Naagin Season 2 20th November 2016 Written Update

Naagin Season 2 20th November 2016 Written Update by H Hasan

Naagin Season 2 20th November 2016 Written Episode

Shivangi as Sesha informs Avantika that she forgot to tell that about ook in which there is a list of Suryavanshi’s who can pick nagmani. Avantika asks to show her the book. Shivangi sends her to sesh nag mandir and thinks Avantika’s powers will not work there and she can easily kill Avantika. Avantika reaches mandir and finds a book there. Shivangi is about to kill her when Sesha enters and Shivangi hides. Avantika says she came here to get book as per her guidance. Sesha says which book, finds it blank and says someone tricked her, her powers will not work in this mandir and takes her out. Shivangi fumes that she lost her chance to kill Avantika.

Yamini gathers her crime partners in a cave and informs them how she along with her 4 partners tried to steal nagmani by
killing Shivanya’s parents. Shivanya killed 4 partners and even her, but Avantika and Sesha got her life back. Shesha says some icchadhari nagin is trying to take revenge, it is definitely Shivangi. Yamini how can she be. Shesha says she will bite Shivangi and check. Avantika says no, if she is not, then they will not get nagmani. Sadhvi says she has a plan.

Shivangi in her room tells Rudra that her plan failed and Avantika escaped. He asks her to calm down. She shouts how can she, her mother…. Rocky enters. Rudra turns into snake and hides. Rocky enters and consoles. She then asks what to wear during party. He says Srivdevi of Chandni and he willl become Rishi Kapoor. He tries to get romantic. She pushes him and says let me change. He leaves saying hurry up as he also needs to change. Rudra merges again and says he will go out and check.

Yamini sadhvi puppet does havan and gets a scorpion. Yamini yells if she is playing around. Sadhvi says icchadhari nagin and scorpions are enemies, if Shihvangi is ichadhari nagin, she will die after scorpion bites. she also gives amantrit water and asks her to give it to Shesha to pretect her from scorpion bite. She asks her to enjoy party while she will come there and leave scorpion on floor.

Party starts. Yamini holding amantrit water searches Sesha. Rocky sees her holding kesar milk/water and tries to drink it. Yamini says it a herbal water for Sesha as she is having stomach ache. Rocky says she would have told before. Shivangi comes down. Rocky gets mesmerized seing her as Sridevi and gets romantic. His cousin sisters see them and praise they are looking like Rishikapooor and Sridevi, it calls for a dance. Rocky and Shivangi dance on a romantic number. Rocky continues looking at Shivangi even after song finishes. Cousin sister reminds song is finished. Yamini’s sadhvi puppet kapalika comes and leaves scorpion on floor. Sesha comes wearing Kareena kapoor’s dress. Yamini sees her and murmurs that even snakes are Kareena kapoor’s fans. She asks her to go and drink amantrit water to protect herself from scorpion. She rushes and drinks water. She then sees Shivangi standing aside and insists her to dance with her and takes her to dance floor. Shivangi dances with her. Kalpalika’s scorpion bites Shivangi, but nothing happens to her. It then bites Shesha and shesha collapses. Yamini says she is sick and fell unconscious and asks her puppets to take Sesha to her room.

Rudra tells Shivangi that nothing happened to her as he gave her amantrit water and reminisces the whole incident how he changed as Sesha, Rocky, Rocky’s cousin and stole holy water and saves Shivangi.

Yamini and her puppets gather in Shesha’s room. Kapalika checks her holy water and it turns blue. She then checks Shesha’s blood and it turns green. Yamini yells what drama she is playing. Kapalika says Shesha did not drink amantrit water and someone stole it, they need to find out. Today is poonam chand/moon night an nagin’s comes into real form under moonlight.

Yamini goes out. Rocky asks how is Ruchika now. Yamini says she is fine and woke up now. She asks youngsters to enjoy party. Youngsters think of a couple paper dance. Rocky’s cousin makes her parents stand on a paper, then Avantika and Vikram, and finally Rocky and Shivangi. Yamini thinks Shivangi will not escape this time, wait and watch. Rocky and Shivaangi dance on Bol na mahi bolna song… Yamini opens curtains and lets moon light in. Moonlight falls on Shivangi and Rocky. Yamini even plays nagin song in bakcgground. Shivangi gets tensed seeing her skin turning snake skin and tightly hugs Rocky. Rudra helplessly hides to save himself and then leaves from there. Shivngi thinks she cannot change her form, else everyone will know that she is a nagin. Rudra goes up and closes window. Yamini sees him and thinks who is this ichadhari nag. Everyone clap for Shivangi and Rocky.

Yamini and her puppets run behidn Rudra. Rudra falls down.

Precap: Rudra accepts in front of Yamini and her puppets that he is icchadhari nagin and came to take revenge from them. Rudra as Avantika hits Vikram’s head and he falls unconscious. Rocky picks poison thinking as perfume. Shivangi gets tensed if he uses that, he will die.

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