Prem ya Paheli – Chandrakanta 27th August 2017 Written Update

Prem ya Paheli – Chandrakanta 27th August 2017 Written Update by H Hasan

Prem ya Paheli – Chandrakanta 27th August 2017 Written Episode

Chandrakantha, Virendra and Baawni reaches outside Talismi mountain. Chandrakantha says Virendra it is his face on talisman and he has to open it with his magical powers. Virendra says he does not have any powers and Chandrakantha instead saved them via Baawni’s powers. Chandrakantha says her hands were tied and she could not play flute and call Baawni, it his powers instead which saved them, he should open talism now. Virendra says if she says so, he will do anything for her. On the other side, Krur tells Shivdutt that they have to kill Virenda and get talisman powers, else he will get it before them. Nazim comes and says he bought talismi book which has talismi secret and only who can open talism can read it. Krur says he will read it as e is most intelligent here. He opens
book and anxiously says he cannot understand it. Shyamala says apart from Virendra, only Marich can read this book as he has seen talism before.

Virendra, Chandrakantha, and Baawni reach in front of talism and a storm surrounds them and vanishes immediately. They are surprised. Baawni says it is sign that talism is calling him with extended hands. Chandrakantha says it is a sign of something. On the other side, Shivdutt with his team goes to tied Marich and says he cannot see his condition, so he came to free him. Marich says nobody favors anyone for free, what he wants. Shivdutt says he is really worried about him and freed him, he is keeping only sand timer for his safety. Krur speaks says Shivdutt is a loser and cruel, but he is Marich’s son, so he should help him. He shows talismi book and says it has talismi secret and Marich can read it. Marich reads book and asks where did they find it. Shivdutt says in rani Padvika’s room. Marich says it has all the secret to reach talism for Virendra. Shivdutt asks him to take him there. Krur says Shivdutt is his blood, so he should take him to talism. Shivdutt says he will own it. Krur tells Marich that once they get talism, they will share it and kick out Shivutt.

Virendra with Chandrakantha and Baawni sees storm again and Soundarya, Yaksh, Parijaat, etc. laughing on them. Virendra says they are all dead, how can they emerge again, it is magic. Baawni joins them. Virendra and Chandrakantha are shocked and see Marich emerging in mountain. Marich brings Shivdutt and team. Shivdutt walks happily thinking he will get talism, but returns saying there is nothing there. Marich says they reached late as Virendra has already reached here and shows him far away. Virendra is shocked seeing mountain turning into Marich’s face and greeting him. Marich emerges and say Bawni, Paijaath, Sounday, etc., are all his illusions. Virendra realizes that Marich is locked in talisman and did all this trick and magic to free himself. Shivdutt hears their conversation and is shocked to see that even Shyamala was an illusion created by Marich and thinks he does not need talisma now. Krur returns and says he did not want to leave Shivdutt alone. Shivdutt tells him whole story and says everything was illusion and he does not need talism now and will go far away. Krur says he will be his true friend and accompany him. They both leave.

Marich insists Virendra to break talism and free him. Virendra says captured in talism he destroyed so much, if he comes out, he will wreck havoc whole world, so he will not fee him. Marich insists. Chandrakantha says Virendra is right and supports him. Virendra throws sword on illusion and walks with Chandrakantha. Marich says he is human and cannot escape, throws magic rope and captures Virendra. Virendra angrily breaks rope. Marich captures Chandrakantha next. Chandrakantha pleads Virendra to save her. He runs to save her, but she is flown away towards talism. Marich says if he has to get Chandrakantha, he has to break talism and free him. Virendra shouts Chandrakantha and panics.

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