Parineetii 7th July 2024 Written Update

Parineetii 7th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Parineetii 7th July 2024 Written Episode

Ambika tells Parineet that she can see a big smile in her face. What’s the matter? Parineet says that after her death, Neeti would have created a good image in front of Sanju. They are supporting each other. Today Neeti’s true colors came in front of him. They were arguing with each other. She can proudly say that she was the reason for it. Its their first victory. Later, Neeti is lost in her thoughts. Gurinder and Bebe try to console her. Neeti complaints that a prisoner ruined her peace. Now they are troubling her. Daljeet says that it’s all Parineet’s mistake. She has to show her anger on Parineet and Sanju. Neeti says that she will definitely prove to Sanju that she isn’t Parvathi but Parineet. Sanju will hate her for hiding her identity from him. She is playing with his feelings again. Neeti says that she is aware how he will react to it. Tomorrow is a death anniversary of Parineet tomorrow. One year is completed. Ambika says to Parineet that she can’t sleep peacefully. Parineet says that she is the reason for it. Ambika says that Neeti is the reason. She is a mental. She is believing that she is Parineet.

Sanju is talking with the priest. Gurpreet comes there to discuss with him about Parineet’s anniversary. Sanju says that he already arranged everything for it. If she think that he can forget about it. He won’t. She thanked him and leaves from there. Parineet says to Ambika that Neeti can fool Parineet not Parvathi. She was her friend once. She is her enemy now. She knew well about her next move. Neeti says to Gurinder that we have to cancel this death anniversary. Parineet is alive so we shouldn’t perform it. Ambika says to Parineet that she is aware of Neeti. She won’t allow anyone to perform this. Parineet says that they will definitely do it because Neeti is going to marry Sanju for this reason. They made everyone believe that Parineet is died. That’s why they announced their wedding. They won’t cancel it. Sanju thinks that he wanted to see her reaction. He thinks how will he invite her? He thought to take Gurpreet help for it. Daljeet says to Neeti that we shouldn’t cancel it. Let’s find out her reaction for it. Neeti says that she isn’t Parineet anymore. She learnt to hide her emotions. Gurinder says let’s find out any birth mark on Parineet. Neeti says that she will definitely prove that she is Parineet tomorrow.

Parineet says to Ambika that she wanted to attend this to check their reaction. Ambika asks her how will she attend it? Parineet says that she has a reason to meet him. Neeti didn’t apologized to her. She created a scene in her house. She can cancel the deal. Ambika appreciates her idea. The next day, Parminder arranging everything for the death anniversary of Parineet. She missed her. Neeti asks Sanju to cancel it. He asks her leave from there. He won’t cancel it. She leaves from there in anger. Parineet comes there. Vickram gets emotional seeing her. He tells her that she looks like Parineet so he was confused. Neeti is surprised to hear that Parineet came there. Gurinder fears that she may expose them. Neeti denied it. Sanju asks Parineet why she is here. Parminder gets emotional seeing her. Parineet takes her blessing. She asks him what happened to her. Sanju says that she is alright. Parineet thinks that something definitely happened. She ruled this house once, but she was sick now. Gurinder and Daljeet are sharing their fear with Neeti. Neeti assures them that Parineet won’t reveal the truth. She hates her. She was her target. Neeti says that she has to do something. Meanwhile, Parineet says to Sanju that she came here to cancel the deal. Neeti didn’t apologized to her. He broke his promise. She even threatened her in home. She can’t bear it anymore. The priest asks Parineet to attend the puja. She sits beside Sanju.

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