Pandya Stores 14th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Stores 14th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Pandya Stores 14th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shiva going to get sweets. He gets sweets and asks Suman to have it. Raavi gets angry and sits crying. Shiva says she will dance in my baraat now. Rishita says please help me. He feeds her the sweets. He says I will go and give measurements for sherwani. He asks Suman to bless him. Suman cries. He goes. Raavi says you blessed him, give me poison now. Rishita says someone bring me out, please. A lady sees Dhara’s pic. Arushi’s comes home and gives the grocery bags. She sees Dhara’s pic.

She says I hate to see her face. She stamps the pic. Suman says if Shweta didn’t come, my house would have happiness. Dhananjay drops Prerna at the bus stop. She sees Krish coming. She boards the bus. Krish runs after her. She sees Krish in danger and runs to save him. Dhara looks on. Krish and Prerna fall. He faints. Rishita asks Suman to do something. Suman asks what shall I do. Raavi says I love Shiva, what does he think of himself, I will see how he gets remarried. She goes. Suman says stop her. Prerna asks Krish to get up. She says I love you, get up, else I will come in front of the bus. Dhara pours water on his face. He gets up and sees Prerna. He says I love you too, I knew you won’t leave me. He hugs her. She beats him.

Shivank says Prerna will fall in my love. Shweta says do anything, but I can’t afford to lose Krish. They see Shiva and Raavi fighting. He asks why are you angry, what’s our relation. Shivank and Shweta laugh. Krish says don’t leave me and go next time. Prerna hugs him. They say I love you. Dhara says I wish they get rid of Shweta. Krish says you love me, right. She asks shall I give a proof. He says no, help Prerna and me in uniting, else I will die. Prerna says yes, I will also die, find some solution. Raavi says I will tell you the truth, come with me. Shiva says leave me. The people on the roads laugh seeing them argue. Shiva says what will people think. Raavi says shut up. She asks the man to call Gautam from the store. Shivank asks what’s this new drama. Shweta says this is my course of entertainment.

Krish says please do something, you have to fix what you have spoiled. Prerna says yes, we want to stay together, find a solution. Dhara thinks what to do, I want Gautam’s help. She says we will go home. Suman asks where did Dhara go. Raavi says explain Shiva, fine, I will call Dhara. Suman says she isn’t at home, control your emotions. Raavi says you should control your son, tell him that he can’t get married. Shiva asks why.

Raavi says you can’t marry because…. She calls Mittu there. Suman says don’t call him. Shiva says I will marry. Raavi says sorry, I will call Mittu. Suman scolds her. Mittu comes. She asks Shiva to say who is Mittu’s father.

Raavi says I will raise my voice. Gautam says I will tell him. She asks him to say. Shiva asks did I get married. Gautam says yes, you got married to Raavi. Shiva is shocked.

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