Parineetii 10th June 2024 Written Update

Parineetii 10th June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Parineetii 10th June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Neeti wakes up in the temple. She goes into the jungle. Sanju asks did you find Pari? Neeti says no I’ve been looking for a while. He says I couldn’t find her either. Neeti says if she meets I will tell her the world has become so modern. Don’t force our marriage. Who cares about society? She says we both left after the pooja. Sanju says inform me when you find her. Please stay with her. Neeti says she’s my sister. Dont worry. Sanju says make me talk to her when you find her. She can’t stay for long without talking to me. Pari runs in the jungle. She recalls Sanju saying I will always be with you. Pari cries and says Sanju please come to me. Please save me.
Babli says to Monty I will pray for Bari Maa to get better. PAri misses her a lot. He asks what will you ask for yourself? A handsome guy? She says shut up. Pari runs. She prays that she finds Rajiv. She says only he can be me. She finds a phone. she tries to call Rajiv. Pari calls Babli. Pari says, Babli. Babli can’t hear her. Pari says I lost the way. Please ask Sanju to save me. I am in the jungle. Babli calls Sanju. She tells her Pari is in the jungle. Please save her. Pari finds a small temple. She stays there.

Scene 2
Pari cries and says please save me, God. Gurinder finds her. Pari hugs her and cries. She says thank God mummy ji you came. I was so scared. Where were you all? Daljit is here to kill me. Rakesh is always with him. Neeti asked him to come here. They gave me these bruises I also hit her but I ran from there. I am so scared. thank god you’re here. Rakesh and Daljit come there. Pari is scared. They laugh. She’s shocked. Pari hides behind Gurinder and says please save me from them. They will kill me. Rakesh says you’ve to die. When you find out too much you have to die. When you die only then we will smile. Daljit says right chachi? Pari stands in front of her and says don’t do anything to her. She didn’t do anything. Neeti comes and says you’re here. Finally, we found you. Rakesh says Neeti you take this. He gives her the gun. Rakesh and Daljit get the daggers. Pari says you can’t do anything to mummy ji. Gurinder slaps her. Pari is shocked. Gurinder laughs. Gurinder asks Neeti why is she still. alive? Pari is shocked.

Sanju looks for Pari in the jungle. Pari looks at Gurinder in shock. Grinder laughs. Gurinder says stop calling me mummy ji. Pari says but I am your DIL. She says I am not your MIL. I got you married to my son to get your dad’s land only. Gurinder says I told Sanju to marry you and get his freedom. He married you for that only. Neeti says he came here for his dreams. We both had dreams unlike you. Sanju always loved me. He only loved me. Gurinder says Sanju and I both like Neeti only. I only cared for you because you were pregnant with Sanju’s child. Now you’re useless. You should die. Neeti says Mummy ji let’s go and do the wedding. I won’t do it without your blessings this time. Gurnder hugs her. Pari says I consider you my mom. Rakesh says stop overacting. You’re such a drama. Sanju doesn’t even consider you his wife. Neeti says he only has sympathy for you. Pari says he loves me. They all laugh at her. Neeti says he was fooling you for his child only. He only cares about his child. I will give him that child now. Pari says Rajiv only loves me. Daljit says why isn’t he looking for you then? Neeti says that he doesn’t care. Gurinder says she’s such an idiot. You thought I was your mom and you think Rajiv loves you? Both drama. Neeti says let’s kill her already.

They all come near Pari with knives. Pari is scared. She runs from there. Grinder says where did she go? Look for her. Rakesh says why did you let her go? Neeti says you did. Daljit says let’s look in a different direction. Gurinder says she found out my truth as well. Not just you. I can’t take a risk. Pari cries and says Mummy Ji is also with Rajiv. They say Rajiv doesn’t love me. But he loves me more than anyone. Sanju hears Neeti and Gurinder’s converastions.

Episode ends

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