Parineetii 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Parineetii 23rd May 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Parineetii 23rd May 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Raghu asks Neeti to go from here. Neeti says leave her. Pari tries to hide. Neeti gets Pari. Neeti says Rakesh stay away from her. He says it’s not your matter. She says you shot me, it’s my matter. Rakesh says you came in between. I wanted Pari that day too. Neeti hits him and says Pari run. Pari says I can’t leave you. Neeti says go please. Neeti points a knife at Rakesh. Pari runs out and calls Sanju. Sanju is in the meeting. Sanju goes out of the meeting. Sanju calls back. Pari tells him Neeti saved him from Rakesh and she’s stuck herself. Sanju says please take care you’re pregnant. I will save Neeti. I am coming. Rakesh says I’ve seen an idiot girl like you. Neeti says don’t you know what a girl’s no means? Don’t act smart. He says you can’t threaten me with this knife. He says I can shoot too. Neeti says I will also stab you. He says I won’t do a mistake in killing you that day. Neeti shoves his knife. She says I lost my child because of you. You boil my blood. I can kill you instantly.

Rakesh grabs her and takes the knife. He says should I do your transplant now. Neeti says promise me you will take Pari and go away from my life. He says I will never leave Pari. Neeti says idiot, I said the same thing. Take Pari away from my life forever. Don’t leave her. He’s shocked. Neeti says you heard right. You want Pari right? I will get you Pari this time. He says she’s your best friend. He laughs and says now you found out your husband is the same. I got to know when you were admit. Neeti says Pari fooled me. You have to play it smartly. He says I am very brave. She says don’t be an idiot. Pari is pregnant. Rakesh says what? He gets angry. He says is it your husband’s child? Neeti says yes but it’s a surrogate child. You can get that child aborted, I’ve no problem. I don’t want her to do anything with Pari. He says how can I take her? Neeti says Sanju won’t let her go. Rakesh says does he love you or her?

Scene 2
Sanju comes and asks Pari are you okay? Pari says Rakesh’s men were here. Sanju says where is Neeti? Pari says come with me. Rakesh says will your husband let me take Pari? He has trapped Pari. Neeti says shut up. She has trapped my husband. She’s very clever. She fooled you too. He says I love her. My Pari is very innocent. I love her. Neeti says you’re crazy. Neeti says it’s not that easy to take. He says hurry up. Pari says plan all this properly. Don’t be hasty. Do as I say. If you do that my husband will get you married to Pari himself. He says really? He dances around.. Pari and Sanju are coming there. Neeti tells Rakesh the plan. Rakesh says wow you’re so clever. Dance in my wedding. Pari and Sanju come there. Rakesh hiides. They see Neeti on the floor. Pari is shocked. sanju says Neeti.. Pari says Neeti open your eyes. Are you okay? Neeti says Pari are you okay? She says Rakesh hit me with a tray and I fainted. Neeti says I want to go home. Sanju hugs Neeti. He says we should get you checked with a doctor first. Sanju takes her out of there. Neeti looks at Rakesh. He says wow this Neeti is so clever.

Scene 3
Gurinder and pami enjoy lassi and recall the old times. Chandrika asks what’s that? Salojna says she has no understanding of our Punjabi values? Pami says she knows everything. Sanju comes home. Chandrika asks what happened? They ask Neeti if she’s okay? salojna asks are you okay? They make her sit. Sanju tells them everything. salojna asks who’s this Rakesh. Gurinder says what does he want? Neeti says Pari. He always comes after pari. He doesn’t understand. Pami says he’s MLA’s son. He thinks he can do anything. Sanju says I won’t let him harm Pari or my child.

Episode ends

Precap-Sanju hits Rakesh and says how dare you come to enter my house? He says Pari called me here. Sanju says shut up. Don’t say such things about Pari. Rakesh asks Neeti why is your husband so jealous?

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