Parineetii 5th December 2023 Written Update

Parineetii 5th December 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Parineetii 5th December 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Neeti says to Pari congratulations. She says to Sanju, where are you going, groom? Should I call you brother-in-law now? I am your sister-in-law. Pari says let me talk to her. Pami says she won’t listen. Neeti says I am not here to ruin the function. I can’t decide like other people here. I am glad Sanju and Pari are marrying. Now I’ve got to call my ex-husband my Jeju. Chandrika says enough. Amit stops her. Neeti says what should I call him Pari? Jeju or ex? is the truth bitter? Sanju tries to leave. Neeti stops him and starts dancing. Everyone is shocked. Neeti dances around Pari and Sanju.

Sanju goes to his room in anger. He says what does Neeti want? She’s crossed all limits. Everything is happening according to her. She wanted a divorce, but now she has troubles. Neeti comes in and says yes I have troubles. It’s hurting so much that I want to die or kill someone. Because of you, my life’s most important time was ruined. He says I made a mistake. You can go. Sanju says we’re divorced now. You can leave now. I loved you a lot. But you ruined everything. You ended our marriage, love, and everything. Neetii says I did or you? You’re acting like there was never anything between us. You moved on so quickly. You never cared about me. He says when there’s no relationship why should I care? Some relationships shatter like glass. You can’t fix it once they break. Neeti says who was responsible for ending this relationship? Sanju says you. You’re responsible for everything. You wanted a divorce, now move on. Neeti says like you did. It’s so easy for you. Because you never loved me. You don’t care anymore. He says I cared about everything. I used to miss you in everything. I always thought about you but now.. She says now? He says you know. She says one divorce paper ended your feelings too? Everything got over? He says why do you care about my feelings. You don’t know what I am going through. You only care about your feelings. You did what you wanted. You satisfied your ego. Your ego won over our love. You did the funeral of our love yourself. Your doubts ended this relationship.

Scene 2
Pari says to Pami I should talk to Neeti. She’s talking to Rajiv. Pami says to let them handle it themselves. Pari says she’s very angry. Pami says you’re not responsible for what’s happening between them. Neeti is. Sanju can see all that she did. She insulted our family in front of everyone. You always sacrificed for this family. Truth always wins. Chandrika says you have all the right to live and be happy. That relationship is over. Neeti ended that marriage. Stop blaming yourself. Gurinder says to stop encouraging her. She says Pari is only to be blamed for their divorce. She’s behind everything. This is about my son’s life. In the whole world, you could only marry my son? There are many other guys. Salojna says she was jealous of Neeti she wanted her life. Pami says stop it. Sanju is doing this with his will. Pari says I should go there.

Sanju says to Neeti I always felt our relationship is very strong. No problem in the world can break our relationship. But that was my misunderstanding. It was so weak. She says your character was weak. You weren’t Pari won’t have come between us. Sanju says Pari never came between us. You ended all this. How can you blame another person? She sacrificed so much to save our relationship. Even after that we divorced it was our destiny. You can’t even sacrifice 1% of what she did. I was married to her before you. Still she sacrificed everything to save your marriage. It must have hurt her. She kept tolerating. She stayed here for you. Did you ever imagine what she must have felt seeing us in this bedroom which was hers? But she remained silent. Never shared her pain and never insulted my family. Pari isn’t less educated than you. She’s way smarter than you. You are educated dumb. Pari says no please. Don’t. Neeti says wow, so you were listening in? You have so much insecurity. You couldn’t wait for a minute and let sanju talk to me? Pari says no. Neeti says I know you very well. Sanju says she came here so we don’t fight anymore. She fixes things and you ruin them only. This is how she stands with people. When you left me I couldn’t eat or sleep. Pari was there for me. She stood up with me like my stereght. I wanna move on now. You’re my past and Pari is my present and future. I won’t focus on past anymore. He holds Pari’s hand and says let’s go Pari. Neeit sits here and cries.

Salojna comes ot Neeti. Neeti says I lost my love, my friend. I lost everything. They are together and I lost it all. Salojna says don’t cry and congratulate them. Neeti says how can I? Salojna says you’ve no other option. Let’s go out. Neeti says is this a joke? salojna says people are laughing at you. They must be feeling pity on you. A villager defeated you. What was the point of all that education? Pari took your husband and you keep crying. They will always be together. Neeti cries. She looks around.

Precap: Sanju says to Neeti, see how I will marry Pari. Sanju says to pari, he wants to give her respect back and fulfill their marriage and all promises made. Pari thinks, Sanju, your intentions are pure but not mine and my reason will come out when its right time. Neeti swears to destroy Pari and her happiness.

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