Naagin 6 18th March 2023 Written Update

Naagin 6 18th March 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Naagin 6 18th March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sonia talking to Param and his mother and makes Raghu talk to them. Prarthana hears his name but doesn’t see him on the mobile. Param’s mother tells that they want to do roka tomorrow. Sonia asks Raghu where is Bhabhi? Raghu says we are not together now. Gautam asks where is Preeti and their daughters. Raghu says that night. Trisha comes there and says that night because of Prarthana, one daughter was dead. They ask where is the other daughter. She says she is in Australia. Purvika and the boys feel the food smell. She says we shall go inside and have food. They say if they ask for money. They get inside the house. It is Manjeet’s house. Manjeet gives paratha to Meher. Purvika and the boys steal from her plate and eats. Meher thinks thief is under the table and checks, but it is not there. Manjeet is surprised that Meher is asking for more.

Sonia tells Gautam that Trisha doesn’t seem to be good, and was getting closer to Bhai. Gautam asks if we shall tell Preeti about Raghu. Sonia says they will not listen, let them meet tomorrow in roka ceremony (of Param and Laddoo). The snake lady comes to the lab and tells that she had went to naag lok and called the naag, who will kill the naagin killing the lab artificial naagins.

Raghu comes to the room and sees Trisha wearing Prarthana’s clothes. He asks her to take out the clothes. She says she doesn’t have suit so she worn this for the roka. Sonia tells Gautam that Bhai loves Bhabhi and can’t bear anyone wearing her suit. She says today they will come infront of each other. Manjeet Singh is making arrangements of Param’s roka in the house. Meher comes there with her brother. He tells that Meher made Preeti modeled for their sarees. Meher say with her permission. She asks the Servants to take the board outside and hang it. The billboard is about to fall when they were hanging, Raghu comes there and holds it. Meher recognizes him as dupatta wala uncle. He asks where you stay. She says in your heart. Laddoo comes there and asks Meher if she is fine. She introduces her family to Meher. Meher says you have so many siblings. Meher takes Raghu and others inside, and tells that Roka party will start in sometime. Laddoo asks Meher about Prarthana. Meher says she will not come. Laddoo says she will call her. She comes to Prarthana and asks her to come for her roka. Prarthana refuses to come and asks her to go. Laddoo cries and goes out. Raghu asks what happened? Laddoo says she got emotional. Param’s mother does the ritual followed by Sonia, Raghu…Laddoo wishes Preeti also comes there and applies her tika. The boys brings juice for Purvika. Purvika likes it. Prarthana comes out and wishes best for Laddoo’s marital life. Meher comes there and says you have to come inside. She takes her inside forcibly. Meher’s little brother asks everyone to wear mask and dance on music. Prarthana also wears the mask. She slips. Raghu holds her. They senses something. Trisha comes and takes Raghu with her. Prarthana goes to Laddoo and wish her in her heart. She goes and dance with Raghu. Prarthana sees the green naagin coming there to kill them and comes out. She catches them and asks who is your sardar. The naagin who had come to the naaglok comes to Raghu and tells that the naagin is killing innocent naagins. Raghu says he will go there. The naagin thinks shesh naag will not leave Shesh naagin.

The naagins refuse to tell Prarthana and eats poison and die. Raghu comes there and sees their dead bodies and thinks if his dream came true.

Meher catches Purvika and the boys, and asks who are they? Purvika says she is Rajkumari. Meher and Purvika argue with each other. Meher goes behind her and asks where is she going late in night. Purvika says if her baba would have been here, then she would exiled her. Meher says what you are saying and asks who are you? Purvika says she is naagin. Meher asks if she learns this from TV. Purvika says no and says if she troubles her then she will kill her when grown up. Prarthana tells the professor that the poison is of naag or naagin from naag lok. The naagin comes to lab and gives the poison of the naag which she had brought from the naaglok and says it is very poisonous. The scientist tells that they will make more snakes and will kill the people. Professor asks her to go to naaglok and find out. She refuses to go and threatens to bite him. She goes. A lady sees Purvika and the boys, and calls her men to kidnap them.

Raghu gets a dream that Prarthana is kidnapping and taking Purvika. He fights with her in his dream and wakes up. Trisha asks if he got the same dream and says don’t know if Prarthana is alive or not. Raghu says she is alive and worries for Purvika. He says Prarthana will not leave anyone. The lady kidnaps Purvika and the boys and takes them in the car. Later Purvika gains consciousness and asks lady to free them. She sees other kidnapped kids also. The lady says you have to just beg all life now. Purvika says she will kill her. She shouts for help. Prarthana is standing on the road and hears her scream as the car goes from there. Prarthana looks at the car.

Prarthana stops the car as the half naagin and hits the driver when he gets down. The lady gets down and sees the driver dead. Prarthana asks her to get punished for her sins. She kills her and becomes human. Purvika comes out of the car and hugs her, thanking her, says you saved me. Prarthana looks at her and says she will ask her baba to give her prize. She asks if you are powerful like me. Prarthana says I have informed Police and they will come here. Police comes there and thanks Prarthana. Purvika thinks she has saved her like a mother would have saved her daughter.

The Inspector asks Constable to take the address of these three kids and sent them home. Constable asks Purvika who is she? Purvika asks him to call her Aap, and tells her name as Purvika, Shesh Naag’s daughter and her house is inside Yamuna river. Constable goes to Inspector and tells him. Purvika and the boys go from there. Inspector asks constable to go and search for the kids.

Meher is talking about the mother and daughter’s special relation. Prarthana comes there and says you got my room to say this. Meher says she is practicing for speech and goes on speaking about the special bond which a mother and daughter shares and then praises the father and counts their doings. Prarthana shouts enough. Meher gets shocked.

Precap: Doctor tells Prarthana that Meher is dead. Prarthana takes her to temple, and takes Kali Durga’s avatar to save her.

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