Parvarish Season 2 30th November 2015 Written Update

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Parvarish Season 2 30th November 2015 Written Update by MA

Parvarish Season 2 30th November 2015 Written Episode

Kulvinder says family why should he become like Simran and Raj when he does not respect them at all. Simran and Raj with Ria enter just then. Daadaji greets them in. Simran thanks them for their thought and says she brought Ria to apologize them for misguiding Jassi. Ria says sorry. Daadi says britishers gave them only 2 things, sorry and thank you. Ria says third one is please…. Kulvinder says he did not teach his children to misbehave with elders like this and he does not want Jassi to befriend Ria. Simran says they should them mirror and says her friend told that one should be thankful who badmouths about them as they show mirror. She greets Kulvinder and leaves with family. Surinder starts crying and shuts door.

Simran takes Ria home and thanks her for apologizing Surinder’s family on her insistence. Ria asks how can they insult them and says her friend is not a true friend, else she would not have stood silently. If they think, their spoilt daughter will reform with Jassi’s friendship, then they are wrong.

Surinder cries in her room. Dadaji comes and says he thought his bahu is brave, but she is acting like coward. She says he saw Kulvinder’s angst today. He says Kulvinder thinks man is head of family, but does not know woman is neck and without neck head cannot survive.

Simran tells Raj that if she would have been in Simran’s place, she would have scolded Kulvinder for insulting her friend’s family. Raj sits calmly. She picks hot bowl from oven while talking and shouts in pain. Raj applies ice pack on her hands. She asks if they really become too modern.

Surinder packs bags in the morning and tells Kulvinder if they don’t trust each other, it is better to leave this city. They are married for 18 years, but still he does not trust her. After packing bags and asks him when is he leaving to Amritsar. He asks if she is not coming. She says she will stay with family here and only he can go as per his wish.

Daadi hears Surinder and Kulvinder’s conversation standing near door. Dadaji asks if she is not ashamed to listen to her beta/bahu’s conversation like this. She says she gets gastric trouble if she does not and leans on door. Surinder opens door just then and daadi gets nervous. Dadaji signals Surinder and she grins. Kulvinder comes out and says they are not going back to Amritsar and he understood Surinder’s point. Surinder grins again.

Precap: Dadi tells Surinder they should concentrate more on Jogi’s future instead of Jassi as Jogi is a boy and Jassi is a girl. Jassi comes there and Surinder gets tensed.

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