Pukaar 5th July 2024 Written Update

Pukaar 5th July 2024 Written Update by Sona

Pukaar 5th July 2024 Written Episode

Vedika says it is very weird as Rageshwari till one point did not want the case to re open and she even tied to stop Saraswathi but now wants to hear the confession, Vedika informs the pen drive is empty hearing which Rageshwari is shocked seeing it is a waste of time and energy as she was worried for Saraswathi, Vedika replies she still cannot believe it, Rageshwari informs that the pen drive is empty so neither are they false nor is she true, she suggests Vedika can summon the soul of Dayal singh for the witness statement, Vedika replies Rageshwari is very professional in changing her statements as she first tried to stop her from reaching the court while at the other time she send them to the house of Saraswathi aunti, Rageshwari replies she just send the criminals once and she even accepted it, Rageshwari replies she cares and feels sympathy for Saraswathi but Vedika furiously replies it is a lie, Rageshwari asks if Vedika knows who is she talking to, Vedika replies the lady who wants to rule over everyone and she says they can accept that Dayal je caused the accident but who gets served twenty years in prison, Vedika replies they both know on whose orders Dayal jee did it, Rageshwari replies that Vedika cannot do anything so Vedika hands the report to Rageshwari informing she filed it today in the court, that if anything happen to her or her father Kishori lal while even her mother Padma then she would be blamed.

Padma asks kishori lal if Vedika called them when he replies that the battery has ended, Padma wonders why would have her boss called him when suddenly someone enters so Kishori says it would be Vedika, Padma brings the torch for him, Kishori says that Vedika got very late but realizing it is a man asks who is there, the person keeps walking towards him so they both get worried.

Rageshwari replies that Vedika is not that important in their life neither her parents so she throws the report on her face, Vedika picks it up thinking that she knows that the way Rageshwari came here for the pen drive proves she has some connection with the death of Dayal jee which she is going to find out.

Kishori tries to turn on the light asking how can the person come in, he is finally able to turn it on to reveal that it is Sagar seeing whom Kishori lal and Padma get relieved, kishori asks if Vedika is not with him, Sagar says he was not able to reach her, Padma mentions he called her to the office as he needed some file, Sagar says he had asked her for the file but he got late so thought she would have returned then he asks why does their house not have any light, Kishori lal says that they suddenly got a very high bill and their connection was dis connected. Sagar says he would be able to do soething so he starts putting the wire when Kishori asks him to come down, Sagar says it is the best thing when kishori mentions that he could have done it, Sagar says he does not want to see him in trouble, kishori asks if Sagar felt nice after scolding him, Sagar says he has realized that the daughter of Kishori lal is just like him, Sagar replies he would leave after ending the darkness, Padma calls him when Sagar sends him away then sees the band players walking in front of the house so thinks of an idea, he starts smiling.

Kishori lala is walking with the candle when it suddenly goes out, they are shocked to see Sagar standing while making sure the connection happens, Padma asks what is all this when Sagar replies he has not done anything wrong, they were returning from the function so he took it as a rent, the person brings the parcel when Padma says they did not order anything so Kishori and Padma are stunned, Sagar mentions it is the dish that Vedika likes a lot and she ate it all when Saraswathi Chachi made for him. Vedika is worried seeing Sagar sir, Padma mentions that she could have told someone about it, Vedika gets worried when Sagar asks Vedika if this is the file that he had sent her to the office for, he leaves when Vedika asks what was Sagar sir doing here. Padma informs he reached on time and made all the arrangements for the light so she suggests Vedika should go and thank him, Vedika coming explains that she is glad he came to help them, Sagar replies he could not have waited to scold her till the morning and asks why did she lie to her parents that he had asked for a file, he kept trying her number but when it did not connect then he came to her house, he was very worried for her and after scolding her a lot says he had very bad thoughts about her, Vedika asks why was he worried about her, Sagar says what kind of a question is this, he stops saying he is her boss and would he have to hire a new employee, Vedika says this is why he was worried about, Sagar asks where was she all this time, Vedika recalls when she told Koyal it is not the right time to tell him as Rageshwari is his Grandmother and she does not want to cause problems in his family. Sagar says he is still standing here, Vedika replies she went to meet Koyal and even wanted to check the post mortum report of Dayal jee, Vedika says she just wants to thank him for all the help, Sagar gets in the car to leave while Vedika is smiling, she notices his car is not turning on, Vedika asks if she can help him but he replies he would take a cab so she says he would not be able to find any at this time, she offers to drop him by her scooty but he refuses to wear the helmet, Vedika says she will ride it.

Rageshwari furiously entering the room says that Vedika was arguing with her when she si not of that level she suddenly gets the droplets on her forehead, and wonders what caused it so she sees the painter making the portrait asking why did he not complete it and says he should leave, she starts making the lines explaining she can do the work by herself and will manage it by herself, she realizes that she has just ruined it all by covering the face of Gautham with the red color. Rageshwari gets stunned so drops the brush after which she starts screaming.

Precap: Sagar kisses Vedika as she is sitting on her scooty, Rageshwari informs that Sagar is their weak spot and Vedika cannot take advantage of it, Degvijaya vows to kill her, Rageshwari exclaims she is going to burn everything that she holds dear.

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