Parineetii 9th July 2024 Written Update

Parineetii 9th July 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Parineetii 9th July 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Neeti comes and says the guest room is done. You can go and change. Pari says how would I know where the guest room is? Neeti takes her. Daljit fixes a camera in the guest room. He hides behind the curtain. He says if I go out Pari will see me. Neeti says I was thinking we should give Pari a tribute. We should make her feel we all love her. She says we should play Pari’s videos and pictures. Gurpreet says she had a mole on her back. Chandrika says yes. They play Pari’s wedding video.

Pari goes to her room to change. She loosens her blouse. Neeti says but this ram says this is Pari. Sanju says shut this off. Vikram says stop it. Neeti says I don’t know how it got connected. Pari sees Daljit. She says how dare you? Pari hits him. Sanju comes there. He drags Dqaljit downstairs and hits him. He says see what Daljit did. This guy is so shameless. Neeti asks Daljit what is all this”? Pari says I will tell. She says I was changing that room and he was there. There was also a camera there. Daljit says I didn’t do anything. Pari says shut up. She says you were trying to humiliate me. How dare you? you’re not even worth standing in front of me. He says I was mesmerized. Pari says just shut up. Yours disgusting. He says I am very sorry. Pari says get out. Gurinder says it’s his house. Pami says I am ashamed to call you my son. Get out of my house. Sanju says get out. HE drags him out. Daljit says it’s not Pari. Sanju says I don’t wanna hear anything. Jsut gets out. Daljit says I like her. She’s not Pari. Sanju says have some shame. You are disgusting. Stay away from her.

Neeti calls DAljit and says did you see her mark? He says no SAnju came there before I could see it. He says I hope we can prove soon it’s Pari. Neeti says keep pretending like we planned. Sunny hears it.

Scene 2
Pari says to Pami it’s not your fault. Gurpreet says a mother raises her son. She has some part in how he has turned out. Pari says do you people have any manners? She says to Sanju your family has so much drama. She says to Gurpreet you didn’t give your son a good upbringing either. Neeti says the pooja is waiting. Let’s go. They all go for pooja. Pari says I will change.

Pari goes to the room. Sunny tells Ambika he heard Daljit and Neeti talking. Ambika says I have to be there for Pari. Pari looks around for cameras. Neeti says the camera is in her blouse. We will get to see =9her mole. Pari gets ready.

Episode ends

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