fanaah Season 2 3rd January 2015 Written Update

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MTV Fanaah Season 2 3rd January 2015 Written Update by Sona

MTV Fanaah Season 2 3rd January 2015 Written Episode

Avani is wishing her parents Happy New years as she has a shift at the hospital. She turns around and Joe is standing there, he gives her an envelope consisting of money. She asks if he is bribing her to be his friend, Joe says that it is not a bad idea but this is your hard earned money. She asks how and he reminds her of the tea stall and says that this is your share. Avan says that we are not partners and gives him the money back and leaves.
Yamini calls Vivan as she has to talk to him urgently while Vivan says that he can’t and will only be available to talk on the phone. On the other hand Sarthak is hearing the call and hears Yamini talking about him. Yamini wonders why Sir is not saying when Vivan says that I have sent you for a job and you are taking the trust thing seriously. Yamini asks if that is a bad thing to do, Vivan says that we can’t trust Sarthak and you will do what I will tell you. Yamini says that are you saying this regards to this case or that you don’t believe in feelings.
Vivan asks her about the file while Yamini says that she still hasn’t located them. She asks about the drugs and VIvan tells her that they are the last resort and he has hid them all in different locations. He cancels the call saying that let’s hope for the best. Sarthak says that soon I will have the drugs and this plan of yours will also fail.
Sarthak comes in the recording room asking for operation videos. Though the person denies him at first but he makes an excuse and he allows him to see a few videos. The man leaves the room as he gets the call while Sarthak changes and starts to the surveillance videos of Vivan. He says that what I need is here and leaves when the person comes back.
The students are selecting a room for the party and Joe says that we have to shift the patients from this room. One of the patients makes a lot of conditions on being shifted while Joe handles her and she agrees. He is working when he gets a text from Vivan who wants to see him immediately. Later the students start to decorate the room and Saher is almost leaving and so is Ranbir. Rose comes and asks for them come and they start to argue. Rose says that Samir has also ditched me and on hearing this both of them agree to stay.
Saher says that I should call my brother just to confirm. She calls her and asks him to bring pastries at home for the celebration. He says that I am leaving and will meet you next year so bring the pastries. She agrees and wishes him a happy new year, they are about to go in when Saher says that you have stop this and I am not playing any game with you this time.
Vivan asks about Avani to Joe and he says that she thinks about you as much as possible. Vivan says that do whatever is necessary to win her heart. Joe says that I am trying but continue to fail all the time. Vivan starts to tell him about Avani and what she is likes and doesn’t. He tells Joe that instead of a thousand words she would prefer a smile. He says that you won’t be able to get her like a normal girl and she only gets the language of love. Joe asks of why he is doing this as he knows the Vivan also loves her. Vivan says that he knows where this is going to lead and won’t let it happen again.
Vivan says according to my world I have to go in hibernation and by the time I come back you should won her heart. He tells Joe to try a new approach and I will help you. He says that I will need your help at midnight and Joe says that I will be there.
Rose is asking for a speaker while Joe says that I have the solution. All of them start to dance while Avani tells them to keep the volume down as this is a hospital. All of them disagree with her and start to enjoy the party once again. Sarthak is finding a way to get out of the room as he has to get the drugs. Ranbir texts Saher to meet her in another room and she follows him.
She comes in another room and Ranbir says that where is his New year’s gift. Saher asks him to leave her while Ranbir says that he hasn’t. They are about to kiss when a patient wakes up and Saher runs out of the room. Samir is leaving and when his mother asks he says that I will come with Saher. In his hands he has a stick.
Sarthak bumps into Vivan and Sarthak apologizes to him. Vivan says to him that you can a make a new start to the problems you are dealing with and if you need anything we can talk it out. Sarthak says that I can’t go for the drugs as he is still here. He comes back to the party while Vivan looks at Avani through the window. Rose and Joe sit down with her and Vivan says that one day you will realize that it was better to forget me. He then says that by the time I return you would have forgotten me anyways.

Precap: Joe has made another game to make the part interesting and the students go out to start the treasure hunt..

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