Pandya Stores 5th February 2024 Written Update

Pandya Stores 5th February 2024 Written Update by Amena

Pandya Stores 5th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Natasha asking Dhawal about the surprise. He says don’t worry, I value emotions and won’t do anything that embarrasses you. She says I m scared. He says fear is good, it makes you do less mistakes. The men tie up Shashank. Shashank shouts leave me. Hetal gets ready. She asks Amrish how do I look. Amrish says good. She thinks he didn’t even look at me. she says we all came here because of Dhawal, everyone is happy. Amrish says anything for Dhawal, he is my brother. They smile. Chiku asks Isha to go and talk to Suman. Everyone gets ready and goes to the party hall. Dolly says we should take selfies. They take selfies. Amba asks waiter about the party. He says these clothes for the party. Amba asks him to just tell her. He takes them to the wrong party.

Dhawal waits for everyone. He thinks where is Shashank. Amrish says everyone will come, tell me what’s the surprise. Dhawal says its big. Chirag says arrangements are good. Amba and family get shocked seeing the girls dancing and the men drinking. Shashank thinks how did Makhwanas and Natasha come there. The old man flirts with the ladies and asks Amba to dance with him.

The old man points the gun at the guards. The guards run. The old man shoots in the air and asks everyone to dance. He threatens them and asks them to dance. Dhawal and men wait for the ladies. Amba and the ladies dance on yeh mera dil…. Natasha thinks what is Shashank doing here. She goes to Shashank. She unties him. He says I came here when I got one day free stay. She asks him to go out and get Dhawal and Amrish. Amrish says they might be upto something. Chirag says they aren’t answering.

Shashank goes out and calls Amrish. He says Amrish Sir, your wife and all the ladies are in danger, come at the back gate fast. Amrish asks what. He tells this to his brothers. They run to see. Shashank calls the police and asks them to come fast. Amba and everyone start fighting the men. A man holds Hetal’s hand and takes her. Amrish and everyone come there. Amrish sees the man holding Hetal’s hand and beats him. Makhwanas get saved. They all come to the other hall. Chabeli comes running. She falls on the laptop. The video begins. Shashank comes there. Dhawal says this is my first surprise, now its time for the second surprise.

Dhawal confronts Amrish. He says all this is a game for you, you knew I love Natasha, you got Shashank in her life. Amrish says no. Dhawal shouts don’t touch me.

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