Pukaar 4th June 2024 Written Update

Pukaar 4th June 2024 Written Update by Sona

Pukaar 4th June 2024 Written Episode

Saraswathi says she has complete trust that both her Jhanvi and Yamini would be fine, she asks if Maa knows that today is the 501 Varth when people tend to perform it after their prayer is accepted but she has complete faith that she will get back to her daughters and be together, Rageshwari remembers when Pandit jee told her that Saraswathi would once again meet her daughters, Saraswathi says this is why she is making it, Rageshwari tells Saraswathi how she prays everything should be fine, she thinks that Jhanvi and Yamini cannot come back.

Vedika is taking her mother on the scooty while her father is sitting behind and is tensed..

Mauri opens the wallet when she says he seems to be involved in fake currency but Koyal taking them gets excited saying this is not any fake currency but Euros, Mauri at first does not understand but then gets joyed, Vedika rides the scooty in the hospital and stops at the corridor seeing which the doctor gets furious and so Vedika informs that her mother is ill.

Sagar says that he did not like when his Grandmother lied to him about her health as it is not nice when Rageshwari says he cannot understand and would he have returned had she not done the act, then Bua enters greeting Sagar and asks if she did not miss his Grand welcome when Sagar replies it is not the case, Bua asks if Suphedra also said the same thing, Sagar says that it is not a good thing that she keeps drinking so much tea, Saraswathi enters the room informing she is going to the Mandir when the sister in law asks if Saraswathi has actually made so much Parshad and questions what should she ask from Bhagwan, Rageshwari replies she should ask for some intelligence, Suphedra turns back but smells something burning so informs Saraswathi, they all run. Rageshwari apologizes to Bhagwan exclaiming she did not have any other choice and wants to protect her wealth which is why she placed the thorns.

Saraswathi along with Suphedra and Sagar run, Saraswathi wonders how could it have happened as she had turned off the gas, Rageshwari asks if Sagar can see the condition of her as she does not understand anything and so tells her to be careful but Saraswathi replies she did not forget anything, she sits on the floor saying how can she forget it, Sagar requests her to calm down saying they will make it all again and he will help her, Saraswathi replies it took her all day while the Arthi would start in an hour, she says that she vowed to give the Parshad on her 501 Varth and Sagar says they can give something else but Suphedra mentions Saraswathi longed for it all, Rageshwari replies Suphedra must not be worried as this might be the will of Bhagwan but Saraswathi replies she is doing it all for her daughters, Sagar asks Saraswathi to not worry as he will arrange the Parshad, he asks his mother to go and help Saraswathi sit in the car. The worker comes asking if burning the Parshad suits someone like her when she orders the worker to leave, thinking this is the only way to break the trust of Saraswathi that her daughters will return.

Vedika enters the room asking if her mother woke up, she then jokes saying what was the need to act like she got unconscious and then leaves after asking her father to take care of her mother.

Koyal also tells her mother that she wants to give this money to Bhagwan as she does it all the time, and she knows that her father threw her out of the house when she was born but she has gotten a mother like her which is what matters the most to her, she hugs her mother Mauri who says that Bhagwan would surely take their live ahead.

Sagar helps his aunt Saraswathi step out of the car who asks what would happen when he asks her to look ahead, she is amazed to see the people standing holding the boxes when Sagar says he has done it only for her by ordering all this from the food help, Saraswathi says that Sagar is like an angel for her when he says he is her besties and so asks her to go upstairs for the Arthi when he starts distributing it, Vedika exclaims that the person who has made this vow should get all of the desires fulfilled, Saraswathi is walking up the stairs of the mandir followed by Vedika and Koyal who are on her either side, Saraswathi while climbing the stairs about to fall but is caught by both Vedika and Koyal at the same time, Saraswathi remembers how her daughters would help her in the exact same manner, she is stunned seeing how Koyal is holding the corner of her dupatta in the exact same manner, she then turns to Vedika who is holding her hand, Saraswathi keeps thinking about the life with her daughters, Vedika asks if she is fine, Koyal replies she would have gotten hurt and so even thanks Vedika while calling her sister, Saraswathi asks if they both are sisters but Koyal replies they ar meeting for the first time, Saraswathi replies she felt for a moment that she found her daughters, Vedika does not understand it, Saraswathi smiles saying the day is like it, she gets the same feeling each and every time, she thanks them both before walking into the Mandir, Vedika and Koyal also follow her.

Saraswathi says she lost everything on the day and it slipped like sand but she did not lose one hope, Vedika and Koyal both look when pandit jee says he was looking for her and today is the 501 Varth of her, Saraswathi replies she has utmost faith that her daughters will return to her, Pandit jee asks her to come so they can start the Arthi, Saraswathi walks with Vedika and koyal when Pandit jee asks if both the girls are by her, Saraswathi replies they helped her outside and she felt they both are like her daughters, Pandit jee replies it cannot happen as the girls are here without a dupatta, Koyal takes out the napkin asking if it would work when Pandit jee scolds her, Saraswathi then takes both Vedika and Koyal wear her dupatta of the saree, Vedika prays to Bhagwan that her mother should get better soon and even she finds a job to support her parents, Koyal desires to get a one big job after which she will give her mother all the happiness, Saraswathi prays that Bhagwan send back her daughters to her as she has completed the 501 Varth. The three of them keep praying together in the Mandir.

Precap: Vedika pleads with someone to help her but Sagar keeps calling her a thief, they both fall down the stairs. Vedika says her parents always taught her to not trust anyone but she feels that she can believe this person, she cleans the nose of koyal in the same manner as she would do when they were young.

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