Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 19th July 2023 Written Update

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 19th July 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 19th July 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Jai about to spill oil on the stairs, when the employee comes there to take her stuff. Jai asks her to go. Once she goes, he spills oil on the stairs. Dev calls Vidhi and tells that don’t know, but he is feeling worried for her. Vidhi tells that the employees want to give her farewell and she don’t want to leave the company on a bad note. Dev thinks how did Jai agree so soon. Bimla prays for Vidhi and her baby. Vidhi is about to go out and sees Jai coming there. Jai says everyone is waiting for you, come. Vidhi gets surprised seeing her colleagues waiting for her. She gets down the stairs, but doesn’t step on the oily floor. The colleagues tell Vidhi that they will miss her. Jai gives bouquet to her. Vidhi says we will soon meet and tells Jai that she felt ….Her phone rings. Vidhi says I will get my phone and runs on the stairs. She steps on the oily stairs and falls down. Jai just looks on. Vidhi falls down and shouts in pain. Bimla asks Hariprasad to hold the aarti plate, and closes the window. She says the storm is going to come. Hariprasad goes. Bimla gets worried that something wrong is going to happen. Jai asks Shashi to call ambulance and acts asking if she is ok. He smiles. Dev comes there and sees Vidhi unconsciously lying on the floor. He shouts Vidhi, lifts her and takes her from there. Jai sees blood on the stairs and says this baby’s sacrifice is needed for your freedom. He asks Shashi to handle the office and says he will go and see Vidhi. He happily leaves from the office.

Dev takes Vidhi to hospital. The staff member asks him to get Police complaint filed first and says this may be domestic violence case. Dev tells him that he is Dev Raichand and asks him to treat his wife. Jai says she had fallen in our office. Doctor comes and assures Dev that his wife is in safe hands. Priya and Chitra come there. Jai tells them that don’t know who was calling Vidhi repeatedly, she went to take her phone and fell down. Dev blames himself.

Amba hires a man to get info about Jai. The guy says Jai doesn’t have many friends and he used to stay in US before. Amba asks shall I send you to USA. Priya asks Chitra to go home and rest, seeing her dizzy. She says where is Bhai saheb? Jai thinks where is this old man? Dev prays to the God and says please don’t let anything happen to my Vidhi. He regrets to call her. A lady comes there and says we can blame ourselves, or shall face the challenges of life with courage. She says it seems you will not accept defeat. The colleague tells other colleague that Vidhi was pregnant. The guy hopes that Vidhi stays fine. Sakshi comes and hears them. She sees Vidhi’s stuff and asks where is her phone? The colleague says Vidhi was going to take her phone, when this thing happened. Dev asks Priya to take Chitra home, don’t tell Maa as she is on yatra. Priya asks what about her parents? Dev asks him to tell them. Jai thinks Dev has no repentance on his face and says he will see him after Vidhi’s operation.

Yogesh hears Amba and tells her that Jai is young guy. Amba tells him that Jai is Vidhi’s lover and he loves her madly. She says she has to save Dev from Jai and has to expose him. Yogesh says I wish you would have get mad for me. Amba says are you joking? She says she needs to know about Jai, to save Dev.

After the operation, Dev asks Doctor about Vidhi. Dev says she is fine. Dev asks about the baby. Doctor asks him to come to his cabin. Jai comes there to hear them. Doctor says I want to tell you. Bimla gets worried seeing the diya setting off. Priya calls Bimla. Bimla gets shocked. Doctor tells Dev that he couldn’t save their baby. Dev is shocked.

Precap: Jai comes to office. Sakshi stops him from climbing the stairs. He says I know. Sakshi thinks Jai can’t be loyal to anyone, and thinks to find out if he harmed Vidhi. Vidhi and Dev cry for their unborn foetus death.

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