Pandya Stores 18th May 2024 Written Update

Pandya Stores 18th May 2024 Written Update by Amena

Pandya Stores 18th May 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Naveli saying no one loves me, tell me, is Bittu my mum. Amba shouts yes, she is your mum. Naveli says Pranali is my mum, you are bad, you lied to me. Amba says don’t make noise, shut up. Naveli cries aloud. Pranali wakes up and comes running. Everyone comes. Pranali hugs Naveli and asks why did you come here. They all see Amba with the ghost costume. Amba gets tense. Dolly asks what did you wear, and this mask, that’s why get scared, right. Amba says I don’t remember anything, how I came here. Naveli says she is lying, she said Bittu is my real mum, Pranali isn’t my real mum. Shantanu and Tai come. Naveli asks is Bittu my real mum, tell me. Shantanu is shocked. Pranali says you did wrong to tell this truth to her, I have raised her, I would have told her at the right time. Dhawal looks on. Naveli asks is Bittu really my mum, tell me. Pranali says no and hugs her. Hetal asks Naveli to go and sleep. Tai asks Shantanu is Naveli Bittu’s daughter, it means this is Bittu’s Sasural. Shantanu says I don’t know what to do. Pranali consoles Naveli. Natasha cries. Shantanu asks her to calm down. He asks them to go out and fight. Dhawal scolds Amba for doing all this. He says you have come here to scare Natasha. Naveli asks is Bittu’s name Natasha. Amba says no, everyone is troubled of her, I came to take her test, is she acting or fooling us. Dhawal says look at her state, you think she will do a drama, everyone leave from here, please.

He asks Pranali to take Naveli and go. They all leave. Natasha holds Dhawal’s hand and face. Music plays…. Natasha asks am I Naveli’s mumma. Pranali asks Naveli to forget everything. She says I m your mum. Naveli says no, you are lying, Bittu is my real mum. Dhawal says yes, Natasha, you are her mum. Natasha and Dhawal cry.

Natasha says I m not Bittu, I m mumma. She jumps on the bed and cries happily. Dhawal leaves. Pranali says Natasha left us. Naveli asks why. Pranali says I m your Yashoda Maiyya. Naveli says if you aren’t my mum, then Bhaven isn’t my dad, who is my real dad, tell me. They see Dhawal at the door. Pranali hugs Naveli and cries. She says I don’t know, I got happiness of becoming a mother, I m your mom. Naveli says no, I will stay with Bittu, she is my real mum. Dhawal goes. Shantanu puts Natasha to sleep. Tai consoles Shantanu. He says I don’t want to fall into a dilemma, I just know I love Bittu and can’t leave her in this state, I don’t know Natasha, we are her family, we can’t leave her and go, think, what happened that she left her newborn baby, she was scared and with torn clothes when I met her, if this is her family then why didn’t they come to find her. Dhawal sees Amrish’s pic and shares his feelings. He says I used to hate Natasha, I have done wrong with Naveli and Natasha, I have punished them for my guilt, I felt I should hug Natasha and apologize to her.

Natasha and Naveli pack their bags and leave. Shantanu runs to see. They run on the road. Naveli stops. Natasha asks what happened. Naveli asks where will we go.

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