Pukaar 6th June 2024 Written Update

Pukaar 6th June 2024 Written Update by Sona

Pukaar 6th June 2024 Written Episode

The driver turns back to look at Mandir and he is stunned to see Saraswathi standing on the stairs outside the mandir, she gets in the car to leave while the driver jumps out of the police van to run after the car, Sagar and Saraswathi are leaving while the driver tries to stop the car however falls and then Saraswathi asks the driver to stop the car saying she will see it but Sagar asks her to stop while he himself gets out of the car, he walks back but is not able to see anyone while the driver runs away from the police, Sagar sits back in the car when Saraswathi asks what happened, Sagar says it was a criminal who was running from the police.

Vedika apologizes telling Koyal she has a habit, koyal says she called Vedika a sister and she acted like her, Vedika gets a text when Koyal asks if it is a good news, Vedika replies she will get the news in the evening and then asks if she can drop her anywhere, Koyal asks from which angle do they look like sisters, Vedika is taking Koyal on her scooty when the driver falls in front of them, Vedika says that he might be running from the police so she helps him get up but says he cannot run from the police, Koyal runs away wondering what has Bhagwan done to her. Vedika calls the police saying their criminal is here, he however threatens to harm her if they try to catch him.

Degvijay is scolding the police personal ordering them to catch him, Rageshwari comes saying that Degvijay should order them to kill him, Degvijay says Dayal is not a problem for them as he has been in jail for the past twenty years, Degvijay says no lawyer would take his case and then so it is wrong that someone would remain locked up forever. Rageshwari mentions some secrets should remain hidden and Sagar is the one due to which Saraswathi was able to complete the Varth, and the things might change in the future.

The driver tells Vedika he wants to reach the door step of the lady and tell her the entire truth, Vedika informs she is a lawyer and can help him, the police demand he leave the girl so the driver runs away after pushing Vedika, she stops one of the officer to ask some questions about him, the officer replies he got mixed up with some very powerful people due to which he has suffered thrice the sentence for his crime without any hearing, Vedika asks their name and is told they are of Maheshwari family, Vedika is stunned.

Saraswathi is very excited while telling Suphedra that today her Varth was completed due to Sagar and she even met her daughters, Rageshwari drops the Thali hearing this and in shock asks if Saraswathi met her daughters.

Vedika while getting back on her scooty thinks that all of the problem in her past along with the pressure to take their land is related to the Maheshwari family. She does not know why she is feeling there is a connection with all these things, she vows to find out the relation and how this driver was ready to meet the women.

Saraswathi says she does not know from where the girls came and helped her, Rageshwari replies she felt Saraswathi met Yamini and Jhanvi, Saraswathi says she thought she had known the girls for a long time, Koyal is telling Mauri that she also felt she knows the women for a long time the way she placed her dupatta over her head and it felt like, Mauri says Koyal is saying she felt like her mother, Koyal replies it is not like that but Mauri is furious saying this is exactly what she means when she is the one who gave birth to Koyal and even fought with her husband but Koyal is calling someone else as her mother, Mauri tries to leave but Koyal stops her saying she should understand it, Koyal then brings the water for her but Mauri keeps refusing at first however finally drinks it, she says she is angry when Koyal replies she just has one mother, Mauri hugs her tightly.

Saraswathi says they both were very nice girls and the way they helped her then at the time she felt like as if they both were her own daughters, she even asked them if they are sisters but they replied they are meeting for the first time, they were not her daughters so Saraswathi gets emotional after saying it, Rageshwari looks at her then goes to hug her tightly explaining Saraswathi said she found her daughters then she felt a lifetime of piece and happiness, but it was not the case and so many years have passed, even her Varth has ended but Bhagwan is still not fulfilling her desires so questions if Bhagwan does not have any pity on her. Rageshwari says she also keeps the Varth for her, when bua says that Maa has just eaten but Rageshwari asks if she is lying explaining one should not joke on such matters. Sagar asks Rageshwari to not say anything as he is sure that this time nothing would go wrong while even he has come and they both would search for Yamini and Jhanvi together, Saraswathi starts smiling when Rageshwari remembers what the Pandit jee said that Sagar will be the reason so she asks if they all can have the dinner as they would be hungry.

Vedika tells her father to tell her all about the Maheshwari family, he replies they are very dangerous people who have already bought all of the land and now will do anything to take their land, Vedika says it is his ancestral land and he is the one who told her how he and Maa have kept the land safe all these years, he says they also have some problems while Vedika replies that she knows they have to get the injections but they have raised her for this situation, he replies she is not understanding when Vedika explains he has done it all for the children and herself but now it is her turn, she has given an interview today and she is sure that she will get the job while Maa says that if they do good things then Bhagwan would even support them.

Sagar is with Rageshwari when Degvijay comes to sit with them, Rageshwari says he is going to office tomorrow but Sagar asks what is the need as he is going back to London after four days, Rageshwari gets shocked asking if he came with a return ticket, Degvijay questions if he has some responsibility towards their business but Sagar says he is not meant for it and is going back to London. Kamal asks Rageshwari who says he can go and try to convince him, Rageshwari thinks Sagar did not listen to his own father but might listen to the uncle who is a free loader. She comes requesting Degvijay to calm down.

Kamal tells Sagar what is this behavior as he turned his face from his own father, Sagar replies he did not ask them to expect anything from him when Kamal says that a father should get the respect, he came back after so many years but still did not hug his father and so can he nto forget it all, Sagar sees his father with her so asks if his uncle wants him to respect his father who is involved in such actions,Kamal leaves.

Sagar says everyone knows that nothing happens in this house without the orders of his grandmother and it is not possible that she is not aware of it all, he knows he has to respect them both but he cannot forgive them for the mistakes they have made and he does not want to live in the house in which his father does not respect his mother.

In the morning Vedika is getting ready when she answers the call saying she was waiting for their call but the person says he has called to inform her that they donot have any vacancy for her, Vedika replies he said she is very talented when the person says they cannot upset their biggest client, Vedika asks the name of the client so the person informs Maheshwari masala.

Precap: Degvijay warns he just has two days to vacant the house, Vedika goes to warn Degvijay how she will see him in the court and she walks away.

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