Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 4th February 2024 Written Update

Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 4th February 2024 Written Update by Tanaya

Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 4th February 2024 Written Episode

Abeer asks Didun and the officers to leave. Officers ask Abeer to not create problems in their work and tell him that Didun is with them because she gave them the tip. Bijoy asks Abeer to not mess with them, it will be bad for their reputation.

Bijoy tells officers all their papers are clear. Officer says they have official permission and take everyones phone. Didun winks at Neerja. Neerja thinks that Didun is doing all this to find Chakri and she has to alert her. Neerja acts as if she is surprised and says its like film and officers will check whole house. Chakri hears that and panics thinking what will she do now.

The officers begin the raid, making Neerja anxious, while Didun sits calmly on the sofa. Bijoy questions Abeer about Didun’s motives, to which Abeer has no answer. Didun inspects the dishes on the dinner table, commenting on their resemblance to Protima’s cooking, and indulges in the food. She then casually wipes her hands on Munmun’s saree pallu.

Neerja grows increasingly anxious as the officers search the room where Chakri is hiding. When one officer discovers a bloodstain on the floor, Neerja claims it’s her blood, displaying a wound and fabricating a story. Didun doubts Neerja’s explanation, but Neerja persists, asking Kaushik to corroborate her story. Kaushik reluctantly agrees, upsetting Munmun. After the officers leave, Neerja and Abeer search for Chakri and find her hanging on the balcony. They help her climb back up and wonder where Didun will look next.

The officers inform Didun that they found nothing and demand payment for the fake raid, which Didun promptly provides. Didun wonders where Neerja could be hiding Chakri if not in the Bagchi’s house. Neerja confides in Abeer that they need to find a permanent solution for Chakri’s safety. Abeer reveals he has a plan. The next morning, Chakri attends a maid interview at the Bagchi’s house, where she encounters Munmun and Moushmi. Neerja and Abeer are also present. Chakri is hired, and when asked her name, she introduces herself as “Choti.” As Munmun offers to show Chakri her room, Neerja insists she will do it, but Munmun declines.

In her room, Chakri discovers a video on her phone that she made with the other girls. She rushes to Neerja to share the discovery. Neerja realizes the video could incriminate Didun and decides to seek help from Shefali to present it to higher authorities. The family gathers for dinner, and Moushmi announces the next day’s Pooja. When Chakri expresses concern about the food getting cold, Munmun scolds her. Kaushik asks Neerja to pass the Kheer and inadvertently touches her, causing her to spill it on him. Kaushik blames Neerja’s trembling hands and suggests she see a doctor. Neerja prays for strength to expose Kaushik in front of the family.

Precap: Kaushik rapes Chakri. Neerja slaps Kaushik infront of everyone and says what you did to my friend, I will punish you for that.

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