Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 20th July 2023 Written Update

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 20th July 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 20th July 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Doctor telling Dev that he couldn’t save his baby, says sorry and goes. Dev is shattered and teary eyes. He recalls their happiness has no bounds when they know of the pregnancy. Jai is happy and goes from there. Dev recalls selecting the baby name as Devi (Dev and Vidhi combo) He recalls their feelings for the baby. Sakshi comes to Jai’s office. The peon asks her to be careful as the floor is wet. Sakshi says ok. She climbs the stairs and falls on the oiling stair. She realizes Jai had spilled the oil and takes the photos of the stairs. Dev comes to Vidhi’s ward and sees her sad. He keeps hand on her shoulder and sits on the bed. Vidhi starts crying. He keeps his head on her head and they cry over losing their baby. Jai looks at them from outside. Vidhi says everything is finished. Jai thinks your feet cuff is removed, now you are free to fly in my sky. Dev gives water to Vidhi. He thinks he had pressurized her to leave from the office immediately. Sakshi comes to Jai’s cabin and finds Vidhi’s phone there. She takes her phone and asks the peon from where the oil came on the stairs. Peon says Shashi sir asked me to clean it. Sakshi asks the employee, who has brought the oil in office. Shashi lies to her that he had brought the oil for his father’s shradh at home, but some oil fell on it. Sakshi says so Vidhi fell due to it. Shashi says oil had fallen down later, after she slipped. He says what you are saying, if you say this to Jai sir then he will fire me. Sakshi says she will not tell him and goes. Shashi smiles.

Jai asks Dev to go and do the formalities and tells that he will be with Vidhi. Just then Dev and Hariprasad come there. Bimla tries to pacify her, saying it is God’s wish. Jai thinks it is his wish and it was needed. Jai comes to the office. Everyone asks him about Vidhi. Jai says she is fine. Sakshi asks about her baby. Jai asks how do you know? Sakshi says staff members told me that she was pregnant. Jai says the baby is no more. Sakshi asks him to be careful while climbing the stairs. Jai says I know that the cleaning is under progress. She notices him and thinks he can’t be loyal to anyone, and thinks to find out why he made Vidhi fell down.

Abhi asks Priya if she talked to Dev. Priya says yes, and tells that she will get discharged. Satyavati comes there and asks what happened? Priya, Abhi and Chitra hug her. Satyavati asks about whom you was talking? Just then Dev and Vidhi come there with Bimla and Hariprasad. Bimla tells her that it was God’s wish that Dev and Vidhi’s baby….Satyavati asks what? Bimla hugs her and cries. Satyavati says this can’t happen and cries. Dev takes Vidhi to the room. Satyavati runs to inhouse temple and asks why did he do this with Vidhi? She says how can Vidhi bear this pain? She asks what was the baby’s mistake? She says Dev was happy after a long time and asks why his happiness is snatched.

Dev takes Vidhi to room and asks her to tell what she needs. He sees the toys and recalls asking vidhi to see the toys after waking up. He picks the toys to take them away. Vidhi takes the doll in her hand and says let them be here. Dev says I can’t see you worried, but if you want them here then let it be. Hariprasad confronts Milapni Devi and tells that it is just an idol and don’t make anything fine. He says if it was Maa, then wouldn’t have done this for my daughter’s all life prayers. He says I will never forgive you for what you have done with my daughter.

Precap: Sakshi is in Jai’s house. Dev comes to Jai’s house and says I know your reality. He warns him to stay away from his wife.

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