Pandya Stores 19th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Stores 19th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Pandya Stores 19th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Arushi greeting Suman. Shiva says Arushi and I like each other. Suman jokes. Everyone laughs. Shiva says I mean if we are together then… we can get married. Raavi gets angry. The kids say they always fight in the parties. They cut the cake and take the cake piece. They leave. Arushi sees Dhara, and recalls her childhood. Arushi’s mum thinks Arushi gets angered on little things. She worries. Suman beats up Shiva. The kids go to the room and say there is a lot of drama. Natasha says it’s a confusion, who is married to whom and whose child is it, promise me, you all won’t marry anyone, even I won’t get married. The kids promise and hold hands. Suman says don’t get married now, Shiva.

He says no one cares for my happiness and sorrow, else I would have got married. Dev says we didn’t regard you a servant in the store. Shiva says explain Raavi not to stop my marriage, what’s the problem if I want to get married, I will marry Arushi even if everyone is against me. Dhara beats Shiva. Raavi takes Shiva along. Dhara scolds Arushi. She says this marriage can’t happen, please leave. Raavi says I will not leave your hand ever. Shiva asks her to leave him. Dhara asks Arushi to just leave. Arushi leaves. Shiva says Arushi left because of Raavi. Dhara says how shall we explain him. Arushi recalls Dhara’s words and cries. She leaves. Her mum calls her. Arushi says you want to know about your daughter, Dhara kicked me out of the house and insulted me, she is so ill-mannered. Raavi says look at me, I will tell you the truth. Suman says no, don’t say anything. Raavi says he left no option for me. Shiva asks what are you talking. Raavi says look into my eyes and try to recall the past. He looks at her. She says recall. He recalls their marriage. He faints down. Suman scolds Raavi. Everyone worries for Shiva. Raavi asks what could I do, you tell me. They take Shiva to his room. Shweta and Shivank look on and smile. She says let them stay busy in their matter, you convince Prerna and I will convince Krish.

Arushi comes home. She asks her mum to say it. She says Dhara is my stepsister. Gautam gets a piece of cake for Dhara and asks her to have it. Dhara says I told you not to celebrate this day, no one can stay happy today, me and my family can’t stay happy. Arushi says you wanted to know about Dhara. Her mum says no, I wanted to know why did Dhara make you out of the house. Arushi says I got to know why you used to go to temple on this day, you always treated me like a second child. Her mum asks her to try and understand. Gautam says don’t punish yourself on your birthday, we will cut this pastry and hope that we celebrate your birthday well every year. They cut the pastry. He wishes her. They have a moment. Arushi’s mum scolds her for blaming her love. Arushi says I know who is dear to you. Shweta comes downstairs. She doesn’t see anyone. She goes and serves the food for herself. She eats papaya. Dhara looks on. Shweta says I have to think of my child. Dhara says you are eating papaya, don’t you know, you shouldn’t eat it during pregnancy.

Dhara says I will expose Shweta’s truth and fulfil my promise to Krish and Prerna. Krish says you are not alone, I m with you. Prerna says me too.

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