Prem ya Paheli – Chandrakanta 30th July 2017 Written Update

Prem ya Paheli – Chandrakanta 30th July 2017 Written Update by H_Hasan

Prem ya Paheli – Chandrakanta 30th July 2017 Written Episode

Maid comes to Chandrakantha and says her mehandi is ready. Chandrakantha says she is not ready yet, Chapala has not returned yet and Champa took mehandi to Yuvraj and has not returned. She sees Chapala walking, walks to her and asks where was she, where is Champa, if she gave mehandi to yuvraj. She is hypnotized by Soundarya and does not react. Chandrakantha asks if she fought with Tej Singh and asks where is Champa. Chapala shows direction. Chandrakantha walks to hypnotized Champa and asks if she gave mehandi to yuvraj, which design did he like. She replies nothing. Chandrakantha thinks what happened to her. Virendra picks knife and walks towards her and holding her cuts his hand and drops blood on her hand. She is shocked. He smiles and says she wanted to know which design he
liked, he liked red color on her hand. Soundarya watches from and distance and reminisces trying to hypnotize Virendra, but he did not and asks who is she. She says she is mehandi designer and Chandrakantha sent her to know which mehandi design he likes. Chandrakantha says she sent Champa to him to know his opinion. Virendra says she sent someone else though. Soundarya enters and says she came to him and Champa sent her. Chandrakantha asks if she came to call her. Soundarya says yes. Chandrakantha asks her to go, she will come later. Hynotized Padvika passes by, Virendra calls her, but she walks ignoring him. He and Chandrakantha are surprised seeing this.

Soundarya thinks why did not her hypnotism work on Virendra. She dehypnotizes Padvika and says she is mehandi designer and function is starting. She then dehypnotizes Chapala and says Chandrakantha is calling her. She dehypnotizes Champa and says she sent her to Virendra and says Chandrakantha is calling her. Champa gets confused. Virendra meets Tej Singh and says he and Chandrakantha feel something weird is happening at palace and is worried about palace’s safety. Tej asks him not to worry about palace’s safety, he should concentrate on his wedding. Soundarya hears their conversation and thinks Tej Singh is very clever and will identify her easily, so she should not come in front of him.

Nazim and Ahmed discuss why Krur is risking his life, they will disguise as crow and fly, but what about Krur. Krur comes wearing gown. They ask if he is sure he wants to disguise as this. He says he wants to stop this mehandi at any cost and asks what will they disguise as. They show tied soldiers.

Chandrakantha’s mehandi starts. Champa and Chapala dance and then looking at Chandrakantha’s hand and says yuvraj has already applied mehandi on her hand. Soundarya drops magical elixir on Chandrakantha’s hand and they turn red. She says it is speciality of this mehandi that if she remembers her life partner, mehandi will develop and become dark. Chandrakantha reminisces Virendra and mehandi design develops on her hands. Virendra peeps in. Champa and Chapala joke men are not allowed here, especially yuvraj. Virendra walks away. Soundarya walks behind him and tries to look into his eyes to hypnotize him. Krur Singh enters disguised as lady dancer and walks with soldiers Nazim and Ahmed. Chapala sees him and asks who is he. He sees Soundrarya and points at her. Chapala asks if she is mehandiwali’s sister and walks to Soundarya. Soundarya is about to hypnotize Virendra, but stops seeing Chapala. Chapala says her sister has come. Soundarya goes to Krur and asks who is she. He says he is Krur and asks what is she doing here as mehandiwali, he came here to check her. She yells she knows her job and not to interfere.

Soundarya then hypnotizes Chapala and orders her to not let Tej near her. Chapala walks to Tej and says it is such a lovely environment, she wants to go on a sight seeing and gets romantic. Tej anxiously says he has to take care of palace. She says they will return soon. He notices hypnotism in her eyes and dehypnotizes her and asks who hypnotized her, if she saw a new person. She says mehandiwali’s sister. They both search palace and find Krur. Krur says he is a dancer. Nazim and Ahmed say she looks weird, but is a best dancer and asks to demonstrate. Chapala also asks to demonstrate. Krur dances weirdly, hits his head to a pillar and collapses. He wakes up after sometimes and speaks in his usual tone. Tej identifies him. Krur shouts what is he doing here and orders soldiers to kill him, realizes they are Navgarhh soldiers. Tej says he is in Navgarh and asks why did he hypnotize everyone. He says he does not know. Tej orders to arrest Krur and his puppets. Chapala runs to Chandrakantha.

Virendra enters Chandrakantha’s room and their romance starts. Soundarya reaches there and watches silently. Chandrakantha goes to washroom. Soundarya uses magic and creates Chandrakantha’s replica and breaks palace. Chandrakantha sees things falling and breaking. Chandrakantha hits something and collapses. Virendra lifts her and rushes out. Real Chandrakantha returns from washroom and sees Soundarya there, asks where is Virendra and what is she doing here. Soundarya says she came to take Virendra and soon he will die. She hypnotizes Chandrakantha and leaves saying by the time she wakes up, Virendra would have gone far away. Chapala comes there and dehypnotizes Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha says mehandiwali told she will snatch Virendra and runs out. Virendra takes out of palace. Soundarya disguises as Chandrakantha and hugs him. He gets happy that she is safe. Real Chandrakantha comes and she is shocked to see her replica. Virendra is also shocked. Soundarya says she is real Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha asks Virendra to ask fake one what did he bring along with medicine to her father. Virendra asks Soundarya to tell. Soundarya looks into his eyes and hypnotizes him, then changes to herself. Chandrakantha says she told other one is fake. Soundarya asks Virendra to push Chandrakantha away and he does same. Chandrakantha falls on stone and collapses. Soundarya takes Virendra with her.

Precap: Shivdutt tells hypnotized Virendra that he will do whatever he orders, he will get talismi powers via Virendra. He praises Soundarya and asks howmuch wealth she wants. She says she needs Virendra. She does black magic on Virendra and he shouts in pain. Chandrakantha reaces there.

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