Pandya Stores 13th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Stores 13th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Pandya Stores 13th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhananjay taking Prerna forcibly. Krish says that route doesn’t go towards the airport. He goes after Prerna. She cries. Shiva says don’t know what will Suman do of this cow dung. A girl is seen. She collides with him. The cow dung falls over them. Shiva holds her hands. He looks at her. Aisi dhakad hai….plays… She says this smell…. Yuck…. He says I have to go back to get it. She says sorry, I didn’t see you. He says you should have seen and walked, you made my cow dung fall. She jokes on him. They argue. She says sorry, it happened by my mistake. He scolds her. She says sorry, its my mistake. He says fine, I m also sorry, its my mistake also. She says better. He says I feel bad seeing your face, it got spoiled by the cow dung.

He asks her to wash her face. She says its okay. He says I m trying to help you. He holds her hand. She asks him to leave her hand. He takes her. Prerna says this route doesn’t go to airport. Dhananjay says bus stop is close this way, you will get stuck in traffic, goons are good people also, I was speaking like this to teach you a lesson, never sit in any stranger’s car even if you are very angry. She says sorry. He drops her to the bus stop. She thanks him. Shiva says I m saying it for your good, wash your hands and face.

He helps her and pumps out the water. The girl thanks him. He asks her to wash her legs/ shoes also. He asks what’s your name.. She says Arushi. He goes to hire an auto. She doesn’t get any auto. Shiva whistles. He hires an auto. The driver says my rickshaw will get spoiled. Shiva says one should help girls, go. She smiles. She leaves. He says I have to go back to get the cow dung. He comes back and says I got the cow dung. Suman asks the kids to come. The kids say its smelling so bad. Shiva asks why did you ask for this. Suman says the kids are eating non veg, I want to purify them. Rishita says you can make them brush and gargle. Suman says they are little kids, leave it. She asks Shiva to make the non veg vendor out of the lane. Shiva says but its his earning, it’s the kids’ mistake, many people eat non veg, I will tell him not to give the non veg to Pandya family kids. Suman says they will not eat it again once they take bath from the cow dung. The kids run. Suman asks Raavi and Rishita to catch them. The cow dung falls on the floor. Rishita falls down. The kids laugh. Rishita asks them to help. Suman and Raavi refuse. Shiva says its cow dung, its okay, I will help Rishita. He also falls down in the cow dung.

A man comes home and asks does Shiva Pandya stay here. Shiva says yes. The man gives the courier. Raavi checks and says Shiva got a marriage proposal. She cries. He gets happy and goes to see. Raavi scolds him and says you won’t get married. He asks why, who are you to say, everyone got married, I want to get married, I got registered at the marriage bureau, what problem does Raavi has. He sees Arushi’s pic and smiles. He recalls her. He says she is the best, I met her today, look at her pic, she is so good. Raavi cries and says I will do something to myself. Suman says stay calm. Shiva says she is bindaas girl, her name is Arushi. Rishita says someone help me. Raavi says I will die, my life is getting ruined.

Shiva says Suman will get happy meeting Arushi, Raavi is jealous of my happiness, is she mad. She asks Suman to call Arushi’s family, they will fix the alliance.

Raavi says I will see how Shiva gets remarried. Suman says Shiva can get a shock if I tell him the truth. Gautam says I told Shiva who he got married.

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