Nimki Mukhiya 8th August 2019 Written Update

Nimki Mukhiya 8th August 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Nimki Mukhiya 8th August 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Mauha hugs Nimki. Nimki says where are my goggles? Tune gives it to her. Nimki wears them. Mauha holds her hand.
Annaro can’t move hand. Rekha says you pay for your sins. Annaro says get me tea. She says I am not going to live here, I am not your servant. Parbatya says I am leaving too. Rekha says you all hit Nimki even when she was pregnant. Hide your face in shame. Annaor says you re right. I shouldn’t have given wrong statement. Annaro says call Babbu. Ask him to take me to police station. I will withdraw my statement. Babbu calls. He says you gave wrong statement? She says come back home. I will withdraw my statement. Babbu says where is your husband? Is he home. Rekha says he isnt’ home. Babbu says I will kill him today. Annaro says I will take my statement

back. Babbu says you killed my child. annaro and rekha are shocked. Babbu says tettar killed my child. Everything is over. I will kill Tettar similarly. Your husband would die too. Rekha says yes do it. Babbu says you will cry for your husband like nimki is crying. tettar has to pay for it I don’t care about anything. I will kill Tettar.
Nimki is with Babbu. Babbu hugs her and cries. He says Tettar has to pay for it. Nimki says tettar, annaro, ritu everyone is responsible for my child’s death. Babbu says they will all have to pay.

Annaro screams.. Diamond babbu.. Take the care. Take me to hospital. Rekha says he would kill Tettar. ANnaro says call him. Diamond says he must be angry. Annao says he will kill. Rekha says if you go he would kill you. Diamond says you are going to save the man who tried killing you? Annaro says no I am going to save Babbu. I can’t let him be a murderer. I will kill Tettar. Babu’s life would be ruined. I don’t deserve to be called a mother. she screams.

Scene 2
Babbu and Ritu are on their way. Tettar says Babbu would be eliminated from elections. Ritu says nimki is dangerous. Tettar says I should have killed her. Ritu says no we would be accused. But Annaro, you have to keep her in control.
Babu stands out in rain. He recalls everything. Babbu sits in car. He is driving.
Abhi says to Sweeti give this medicine to Babbu. Sweeti is crying. She says no one could ever change babbu. His child changed him. And now.. How would nimki bear all this. Abhi says she is stronger than all of us. Sweeti says I am worried for Nimki. Abhi says we have to be there for her. We have nimki. Let’s sit with her.
They come to Nimki’s room. Sweeti asks nurse where is nimki? She says she was here.. The window is open. Abhi and sweeti look for Nimki everywhere.

Ritu says today is a good day. Everything is according to us. We have to celebrate. Babbu stops his car in front of them Tettar says who is it? Babbu breaks the window. Babbu drags Tettar out.

Precap-Babbu pulls gun on Tettar. Tettar puts gun on Babu. Tettar says I did everything for you and you chose nimki over us? Nimki says he is right.

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