Parineetii 5th February 2024 Written Update

Parineetii 5th February 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Parineetii 5th February 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1

Neeti tells the family that whoever gets the house keys will rule the house between Sanju and Pari.

The doctor gets a call and tells Pami that she has an emergency so she has to go, she leaves from there so Pami goes back to her room and gets Neeti’s reports, she steals those and leaves.

Neeti tells Pari and Sanju that they have to pull the rope on their side and whoever wins will rule the house. She says all the girls will support Pari but I am not sure about guys supporting Sanju. She tells Gurvindar to support Pari only, she agrees. All family members get ready to play the game. They all grab the rope and start pulling on their side.

Rakesh enters Pari’s house and looks around for her. He enters a room through a window and takes a dupatta to hide.

The family is playing the game and pulling the rope on their side. Sanju loosens the rope and falls down on Pari. He smiles at Pari. Rakesh sees that and is angry. Neeti gives the keys to Pari and says she won. All clap for her. Neeti sees someone hiding in a dupatta and goes behind him. Rakesh runs from there before Neeti could see him. Bubbly comes there and asks Neeti where is she going? Neeti says I have something to check on, she goes from there. Rakesh hides in a room. Neeti comes there and finds him. She asks what are you doing here? what do you want? Pari is married now but you are so cheap to still keep an eye on her. Rakesh says I was just passing by and came to check on her. Neeti says you are crazy, get lost from here. Rakesh says if I tell you about your antics then you will faint. Neeti says if you try to harm Pari then I won’t spare you. Rakesh says you can’t do anything with me. Neeti grabs him and says I will make you meet my brother-in-law now. He will get you arrested. She tries to call Pari, Rakesh tries to stop her but hits his head and falls down. Neeti comes to Pari and says Rakesh is here, we won’t spare him today. They all go to check on Pari. Rakesh is trying to run away but Neeti finds him and says I will send you to jail today. Rakesh pushes her away, Pari comes there and holds Neeti. Rakesh tries to run from there. He jumps from the window and leaves.

Scene 2

Pami shows Neeti’s report to another doctor and he confirms that Neeti have lost her memory for real, her reports show that. I am sure that she has lost her memory. Pami still can’t believe it.

Sanju comes to Pari and Neeti, he asks where is Rakesh? Neeti says he ran away before we could stop him. That Rakesh is behind Pari but Pari is not interested in him at all so don’t scold her. You know Pari is so pretty and nice that anyone can fall for her, you are very lucky to have her as your wife. I am sure that many guys must be behind her but its not her fault. Sanju looks on and thinks this Neeti is very different than the Neeti who was ready to tarnish Pari’s character at any point and even lied about Pari’s baby. Sanju says I know, Pari is very nice, thank you for taking my wife’s side. Neeti says hello.. she is my best friend and would be friends for life. Sanju says lets go for the ritual now.

Pami comes home and asks what happened? Pari comes there and says Rakesh came here but Neeti caught him in time. Neeti hugs Pami and says don’t worry. I am here to protect Pari. We were waiting for you to come back so we can do the ritual. Pami says really? Neeti says yes, I wanted to wait for you, I know you don’t like me but I understand you like Pari so you can’t like me.. I mean Pari is different from me. She says lets start the ritual now.

Gurvindar puts the ring in the milk and tells Sanju to win. Neeti says Pari has to win, Sanju says I will win this time. Pari and Sanju start looking for the ring in the milk and Pari finds it in the first round but Sanju wins the next round. Neeti says the last round is still remaining. Neeti puts the ring in the milk. Sanju and Pari are looking for it but Neeti says I didn’t even put the ring in it and fooled them. Pami shouts at her to stop all this.. what is this drama? you can’t see them happy? you spoiled their ritual, I won’t let you come between them. Neeti looks on.

The episode ends.

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