MTV Fanaah Season 2 4th January 2015 Written Update

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MTV Fanaah Season 2 4th January 2015 Written Update by Sona

MTV Fanaah Season 2 4th January 2015 Written Episode

The party is still going on while Vivan leaves after looking at Avani through the window. Yamini comes and sits with Avani and asks why she is so quiet these days. Avani says that it’s nothing like that and my plans have just turned down and I was just thinking about them. Avani says that I have also noticed the same change in you and asks if everything is Okay. Yamini says that Sarthak and I have come real close and Avani says that everyone noticed that and isn’t that a good thing. Yamini says that yes it is and we have changed but I wonder if he is the way I think of him, and I am just confused as whether I should listen to my heart or mind.
Avani says that she would always listen to her heart and believes that her heart will never show her the wrong way. She says to Yamini that you should also do the same and who knows maybe this year a new chapter starts in your life. Avani says that so far for Sarthak I think that he is a very nice guy. Joe asks Avani for a dance but she refuses, he then offers her chocolate while Avani says that she also doesn’t likes them as well. Joe then starts a game for a treasure hunt and all of them get their team members.
After getting paired into teams Ranbir says to Joe that how can you play as you are the one who hid the gifts and positioned the hints. Joe says that he only came up with the idea while he asked the nurses to hide the gifts and writes the hints. He then distributes the chits, the game begins and they leave to find the gifts. Many of them are puzzled with the hints while Sarthak wants to get out of the place as soon as possible.
Ranbir and Saher come in a room and he starts to flirt with her. He is about to kiss her when a nurse walks in and both of them hide immediately. Yamini and Sarthak are looking among the files when they find themselves in an awkward position. Sarthak puts his arms around Yamini when Rose and Prateek come in and Prateek throws up. Rose runs out while Sarthak tells Yamini to take Prateek to a ward for help while he continues the quest. Yamini agrees and takes Prateek away leaving.
Ranbir is with Saher and they start dance and Ranbir is about to kiss Saher when she runs seeing a mouse. Sarthak goes back to finding the drugs and hides as he sees Yamini. Yamini thinks that she has seen him and looks around while he runs from the place. He enters a restricted room and roams around looking through stuff. He opens a box and finds a vile and says that even Vivan would not notice it and would stay off my back. He then injects himself with the drug which starts to affect him. He feels pain and his nails start to grow.
Joe and Avani find another clue in a ward which leads them to finding gifts. Avani asks Joe if he already knew where the gifts were while Joe says that he doesn’t know and doesn’t cheat. He says that it’s just that we are perfect together. He says that I mean to say that we are a make a good team while Avani leaves. Rose is complaining to Saher as she doesn’t have any gifts while Saher and Ranbir do. Joe and Yamini come in and she is surprised to them. Yamini comes and asks for Sarhtak while Rose says that we saw him with you the last time.
The start to celebrate and dance again while Prateek comes in saying that the head nurse is coming to this side. When the head nurse enter the entire room s changed into a proper ward. She asks Yamini to inject a patient and does it herself. She injects Rose with a syringe and asks for what the smells. Joe and Avani try to keep Prateek down while Yamini makes an excuse and the nurse leaves. Sarthak is going mad and getting powerful. His nails start to come back in and he learns how to control it.

Precap: Sarthak calls the Mr.Malik and demands for the viles in exchange for his son Prateek. Samir comes to the party dressed as a doctor and hits Ranbir with the bat. He takes Saher away while Ranbir falls on the ground with his head bleeding.

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