Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 22nd September 2022 Written Update

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 22nd September 2022 Written Update by Amena

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 22nd September 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Katha saying I love you Kabir, I hope I didn’t get late in saying this. Kabir says I love you too, I m sorry, I don’t know how you stayed here after seeing Yuvraj. She says forget it, you know the truth now. He asks why didn’t you tell me. She says I was afraid that something might happen to you and it happened, you are fine now, that matters to me, so I took the complaint back. He asks what, did he come out of jail. She says yes, everyone said that just he can get you out of coma. He gets angry and leaves. She shouts Kabir. Yuvraj says Katha, this baby has to get aborted. Kabir comes there. Yuvraj says you got fine. Kabir catches his collar and takes him downstairs. Everyone looks on. Kabir slaps Yuvraj. Maddy asks what are you doing. Kabir says I got blind, so he took an advantage of my love, so we are seeing this day, I raised him as my son, he has done this, Katha took the case back, I got conscious, I will get this devil punished.

Maasa says I m also with you, Kabir. Kabir says he thinks I love him a lot, today I will get him punished. They see the police at the door. Kabir says take him away. Yuvraj gets arrested. He takes the inspector’s gun. Everyone asks him to stop. Yuvraj pulls Katha. Katha asks him to leave her. Maasa and everyone ask him to leave Katha. Yuvraj says I always respected you, what did I get in return, just defamation and insult. Kabir says you didn’t see my love. Yuvraj says it’s a lie, you are sending me to jail for this girl, you know this girl since 6 months, she is disgusting. Kabir says you are disgusting to use girls like toys, you aren’t a man enough. Yuvraj says a proof of my manhood is in her stomach, understood. Maasa scolds him.

Kishor says you will go to jail, Yuvi. Yuvraj says yes, but I will shoot this girl. Uma says I beg you, leave my daughter. He asks her to get back. Kabir asks him to calm down. Yuvraj asks them to move back. Kabir sees the gun in his hand. He tries to take the gun. Everyone cries and worries. Maasa says don’t hurt Kabir, leave him, its happening because of you, Yuvi. Yuvraj says no, its happening because of Katha. He shoots in the air.

Everyone asks Yuvi to stop it and leave Kabir. Uma stops Katha. Katha shouts Kabir. Yuvraj says Kabir is taking Katha’s side again, it won’t be good for Katha and Kabir. Maasa asks Yuvi to listen to her. The gun falls down. Yuvraj catches Kabir’s neck. Katha cries. Kabir pushes Yuvraj back. Yuvraj takes a knife. Manju asks what are you doing. Inspector asks him to stop. Maasa says don’t do this. Yuvraj catches Kabir again. Everyone cries. Katha says leave Kabir, please, I beg you, I will leave Kabir and this house, I will go away, leave Kabir. Kabir asks Katha to get back. Kabir cries and says you won, I lost, I never thought that this day will come when my younger brother, my son, will try to kill me. Everyone cries. Kabir says you have always done what no one thought, you made fun of my upbringing, you were my pride, you do such disgusting things, you can never love anyone, neither me nor Maasa, you have no regrets, you don’t want to apologize, you apologize and try to change, nothing spoiled till now. Yuvraj screams. Everyone asks Yuvi to trust them, they all are with him. Yuvraj says you should have taken my time, you supported Katha, she is everything for you, what about me, I m your younger brother, you called me your son. He goes to stab Kabir. Katha shoots him. Everyone is shocked. Yuvraj falls dead. Kabir looks at Katha. Kabir and everyone cry for Yuvraj. Inspector takes the gun from Katha. He asks constable to call a lady constable and get Katha under arrest. Lady constables come and take Katha. Uma says its not her mistake, she shot him to save her husband. Kabir says wait, Katha don’t go. Katha says its my mistake, I can’t stay here. He says no, you did this to save me. She says no, I took his life, I should be punished, I killed Yuvraj to save your life. He says don’t do this. She says I accept my crime. He says don’t do this, please, I can’t lose two people who I love the most, I can’t love anyone else. Katha says you are the best, I m lucky to get a husband like you. She goes with the police. Kabir cries.

The episode ends

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