Parineetii 5th July 2024 Written Update

Parineetii 5th July 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Parineetii 5th July 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Gurpreet requests Pari to forgive Pari. Gurinder says she thinks you wouldn’t say no to her but I know you won’t let Neeti come out at all. Pari says you’re right. I won’t let Neeti come out that easily. She did so wrong to me. I’ve nothing to do with her. Sanju will get her out, he’s her would-be husband. Pari leaves.

Daljit tells Neeti how Gurpreet begged Pari but she didn’t agree. Neeti says I don’t need her to beg. We don’t need to request her. We will get the bail. Daljit says she has solid proof. Neeti says I was just scared. Daljit says you’re not getting the bail. She says et me out of her without Sanju’s help. She says we don’t need Pari’s favor.

Pari cries in her house. She says Rajiv is using my mom to save Neeti so I get Emotona adn get Neeti out. Ambika says this is your test. It’s not easy. Seeing your mom cry in font of you is not easy. You have to be strong. Pari says I get very emotional. She says we should win this by letting her out. we will become bigger people. If she comes out we will lose. PAri says you’re right. If Neeti is in jail she will plan something. She will reman agitated if I am in front of her. Ambika says to make it look like a favor to her.

Sanju says it’s okay if you don’t wanna get Neeti out. Pari says it’s cute. He says no I know she made a mistake. Ambika says I spoke to Parvati she’s ready to take her complaint back. Sanju says I am so grateful. Thank you so much. Pari says you love her so much you’re begging me for it? Neeti calls Gurinder and says what is happening here? She says Sanju you don’t need to beg anyone. We will get the bail. Sanju says only she can get you out. Pari says this attitude even behind bars. Neeti says once I get out of here I will tell you how to tell the truth. Daljit hangs up. sanju says please don’t mine what she said. I am sorry on her behalf. Pari says make her agree to say sorry to me. Sanju says she will apologize. She says to make sure it happens when she comes out. Sanju says I promise

Scene 2
The in-mate tells Neeti to see the start. He’s already on her side. Neeti says stop it. She says soon she will marry your husband. Neeti says she can’t take my place. I killed the person who could take my place. The in-mate says what? She calls the constable. Neeti says she is crazy.

Gurinder tells Daljit parvait wasn’t agreeing easily. Gurpreet doesn’t even know the truth. She was begging Parvait to get Neeti out.

Neeti is brought out. Sanju says let’s go home. Neeti says I am sure you taught Parvati her place. Sanju says let’s og home and talk. Pari says to Ambika I wanna see how Neeti would react. Neeti cmes home. Salojna does her arti. Pari says I wanna see her helpless. SAnju says to Neeti ready we’ve to go to meet Parvati. She syas what? He say yes, she kept a condition that you will apologize to her when you come out. Get ready I am waiting. Neeti breaks things in anger. Pari says she’s have to come. She will be so angry. Her ego would shatter. Neeti wont say sorry.

Episode ends

Precap: Neeti visits Pari and says you want mapologizeogise, I would never. Rajiv insists Neesaying sorry but she deni ites. Bubbly informs Pari that Rajiv is very upset with Neeti.

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