Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 16th February 2015 Written Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 16th February 2015 Written Update by Tanaya

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 16th February 2015 Written Episode

The episode begins with, kabir keeps irritating nisha and says see im not a bad guy relax and smile.the bus stops, kabir asks nisha will she have tea nisha says no,kabir asks who was the one who left u at the bus stop,nisha says it was my dad,kabir gets a call from his mom and says mom im enjoying in London and having fun I will call u later, nisha asks kabir what was it,kabir says a lie,nisha bangs her head.

Ramesh and virendra reach home, virendra says ramesh what u did isn’t right,ramesh says im always wrong for u,virendra says its not that ramesh but abt nisha,ramesh says I wanted nisha to live her life I always fought for it and I can do anything for my daughter and her happiness,virendra says but this freedom, ramesh says its nishas fortune which always falls wrong place and I wanted to give her some time to think abt herself and so I gave that’s it.

Kabir removes his camers, a small girl steps in the bus,ramesh calls nisha ,nisha asks ramesh is dadaji angry,ramesh says no he isn’t u just enjoy,the range goes off so the calls cuts.nisha looks at the images with viraj and smiles,kabir says see u can smile look at this pic u are hot too and takes her cell,nisha says give me back my phone,kabir starts irritating her,nisha puts the camera bag out of window and says give my phn back orelse the bag is out,kabir and nisha get into argument meanwhile a guy on cycle robs it,nisha and kabir get of the bus and shout ,but the guy runs away,kabir says go get my bag now its ur fault, nisha says there he is go get him,kabir runs behind the guy.

Dadaji sees ramesh and virendra entering the house and calls nisha and shows that the phn is out of range and says I understood it too late and virendra get the car ready we are getting nisha back, ramesh doesn’t answer anything,dadaji gets angry and says no more wasting time lets go, dadaji says I said nisha wont go then why did u do that,when we all know nisha is doing and always does things wrong and in such condition why did u leave her alone,ramesh says I did what I thought was right for nisha,dadi says stop this,dadaji says saroj im talking to ramesh, dadi says u too stop now, and did we ever knew abt future no, n no one knows and now stop being the decision maker by doing this ur forgetting the present,dadaji says but ramesh always has made mistakes, ramesh says yes I did and will allow nisha to do her own mistakes and learn from it and not leave a life that others ask her to do or u do as always, dadi says stop ramesh is this the way to talk, ramesh says babuji the whole life we lived in the terror that u would scold us and I don’t want nisha to live in any kind of terror and if I don’t fight for my daughter who will,plz understand me n I don’t want her to regret like I do and I also know nisha was at fault and she is bearing its consequences but this will help her learn and make her strong and if I stop her from leaving I will lose my daughter .

Ramesh says babauji nisha Is my daughter I know what is right for her,dadi says what ur daughter don’t I and her dadaji have any right over her, dadaji gets emotional and says ok as u say ur right nisha is ur daughter and no one to me do as u wish ramesh and dadaji leaves goes to his room and closes the door,virendra leaves as well,ramesh looks at dadi who is in tears.

The bus attendant says to nisha call ur friend we are getting late,nisha says he is not my friend and see look he is here,kabir comes and says see u look bcoz of u I lost my things,nisha says look u were irritating me, kabir says u u made ur one break up national issue did u look at ur dad he was in tears,oh people call her bichari,poor thing then I think she will feel good, nisha says what shd I do,kabir says live ur life have fun make ur life worth it smile live laugh common yaar and don’t cry stop crying over past , nisha thinks abt what kabir said and goes on the bus top,kabir says oh u what are u doing,nisha says I will enjoy this trip to my fullest but all alone.

Ramesh says to dadaji,for once I thought u will look to me as nishas dad but I was wrong all that matters to me is my kids happiness and not ur money shop or anything and bhaiya I wont be coming to shop from tomorrow.


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