Parineetii 30th March 2024 Written Update

Parineetii 30th March 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Parineetii 30th March 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1

The lawyer tells the inspector that there are here to bail Sanju out. The inspector says he has done a non-bailable offence so we can’t free him. Madhu’s husband Alluwali comes there and says I won’t spare Sanju. Monty says how dare you trap my brother? Alluwali says shut up, your brother has stooped so low and doesn’t have a good upbringing. Amit says shut up, we will not spare you now. Pari thinks only one person can help them.

Pari comes to meet with Alluwali’s Dadi and says I need your help. She tells her everything and says if Madhu doesn’t take the case back then Sanju’s career and life will be spoiled. Alluwalia comes there so Dadi tells Pari that she can’t help her, Madhu wouldn’t lie about such a thing, I am sorry. She leaves from there. Alluwalia tells Pari to get lost.

Pari tells Neeti that she can’t do anything. Neeti thinks she wants to free Sanju. The lawyer comes there and says they have to go to the party place where the incident happened but how can we go there? Pari says their servant Shanti might help us, she was there. The lawyer asks why would she help us as she is their worker. Pari says it doesn’t hurt to talk to her.

Pari, Neeti and the lawyer come to meet with Shanti but she says she can’t help them, she is loyal to Alluwalia. Pari says we are just asking if you saw anything in the party. The lawyer says your statement can save an innocent man so please help us. Did you see anything? Shanti says yes, I saw Madhu with Sanju at the party, she forced herself on him. Pari says please give your statement in court. Shanti says fine, I am ready to give my statement, that Madhu is cruel. Pari says thanks, please come to court tomorrow. Shanti agrees.

Scene 2

In the morning, Pami prays for Sanju and pleads with the Lord to save him. Chandrika says don’t worry, we are in the right so we will win.

In the courtroom, Sanju is brought there by the police. Pari sadly looks at him and makes him eat shagun, she says nothing wrong will happen with you. Sanju says you are with me so I am not worried. Pari says we have found a witness in your favour so don’t worry.

Pari calls Shanti so she says she is coming. Madhu looks at Pari and says I will destroy her husband in court. Alluwalia comes there and says I will make sure he gets jailed for life. Madhu thanks him for supporting her. He says you are my love so don’t worry and I will make sure Sanju pays for this.

Pari tells Pami that we have a lawyer and a witness in Sanju’s favour so don’t worry. Shelly says don’t worry, we have a lawyer now. Neeti brings the lawyer and he says we are ready to fight the case. Madhu comes there with her lawyer, Sanju’s lawyer greets him and says I was your student. He tells him that he is going to fight against him, Sanju’s lawyer says you are my teacher so I don’t want to go against you. Neeti says what does that mean? The lawyer tells them to go inside, Pari gets worried and thinks that this isn’t good.

Neeti gets a message from her lawyer who says that he can’t fight against his teacher so they have to find another lawyer. Neeti goes to him and says he can’t bail on us at the last minute. The lawyer says if I take up this case then Madhu’s lawyer will destroy my career so I can’t fight this case, he leaves. Neeti is angry. Pami says what will we do now? Neeti thinks she lost her chance to impress everyone.

The episode ends.

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