MTV Fanaah Season 2 9th January 2015 Written Update

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MTV Fanaah Season 2 9th January 2015 Written Update by Sona

MTV Fanaah Season 2 9th January 2015 Written Episode

Yamini is looking for Sarthak and wonders why he is not back to the party. Sarthak reads the file and must get the fourth vile or the side effects are severe. Yamini says to Avani that Joe is a nice guy who likes you and take your own advice, listen to your heart. She then tells Avani to dance and she falls into Joe’s arms. She asks of how his thesis is going and Joe says that let’s talk about something personal. Avani asks of why he joined the college late and he tells her a story which impresses Avani on someone being passionate about biology. He then gets a call and takes Avani with her on a medical emergency.
Rose is talking to Samir and says that I miss you and asks where he is. Samir says that he is with his friends and says that I will meet you next. He cancels the call and says that now I will end this drama of Saher and Ranbir. He says that if I had told you then two of them would have made another excuse and got away again.
Joe comes to a room where a kid is feeling pain in his head; he sits with him and tells him a story about warriors and their scars. The more the scars the better the warrior and his scars prove his tale. Avani sits down and asks how he got the scar and the kid says that he feel while climbing for a wall. Joe says that get rest and I will take you to a party tomorrow. Avani says that how can you take with and you think like a child when Joe says that everyone should think like that.
Saher and Ranbir are dancing when Rose comes and asks about the two of them getting together. Saher says that we are now friends as this is a new year with new starts just like you said. She then gets a call from her mother asking of when the two of them will come. Shaer says that her friend will drop her home in a while as the Nikkah will end in a while. Her mother says that Samir told me that he will bring you with him. Saher then wonders as his brother was going somewhere else. Ranbir says that I have asked our entire crew and your brother is there.
Prateek then takes Saher to a dance with her when Samir dressed as a doctor comes in says that don’t worry I have done this as well. Everyone thinks that he is a doctor and Ranbir thanks him personally and Samir tells him to go and dance. Ranbir comes and starts to dance with Saher and Samir looks at them. Ranbir kisses Saher on the cheek making Samir angry. Sarthak comes apologizing saying that I had to call my mother and this time got late. He says that I can’t wait much longer and must find a way to get that fourth vile. He says that Mr.Malik won’t help me and there is only one way left.
Rose says that only ten seconds are left and the lights are switched off and Sarthak takes Prateek away. All the students hug and wish each other a happy new year and after hugging Avani looks for Prateek. Rose says that it’s a new year so just come and dance, Joe gets a text from Vivan and says that I need to go wish my parents. Sarthak leaves saying that I have to wish my mother and Yamini soon leaves as well.
Vivan is says that it’s time to leave and say goodbye to Avani. Joe comes and says that why don’t you accept this that you love Avani as well. Vivan says that Avani deserves the best and you will keep her happy. Joe says that you can lie to everyone but not me, but I will do as you say. He puts Vivan in the coffin and wraps it up.

Sarthak calls Mr.Malik and says that give me the viles and get your son. Mr.Malik asks of how he knows and Sarthak says that he knows it all and wants all of the viles. He says that don’t let anyone know otherwise I will kill Prateek. Mr.Malik says that don’t let anything happen to Prateek and I will arrange for the viles.
Samir comes and stands next to Saher and takes his mask off. He grabs Ranbir by the color and though Ranbir doesn’t fights back. Samir takes the stick and cracks his skull everyone comes in between while Samir leaves with Saher. Avani calls for help and Rose faints on seeing the blood. Joe gets a call and says that I will be right there.
Sarthak takes and locks Prateek somewhere and when Prateek is about to wake up he putsa blind fold on him. Sarthak says that this is right as everyone would look in the hospital for him. Sarthak says that I need to make sure that no one finds out and I must do something and fast. Sarthak starts to get the affects again and hurts Prateek in the way.

Precap: Saher calls Ranbir and Samir hears it as well. Samir says to his father that I am going there end the chapter on Ranbir.

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