Paanch 3rd July 2014 Written Update

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Paanch 3rd July 2014 Written Update by Ansari

Paanch 3rd July 2014 Written Episode

THE epsiode starts with Rosh gives Warning to Yudi says that if He again try to attack will never leave anyone ..Gauri comes and says she doesnt knew about the plan Yudi says that she have paralysed her ….Tortured zaraa Nihal …With Gauti she has done Romance..Gauti tried to molest Neha…and when she denied He pushed her from terrace…Gauti daily bring new girl Yudi says that Neha”s bone were all broken she was even not recognized..Rosh is angry and goes away..On another side Gauti is going in a taxi asks the driver to stop near any dhabba…Driver stops Gauti asks why did they stopped..Two more men comes and catches Gauti…They catch Gauthi and other man check his pockets but find only 2000rs they put Gauti in a dark room and leaves till that Yudi brings a truck and says he brought from construction site…tells owners cannot reconize there is no number plate…Roy says seeing Yudi no one will realize that he was paralised one week ago…Nikhil is leaving back home.. because he cannot see Rosh fights and says he is enough of helping her…

…Shivani tells that she wil also go Nagpur..Rosh tells that because of Nikhil she waited in Reagens because of him.she survived. but Nikhil leaves Rosh is broken she is crying..till that Roy Calls Rosh tells that he is policeman and they found a person near Meera road and they think he is Gauti…Rosh says she is coming and was about to leave till that Nikhil comes as he has forgot his keys..Nikhil tells why she is in a rush…Rosh says a policeman called her and said that they find Gauti.. Nikhil goes along with Rosh in car and asks if she is frightened or not Rosh says she is not as Nikhil is Along with her..On another side Gauti calls help ..Gauri along with her Gang of friends leaves for Meera road..Zaara takes out a gun Roy tells it is for safety…Nikhil shows Rosh a gun says that he has arranged before to kill Gauti…Gauri tells Yudi to On tempo so that anyone comes in between would be killed..Rosh and Nikhil reaches the spot where Gauti is trapped..Nikhil tell Rosh that it is a trap as they didnt found anyone till now.. Gauti calls for Help… Nikhil and Rosh goes in.. Rosh safes Nikhil and both fell..Rosh hides and Nikhil finds Gauti both raises piston…

Simultaneously…Nikhil fires Gauti moves ….Nikhil tells that Gauri has planned all this..he trapped Gauti and places piston..Rosh says thats good she could punish with her own hands Nikhil tells Gauti killed already two kill both of them its very easy..Gauti catches Rosh and tells Nikhil to come out

.Gauti tells that both of them are losers he tells tht he saved neha many timea but she didnt allowes him to touch once..Rosh tells that he is Sick and tells him to shoot her now…Nikhil says if he shoot Rosh then He would kill him..Gauti tells that first he will Nikhil so that he can do anything with Rosh..Till that Nikhil shoots Gauti..He fell from chair shouting in pain..Gauri and gang waiting outside in truck Gauri tells that gun fired Rosh is killed and Nikhil and Gauti may be fighting…Nikhil caughtes Gauti and asks Rosh to bring rope Gauti pushes Nikhil and runs Gauti sits in car Zaara tells someone sat in car Yudi starts the truck and pushed the car Gauti fell outside the car He is dead Everyone is shocked…

Precap: Rosh is injured helping her…

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  1. newbie
    July 04, 07:26 Reply

    no dere is still smthng undr wraps ………u should watch trailer 1ce mor….

  2. Kia
    July 03, 14:37 Reply

    I jst hope roshni falls in love wid nikhil….he selflessly loves her…

    • Xia
      July 03, 14:38


  3. Kia
    July 03, 14:35 Reply

    Looks like their plan backfired….anyhow gauti is killed…pls make sure remaing 4 are in jail….

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