Punar Vivah 2 30th May 2013 Written Update

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Punar Vivah 2 30th May 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Punar Vivah 2 30th May 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Jagotia’s residence
The whole family is watching the news reporter, on the tv giving a byte about divya and her past life, the time wehn she was with raj. As sarita watches this, she thinks that the ring that she is donning, she has seen it somewhere. She is confused that she is missing something, that links Choti Bahu to their house.

On the roof, Sarita is still confused about that ring. She wonders where she saw the ring. She remembers that 8 years ago, on Diwali Night, he had seen it. she remebers how she had seen it kept on the mantle, and wondered what kind of a ring it is, and a note was kept alongside that had somne romantic poetry scribbled on it. Just then, Raj comes and is confronted by sarita, that this talks of love are not for her, and that this ring isnt for her, and demands to know the name of that girl. When she doesnt let go of the ring, Raj enters into a scuffle with her, throwing the ring on the ground. He angrily looks at her, picks up the ring and walks off. As she comes back to senses, she remembers divya in the house, and her sister in law’s outburst last night. she concludes that it is Divya, for whom Raj hasnt been able to give himself to her. Sarita confronts and asks the daughter, Shiela, that Raj’s first love is Divya Malhotra, the Girl in choti Bahu, as its a wall, that has given her much pain. When she doesnt respond, Sarita picks up a knife, and threatens her that she would cut her wrists if he doesnt tell her. Shiela spills out that it is Divya. sarita is shocked. She runs off from there.

Scene 2:
Location: Divya’s residence
Divya’s sister is very excited about divya going to the shopping with Gaurav and his mother. Her bhabhi tells her o call the Raddi wala forst before going. She goes on to take his number and dial it. As Divya calls out on the Laxmi Raddi Bhandar number, that she got from the diary, the policeman picks it up, and says that this is the police station. Without giving Divya a chance to speak, the police inspector assuming that its raj’s lover, tells her that she should come to the station asap, as if she doesnt, then they would beat Raj to pulp. Divya is very tensed to hear this. Raj, however is turned to stone, after divya’s engagement news. He doesnt respond even.

Divya is told that Gaurav has arrived. she gets ready and goes out to meet gaurav. She gets into his car, and they exchange pleasantries. She asks gaurav, if they can go to the police station first. He is surprised but agrees nevertheless. They arrive at the police station

Scene 3:
Location: Police Station
As Divya and Gaurav come inside, the police recognise and get on pleasineg her. she tells them the reason of her visit.
The police readily agrees to let go of that person. The Inspector says that now that she has come, she should pay the fine even. Raj gets along doing that. The police inspector gives Raj’s stuff to her, also saying that his family wants to meet her face to face, and if he can bring them to the shooting. She agrees and asks where she has to sign. the inspector helps her in completing the formalities. Raj, with his back turned, in the lockup, doesnt see that its divya, who’s come for her bail. as the hawaldar goes to release him, he walks out of the cell, and towards Divya, with his head down, not realising that he’s walking towards his first love. Divya too senses sometension, at his proximity, and in that the driving license of Raj slips from her hand, and as she nends down to reach for it, she finds Raj’s photo in it, and is pained and stunned. Before she can react, Gaurav comes saying that the person who she needs to thank has come. Divya is scared and leaves from there. Gaurav turns to raj and says that his bail has been done, and wishes him the best of luck.

Divya runs and sits in his car, and gaurav comes back to her, and asks what happened, and is greatly disturbed that she’s crying. Divya turns and says that the guy, they just released, is Raj, her first love. She tells him that Raj taught her how to livf\ elife, and attributes her success to him, and is shcoked that he has become a Raddi wala now, someone who was the best Creative Director, in college, but he has turned to handling his family business. She is very upset and gaurav too is hurt seeing her like this.

Scene 3:
Location: Jagotia’s mansion
Raj arrives, while sarita has known the truth about raj’s first love being Divya. Sarita remembers her wedding night, which went completely opposite to what she had expected. Raj comes in and takes a pillow and walks off. when sarita asks what happened, He says that she shouldnt expect anything from him, as they would forever be strangers, even being together for whole life. Remembering that, She cries on the bed. She thinks that its because of di8vya that she has been alone for the past 10 years, even after her marriage with Raj. She thinks that she’s still a virgin after being in matrimony for the past 10 years.

Scene 4:
Location: Divya’s residence
As the haldi ceremony is on in full swing, and all are giving haldi to Divya, lost of fun and laughter is in the air. divya too is happily enjoying the function, while the ladies gossip about how good Choti Bahu will be as a Bahu in real life. When one of the guests call out that if an unmarried girl is left to put haldi on Divya, then she can come now, as that would get her married sooner. A voice calls out that she wants to do so. Divya is shocked, when sarita, with vermillion, in her head, comes to put Haldi on Divya. The screen freezes on Sarita’s treary face.

Precap: Sarita asks Divya, that now would would be right time to prove what a big heart, divya aka CHOTI BAHU has, by being under the same roof, as her, and get Raj to love Sarita like his wife, and give her the Wifely status, that she needs, and thereafter get married to Gaurav, in her real life.

Pictures will be late today.

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  1. MK
    May 31, 13:54 Reply

    Amaica us I I just read your comments below. Suni dear I agree fully with you. Amaica that sort of thing happen right here in our own tiny little dot of an island believe me I’ve seen it.
    I want to add that when the British people were painting themselves blue swinging from tree to tree without a language, eating raw food. The Indian were a cultured set of people, with a spoken as well as written language. They had civilization way beyond the British imagination. There technology was far beyond those of any other nation. Read the Ramayan. It’s not fiction. Not a fairy tale. But history. Mahabharata, out history.
    Then Johnny come lately English thought they are the greatest thing on earth, raped the land and took all the riches back to England. That huge kohinoor on the queens crown today belongs to the Indians. I can go on.
    I have been to India also and saw real poverty. Saw people living in a eight by eight tarp covered roof, held up by four sticks. They had a goat and som had a cow. I saw the very rich living in palaces.
    I am involved with my religious group doing charity work worldwide. We have orphanages in India, and assist local orphanages and under privileged persons here. In India we have free hospitals in a very rural area where treatment of all kinds of ailments are free. free eye surgeries etc. and a school for girls where they receive free education, books, clothes, bicycles, you name it we provide. Also we regularly feed over 4000 at one time.
    Will continue got to run.

    • Amaica
      May 31, 14:12

      MK… Great hearing from you…It’s IAD weekend and it’s is nice to reflect…our ancestors Indians and Africans worked they butts off in order for us to enjoy our lives today…therefore it is imperative to acknowledge on our forum their contribution to society…I will not be around in the late afternoon…Hardhi night…family wedding and Sunday I am dreading…will make up some excuse and get husband to go with other relatives…

    • MK
      May 31, 16:54

      Well if you do go, enjoy Amaica dear.

    • Suni
      May 31, 17:29

      Kudos to you MK , it is good that you do so much charity work .
      Amaica enjoy the laawa might . Dance a little and relax .

  2. awesomeness
    May 31, 09:26 Reply

    My word sarita must shut her mouth and go die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Amaica
      May 31, 10:58


      Check my comments lower down…
      Interesting topic…make contribution.

    • Amaica
      May 31, 11:12

      Happy Indian Arrival Day Weekend To All.
      Hope Each Of You Have A Great Time With
      Friends And Family…And Remember To Give
      Thanks And Gratitude To Your Ancestors…
      To Your Parents…And To God.

    • MK
      May 31, 13:38

      Hi Amaica, miss you.

  3. MK
    May 30, 23:27 Reply

    Oh Suni, SJ, MU, Amaica , this book sounds interesting, it could work.
    There’s a book written by an Indian author, can’t remember the name at present, it’s a narration, and there’s not punctuation throughout the entire book. Just one full stop at the end.
    And it was published and sold how many copies. So I think, your comments here are quite interesting enough to be made into a book and given a suitable name, I will be the co-editor hehehe and critic too ๐Ÿ™‚

    • MK
      May 30, 23:28

      Amaica if you’re still up hope you see this comment and get on here.
      I have been getting tons of problems with Internet these days. Also in my ipad and Crome keep going to some silly page saying something about redirect and loop. So frustrating.

    • Amaica
      May 30, 23:58

      Hi Mk…I am here but was reading all the comments…that’s how I missed you.I also went across to PV1..plenty reading girl…but very interesting….see you got great ideas…
      are you still here…will wait a bit for you.

    • Lenor
      May 31, 00:13

      Amaica, I see you got on to PV2, so I guess everything is ok. Let me know?

    • Amaica
      May 31, 00:25

      MK…I admire you girl…you do come up with great ideas…That unknown author is like me …we don’t like
      punctuation we like dots…

      Someone on the forum once greeted us lovingly one morning
      —- Faceless Friends… good name for the book….people will say what…Faceless Friends…what is that all about… get interested and buy a copy…. will sell millions of copies…and make millions…but
      for the great idea to become a reality we will have to become visible to each other….are you ready for that….

    • Amaica
      May 31, 00:27

      Lenor…you are up so late girl.

    • Amaica
      May 31, 00:31

      Lenor…Yes I was having problems…but I eventually got on…It’s raining very heavily on my end…eyes are weary, so I will be off shortly….see you tomorrow.

    • Lenor
      May 31, 01:37

      Yes Amaica I’m up late, so glad that you got on.
      By the way in what area do you live, since you said it was raining heavily. Night night sweet dreams. Peace and Love dear.

    • Amaica
      May 31, 09:20

      Hi Lenor…Just came back on and saw your message…
      You seem to be up late at night…I thought I was the
      only Night Angel on board….The nights are so peaceful
      cool and quiet.I stay up and sometimes prepare work in
      advance for the next day ahead…I also use free time
      to connect with you guys here.I usually fight sleep.
      Did it rain in your area also…I live in South.

    • Sj
      May 31, 10:42

      See mk I told you I always have dumbh and good idea, we started to write plots, when we were watching pv1, we got tired signing duties, nothing got done, but for book we will put our heart and soul, if we could not write anything we will leave page blank and tell reader we are speechless have no words for the moment ,si try to understand our heart, will ack soon

    • MK
      May 31, 13:39

      SJ you ar simply awesome yaar lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. AM
    May 30, 20:53 Reply

    Why is Sarita coming to Divya and asking for help? If Raj cant seem to move on, how is it Divya’s fault? Yes, Divya is part to blame but COMEONNNN!!!! Its been 10years alr. And its Sarita’s own fault for thinking she can change Raj and how he feels and marrying him despite knowing how he feels. Sarita should just leave Raj and let Raj and Divya be together. Lol. wasting 10years of her life only. I believe in Marriage too but comeonnn, one should know when enough is enough. But of course, serials have to dramatize it but it wud be lovely to see a logical serial where you don’t stay marriaged to someone just because they tricked you into marrying you. Eg. Other serials.

    I like Divya and Raj tho. Its wud be different and nice if they were to end up together. And not be stuck.in a futureless mariage only cz serials always dramatizes how sacred marriage is..it is but not when there is no future or being forced or tricked into marfiage.

    • MK
      May 30, 23:29

      Poor girl she is so messed up.

    • Sj
      May 30, 18:19

      What is the Suni affrssh’s book name, if they ares planning to write a book toather
      I did not read to whole comment just saw Suni and Affresh book, so jump up
      Yah will be exciting, is it about pv1 memories. Can suggest a little ‘JOUNRNEY OF TO INTELLEGENT WITH ONE IDIOT’ or journey of two norm with one abnorm
      There are any good title are out there.
      Journey f emotion
      Man this guy Gautama rhode is sexy. I saw him when sun Saud that
      Really good looking.
      My heart is lost and being ditched so do not care any good an either
      Allthough today’s epic was not bad but still not hitting and do not see any charisma

    • Suni
      May 30, 19:39

      Lol MU , I think that if Afreesh and I were to compile our conversations we really would have a book !! No one would understand us but you guys ๐Ÿ™‚ . So no book k .
      SJ , you are going to make me scold you , don’t ever consider yourself in anyway other than the same as us . You were the really smart one who saw the reality of PV 1 . We were too caught up in our discussion to realise that PV1’s ship was sinking faster than the Mittals could bail out the water .
      Yeah Gautam Rode is so hot !! I am so jealous of people who have that show with English subtitles .
      True SJ , there is no charisma in PV 2 actors .

    • Sj
      May 30, 22:56

      Suni Affresh , I like your schooling part, generally this is Affresh ‘s part.
      But writting a book is not a bad idea even if conversation is incomplete.
      We will show drop drop I mean tears , happy face sad face grouchy face, full of emotion face
      Infect my friend gave me a poster it has 0ver 100’s of faces
      Book name can be journey of emotions pv1
      I can be your sales persons, I will convience all forum Frend to buy, will convience mittals
      And all PH team, writter,directer, and ash arthi, prateek,Pankaj, Vidhi,Paradhi
      Even baby ayu surajpartap many more
      I think there is a very good scope Suni and Affresh just thnk it over
      We can ave npmany topic , affecting, bonding, fashion makeup, acting skills
      Chemistry, cool down trucs, angry trucks
      There s so much to write about yash and , even ramdularay’s family and about dora too
      Think it over
      not a bad idea

  5. Suni
    May 30, 14:43 Reply

    SJ , it is good to see you as always ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Afreesh
      May 30, 14:56

      Yes Sj….come everyday to meet us…

      Suni …. I think we need to talk… I told you already, no need to hope as well no need to be distrusted yaar …scroll down dear…

    • Amaica
      May 30, 17:57

      Hi Suni Dearheart….I just got a few minutes… then I am gone again.
      Something I must share with you….I thought of you all morning….I went to Gran Couva this morning for the first time….The drive was wonderful ..such greenery and beautiful scenery…I remember you told me that you got relatives in Gran Couva….they live in a healthy and lovely area…My friends amazingly beautiful wooden cabin has been completed,…It’s out of this world… Couple of us were over for the opening ceremony…Suni I could not believe what I saw…I totally love the ambiance…The tall bamboo trees
      the hills and the valleys everything all so wonderful.
      My friend lives elsewhere…but it’s a place for retreat and meditation…the place is perfectly suited for this.
      So now I will be visiting Gran Couva regularly….lots of activities in the making…would love for you to visit….Lots of brilliant young minds around also…
      I just kept saying….Suni will love this place.
      My friend is a strong wonderful beautiful soul.
      Very Blessed.
      Suni I have to go…will try to catch up with you girls later…Just glimps the forum views…Plenty to read but I will surely follow up on all that I missed out on. Bye.

      Anxious and busy at the same time…not poetic at all…excuse my repetition ans mistakes.

    • Sj
      May 30, 18:10

      I ask you guys time, you don’t tell me, what is the time we can come to gather even gor few minute

    • Suni
      May 30, 19:41

      SJ dear , we usually meet when the written update come out .

    • Suni
      May 30, 19:46

      Amaica m dear , I also thought about you today and I was going to send you a message before I saw yours . I don’t know where exactly my relatives live in Gran Couva , but I have passed through there en route to La Vega . It is a beautiful place . I read one of the Depak Chopra’s books that Afreesh suggested and in it one of the lessons suggested that you must get connected to nature . I am glad to hear that you had a lovely day . I love the beach the most , I can just sit and look at the waves and get lost . Whenever I am tensed , I start to yearn for the beach , but it isn’t always possible to go .

    • Amaica
      May 31, 10:51

      Hello Suni..Afreesh…SJ…MK..Lenor…and others.

      Suni …Thanks for your response.Yesterday was really a day to give thanks and remember our ancestors sacrifice to make a better place for us to enjoy life today.

      Did you know that most of them were fooled by the Agents from India..They received a commission for each Indian they got on the boat…they traded on their brothers and sisters…They were told that they were going to the promised land ….The land of Chinidad… not Trinidad….Chinidad is suppose to be the land of sweetness …but when they came here it was the opposite…Life was sour….It was very hard work and most were disappointed but were unable to return thus they made the best of whatever was available to then, they connected through reading holy text and playing musical instrument which they brought along …
      They should never be remembered as slaves and indentured laborers because they were paid a salary and were able to build their homes,cultivate their lands and eventually live a normal life.They were also gifted large amounts of land as gratuity for their work. They refused later on to return to India because they had made a life for themselves and was contented and happy.
      I recently went to India and I visited the States where most of our forefathers came from…and it was still an undeveloped slow and poor place…From what I saw I am most grateful that my forefathers made the decision to come to Trinidad and never to return to India even though they were initially fooled…
      Trinidad has mainly Oil and Gas. …India has large population and only Talent… They have improved in Technology and Science over the years but even today poor people live on the streets of Delhi and Mumbai .I remember one night my friend and I was returning to our Hotel and I stumbled on something,when I looked down.. what I saw haunts me even today…I thought it was a street dog…but then their came a smile… flashing white teeth and a little head peeked out.I hesitated to move and I screamed loudly .. My friend pulled me and said lets go…come on.I almost gave away all my spending money to women on the streets with babies until I saw them switching the same baby from hand to hand….talk about drama and brains… India got it. What we see on the screen is very far from reality in India.After I returned I stopped viewing Indian movies and soaps…But PV brought me back…India is a highly a spiritual place…great for pilgrimage.I have great respect for the Mother land India..
      Indians regardless from where you originated …India..Trinidad..Guyana..Jamaica…South Africa….
      We are one…We are P.I.O…Persons of Indian Origin.

    • Suni
      May 31, 12:07

      Amaica , thank you for that remarkable review of our history and of the land of our forefathers .
      I have heard similiar tales being told by others who have visited India . However , given that their population is 1 273 347 085 and our a mere 1.3 million , I don’t know if we can judge much given our own sorry state . Our politicians are no less than any other con man from any other land . We are high on the corruption index and we live as though oil and gas will always be here for us to depend on . No matter where you go , the people are a country’s most valuable natural resource . India is classed amongst the fastest growing economies in the world, others include , Brazil , Russia and China .
      It is the looting and plundering from Europe that has led to the hardships of both India and Africa . The Queen’s jewels did not come from England . The Europeans were far worse than any Indian could be now , because they traded humans like raw materials . The British were the ones who separated India and created Pakistan . These two countries fight now because they have holy grounds in common in the land of Kashmir . Gandhi wasn’t the saint many see him to be , he negotiated with the British to separate the Muslims from the Hindus .
      History tells a bitter tale , and the actions of people long dead , result in the suffering of many thousands today .
      America the great , was brought to its knees because of consumerism . They owed 3 trillion dollars in debt to China . Europe was shaken by the slump in the world economy and is looking toward parthnering with the countries they once ruled to save them . David Cameron visited India , not too long ago . It wasn’t a cordial visit to just say hello , but rather it was meant to set up bilateral trade agreements between the two countries .
      The universe always tries to balance itself . It may take decades , but the sins of the father does indeed fall on the son . India and Africa are only just beginning to rise despite the world that tried to keep them in the shadows .

    • Amaica
      May 31, 13:58

      Suni…I am most enlightened with this information that you just shared…Most of us are accustom to accepting things at face value…perhaps too lazy to delve deeper…It is something that we should develop…You always amaze me Suni with your vast knowledge.

      I agree that India has developed tremendously over the years and their economy is rapidly growing. I am aware of the major set backs with the English invasion.
      The Gandhi part is information…I did not know that.

      Today I just felt the urge to express my opinion on
      I A D….Indian Arrival Day.There are so many P O I on this forum.

    • Amaica
      May 31, 14:01

      Sorry ..mistake ..not P.O.I it should be P I O.

    • DEEEP

      Very deep. My grandmother is half Inidan and African. So one of my great grandparents were full indian. I cant up to this day meet those pair who had other children of full indian descent. Im a History & Economics major from UWI Mona.

      In Jamaica the Indians seem to look down us everyone of light colour seems to look down on the dark skin colour. The Indians were not happy to stay its just that they couldnt afford the voyage home especially when the news of famine and drought persisted then the mulsim-hindu-british religious battles ensued so yes they stayed in the Craibbean struggled but satisfied and looked down on the blacks.

      The blacks were proud of themselves as they decided they should be an independent race after so many years in slavery who would go back to a system similar to that? So in order to teach the ex-slaves a new lesson they brought on the Indians and Chinese to be indentured labourers paid them low wages placed them in a more modernized version of slavery with the corrupted Planters taking advantage of it. They suppressed the Indians by banning Holi and other religious events, treated them the same way like the Africans despite the protests of being wage labourers. Made them sign contracts they couldnt read and even bribed their own race to utter lies to innocent people looking for a better life.

      The Africans had slavery within their own continent but for different reasons only based on political and economic reasons. Some of them were 1) If wars ensued it was automatic the defeated would be enslaved into servants 2) if in-debted you would repay with a few years of servitude 3) if your children were starving you would sell them to a good master who would feed them clothe them and teach them survival skills yet as a parent you would still have the rights to see them. Slaves in Africa were different in the definition & treated more like servants while the Europeans made it a condition of debauchery and death. In my estimation the Europeans/whites were too damn lazy to work on those plantations they are no better than monsters for even animals hunted for what they only needed and slaves laboured for survival. They tried to justified the reason for these systems with their pessimistic views of a culture and race they didnt understand yet in truth they were describing themselves.

      Most History books are written in a Euro-centric view

    • Amaica
      May 31, 15:07

      Ms.MU thanks for your contribution…I am not as educated as you guys…but I am familiar with where I came from and I know my past.MU I recognize your brilliance also…but did not know much more…and to me race and religion is no big deal.We were taught to embrace all…and respect all.
      In my husband’s family we have a dark skin African sister-in-law and she is a Hindu.;whenever the temple has prays she sits and do puja…The hindu priests are baffled and would sometimes ask about her…she is one of the sweetest most loving individuals I have known…whenever we take our group out for weekend re-treats…This girl share a bed with other Indian women…no one has any problem…her MIL did not accept her at first…did not attend wedding but she won the MIL and FIL hearts and she is the best Bahu…she got the family home.
      What you said about Indians looking down on dark skin Africans is true to a certain extent…It probably was more relevant in the earlier days but presently it is much better between the races.
      Speaking for myself…I have worked among many races and I did not see many signs of racial discrimination.It was there but to at a lesser degree.
      Most of my friends are Africans…they come to my home every Divali and help to light deyas.
      Politicians create division among the races the majority of times for their selfish purpose…
      There is only one race the Human Race.
      The religion I belong to is Hindu based.
      I am a Sai Devotees…and every race is a part of our
      congregation…The Ashram is in India and people from all over the world visit. It is the only place that I have seem The Human Race come together to worship.

  6. AK
    May 30, 14:35 Reply

    Mk I need your help, please write HD update today please :O

    • MK
      May 30, 14:51

      Wll try AK, don’t understand all Hindi. Lots od dialogue today but will give a summary.

    • AK
      May 30, 14:57

      okay thanks dear no problem ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Anonymous
    May 30, 14:18 Reply

    Proof once again that the sequel can never be as good as the original.
    The concept of PV1 was a good one and the cast did a great job. It had its bad moments but overall was a good show. PV2 doesn’t look very promising to me. Early days to decide I know but I’m reminded of Choti Bahu 2 and can foresee failure in this as well.
    To start with the morose Raj is living in a house full of ranting females. He has a beautiful, very available wife for the past 10 years and yet chooses to live like a monk. I find it hard to believe that a man in that situation would not exert his conjugal rites:) To not even look at the wife who is stripping in front of him, but chooses to walk away…….the man has a very strong willpower.

    To top it all I’m not a fan of Karan V Grover, I think they could have done better. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Suni
      May 30, 14:24

      Much agreed .

    • MK
      May 30, 14:27

      I agree. But must add, even if he did cannot accept her as a wife, the least he could do is at least talk to the girl have a cordial relationship. Make sure she is comfortable in the house. Have conversations etc.
      how can someone live in the same house, sleep in the same room and not talk something at least for ten years. Very unrealistic.

    • MK
      May 30, 14:28

      Anyway, I love to talk, cannot stay without talking to someone. If I have to live like that I’d explode. Maybe that’s what’s happening to Sarita.


      Even if Yash didnt like me at first I would declare my conjugal rights over him…lol

    • MK
      May 30, 14:33

      Hehehe, then he might call you psycho lol
      Could just imagine, how you going about doing that now? Ishita style, hahahahaha.

    • Sj
      May 30, 14:35

      Yah I agree, Constance reminder of choti bahu, it is making me sick , why she be her own. Famous person, choti bahu choti bahu Constance reminder of can be fatal for the show

    • Magi
      May 30, 14:37


      All so true and I have noticed that not only the storyline seems doomed depressing and downright despicable but Have you guys noticed the once nicely decorated mansion how they have transformed it in dark and gloomy place.. Pa S would shed some tears should he see it now,

    • Suni
      May 30, 14:41

      MU , my friend , I have full confidence in you that no man would have gotten away with what Raj is getting away with , had it been you in that situation instead of Sarita .

    • Anonymous
      May 31, 02:59

      No one in that house is civil (except for the eldest daughter… There’s a glimmer of hope in her) so wouldn’t expect Raj to any different. The gloomy interior of the house suits the mood and characters of the family living in it. No pool of water(serenity), no flowers and greenery (life and beauty) and no sense of airiness(lightness of mood).

      You cannot marry someone in the hope that they will change or you can change them. Saritha knew how Raj felt about the marriage as she heard the parents talk, she married him anyway. She should have called of the wedding and moved on in life. Even after the first year of being marruied to Raj the robot she could have divorced him. Ten years, what was the girl thinking???? Does she have so little respect for herself???? Being treated the way she is and she and her in laws forever arguing, she could have sought help and mediation/counselling etc. No one should remain in this type of situation. We have one life to live and we need to live it to the very best of abilities. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Gautaum Rhode should be taken down by me ๐Ÿ™‚

    he would be the perfect lead for PV2 but we all know the sensible actors dont take up BS storyline even to make a pay. I rather be a villain with a motive than an idiot protagonist aka Raj. He doesnt have any purpose in his life. If he only tried after a year of getting to know her I could understand but the day he entered that house he should have faced it.

    Now the slap of Divya’s wedding what will this idiot do now? More like the writers are idiots. He should just kill himself and call it a day, Divya should give a chance to Gautaum then I realize she doesn’t deserve him as he’s dealing with her love-sick drama. What will he do? Go to Raj and tell him to back off from Divya as any husband would…..Then Sarita acted like an over-emotional creature by barging in on Divya and stating for Divya to teach her to be the bahu of the house. Like seriously Sarita already hanged herself now she;s burying herself as this condition will bring these idiots together in their hide & seek love sick trauma games.

    I rather play fetch with Donut than see these idiots even the dog has more sense to sniff out BS than they do.

    • Suni
      May 30, 14:18

      LOL , Agreed . On the up side , at least we are making the most out of our lemons , and making lemonade out of this sour storyline , with our sense of sarcasm .

    • Magi
      May 30, 14:28

      Miss Unbelievable is Sarcastically Pissed

      You are on the war part today and rightly so these PV2 people are real kill-joys. I am beginning to wonder if PV2 is calculated to annoy, this cannot be a coincidence why are they doing this to us and to themselves? What have we done to deserve this torture. Seems Sarita is about to drive the last nail in her coffin and there is noting WE can do to stop her she sure cannot depend on the Mittals.

      Suni has also come out swinging today. Who can we fans count on to stop this debacle? GURMEET! KRATIKA! HELP US!!!! PV1 reruns to the rescue.

    • Suni
      May 30, 14:35

      Magi , that would have been better . I got so angry today about Sarita with that knife . There is no originality . If you don’t get what you want , make treats .
      There isn’t a single identifiable great character on PV2 yet , only the granny is a bit interesting . On PV1 we immediately admired Shobha , we loved Ansh and Arti and the girls and Vidhi was so sweet and kind . Yash was a gentleman at first , and a loving father . These are a bunch of self seeking people .

    • Magi
      May 30, 14:45


      So true, there was so much to look forward to in PV1 from the get go but now I am beginning to feel as abused as Sarita.. You are right what a family of morons and did you hear the daughter when she told Sarita that this time when her dad returns he will put her out of the house, this suggest that he may also be as bad as the lot of them which I can totally see given our first encounter with him when he made those rude remarks about Yash and him having been lucky to have had two wives… just shows where his mind is.

    • Suni
      May 30, 14:53

      Yeah Magi , I can tell that Raj’s father will be a tyrant . He forced Raj to marry in order to give his trash business an heir .
      He has hope that there will be generations of garbage men in the family :/ .

  9. Afreesh
    May 30, 13:59 Reply

    Hi everyone…..โŠ™โŠ™โŠ™โŠ™โŠ™โŠ™โ™กโ™ฅโ™กโŠ™โŠ™โŠ™โŠ™โŠ™

    Hello……Suni & Sjโ—โ—‹โ—โ–กโ– โ–กโ—โ—‹โ—โ™กโ™ฅโ™กโ™ฅโ™กโ™ฅโ™กโ™ฅโ™กโ™ฅโ—โ—‹โ—โ–กโ– โ–กโ—โ—‹โ—

    Suni….don’t worry yaar…. I’m okey

    • Suni
      May 30, 14:01

      I am so happy to see you yaar BIG HUG . I am going with the flow , but I don’t like where the flow is going
      ๐Ÿ™ .

    • Suni
      May 30, 14:06

      I love your hearts Afreesh ๐Ÿ™‚ .

    • MK
      May 30, 14:08

      Hey guys, a hello from Apple, Suni she’s waiting for your surprise.

    • Suni
      May 30, 14:11

      Awwww , I don’t like fb , but I will have to o something for my little sis .
      Thanks Mk ๐Ÿ™‚ .

    • Afreesh
      May 30, 14:15

      Suni… Among these three characters Divya is looking better, atleast trying to change herself. The great lady sharita is trying to change the hopeless creature Raj & the psycho man Raj fights with irreversible situations.
      Yes you are right, this show doesn’t have any antagonist separately. The hero & heroines will do that part too.
      By the way Suni, don’t worry about the hot romance….I don’t think Pv2 would find difficulties on romance part, since the acter/actress are looking bold and professionals.

    • Suni
      May 30, 14:22

      But, who will want to see them yaar ?? They are capable , but they don’t attract our love for them . Maybe in time , I don’t know .
      You are correct , Divya is trying to move forward . Raj’s obsession is hindering her from moving forward . He is still hopeful for her and is not making any attempts to change himself . Raj is every ones’ problem right now .

    • Sj
      May 30, 14:38

      Hello Affresh

    • Afreesh
      May 30, 14:47

      Suni…. PV was filled with positivity on situations & positive characters but pV2 is trying to show the negativity of situations & negative people.
      So, it’s hard for us to digest but it’s also reality my dear.
      Mittals’ writers can’t think neutral way yaar, they always come up with exaggerated situations & characters.
      That’s why we had seen Mahan Yash and mother Teresa Arthi….Do you think such people are alive in the world???
      You know Suni…That positive approach was necessary for PV since it was a negative subject. Remarriage is not a big deal for a man, as I told you earlier forty years old man can get an unmarried girl to marry him.
      What about a single mother???… no chance for them no matter how good they are
      Arthi is a negative topic to society my dear. Why not Remarriage allowed for a single mother????… what is the benefit on it???… what are the problem involved on it???… how to avoid that???
      All those issues explained in an extremely positive methods.

      Suni….love is not a negative topic to the society…. we are ready to hear many stories about love, but love doesn’t bring bunch of roses to all. Nobody is readily available to talk about the pain and discomfort of their first love….why???…how it dominates our life & relationship???…

      These all are positive topic…. that’s why mittals are trying to deal with it’s hidden negativity…yes I know it will be exaggerated but there is some lessons are waiting for us.

    • Suni
      May 30, 15:01

      Thank you Afreesh ๐Ÿ™‚ . I am hopeful , but I need to be honest also . I don’t understand Raj at all . He wasn’t married to Divya , he loved and lost her . Why is he making everyone miserable ?? Divya laments that he has become a trash man like his dad , but that is exactly what would have happened , had he married her . He chose to obey his dad . Why didn’t he take a stand as a man ?? Now Divya is marrying without love , she is not a stupid or naive person . Her life gave her experience . How can she adopt such a non progressive attitude toward marriage by not looking for someone to love ?? She is taking a chance ,but what for ?? We saw from PV 1 that love can happen twice in a lifetime , Raj is such a dead beat character yaar .

    • Afreesh
      May 30, 15:47

      Suni….how many people are living with their soul mate???…. Is that all married couple have love in their relationship whether it is an arranged marriage or love marriage???… Does all lovers are leading happily married life after their marriage???

      The bitter truth is NO….why???… Who is the reason???… The individual or society????…

      Yes…Raj is exceptional who is living in his own negative world. When a person doesn’t care himself, how could he care about others yaar???…

      There are so many Raj is in the society but they are living their life without love. Would you accept Raj, if he had intimidate relationship with Sharita without love???….

      Marriage is considered as a commitment almost all over India… Love & marriage became different topics. That’s why Sharita & Gaurav never hesitate to marry the person whose heart is occupied by someone already.

    • Afreesh
      May 30, 16:05

      Suni…. PV writers focussing on soul mate theory dear. Yes, ARYA found love second time in their life. But it was their destiny, they were supposed to become a life partners. I have already mentioned, Arthi would endup with divorce in her remarriage if yash not married her. She had every quality to create problem to herself and her beloved partner.

      And another matter is ” first love theory” is again focussed…

      Now the question is …. The man Raj who was loved by Divya unconditionally is not available any more…Is it possible for Divya to love this Raj???…

    • Suni
      May 30, 16:05

      Then it makes us question the entire concept that they pushed in PV 1 yaar . We were made to believe that Yash loved two women equally . Aarti also loved Prashant very much . If there we believed that there is only one right person , then PV 1 showed us that no there can be love a second time around . Arranged marriages are on the rise , many people are marrying people they meet only in a virtual world . Where does love factor in this ???
      Marriage is about accepting another person despite their flaws . Marriages are arranges based on similarities of family , economic status , backgrounds etc. The older folks never complained , they learnt to love eachother . I know that Raj is saving himself , he is being led by his heart. But , he isn’t alone anymore to be as sulky as he wishes to be , he has a wife . It isn’t acceptable for a married man to act as a single man . It has been 10 years for them yaar .

    • Suni
      May 30, 16:10

      Afreesh , from today’s episode I saw the completion of the circle which Raj started when he saved Divya , when she had gotten into her accident . Today Divya saved Raj and returned his favour . However , what was noteworthy is that Divya had the power to release Raj from the prison that he had found himself trapped in .

    • Afreesh
      May 30, 16:32

      Suni….what about that green sari capture done by Sharita yaar…. I think Sharita is going to bring Divya to her house. Through that they may convey about first love topic. You know what Arpita was not there in front of YASH eventhough he didn’t like to move on. This Raj is living with hopeful and hopeless situations yaar. There is a belief ” out of sight would become out of mind” but Raj is constantly reminded through media about his first love since Divya’s information is a open secret
      Okey I will come to our topic…. I told about Aq friend eight years love story, you know what he is not happy with his wife but has child. He is having a life just for society not for him and my friend life devastated totally. What you want to say about my brilliant friend???….

    • Suni
      May 30, 17:01

      I am sorry for her yaar , but what can we do but accept our faith sometimes, and make the most out of it ?? If it doesn’t work out the way we wanted , do we forever be sad or should we be happy that we are alive and have hope that one day things will be a bit different one day .
      If he has a child now , then obviously he has a marriage . The focus should be on the child , he/ she is the innocent one who has been brought in this world by adults who he looks up to for care and advice . The hardest thing to do us to live with the choices that we have made . But , we need to face situations as they come and not be bitter . Happiness is conditional , some people have love , but no wealth or family support . Some have wealth but , no peace and no family . When are humans ever happy ?? We must appreciate the here and now . The world is filled with so much sadness that doesn’t come our way , we should be grateful . . Why be sad because of one person , when there are other good people in the world ???

    • Afreesh
      May 30, 17:05

      Suni…. spirituality talks about controlling our desires. Is it really possible???… if so, the world would become like the heaven. Everywhere we can see good souls around us who doesn’t get jealous, enmity, ….etc…etc
      We are not computers to erase our feelings through delete key. If everyone has clarity on life we don’t face problem from the positive aspect of life which is “love”…
      Do we have clear idea about love???… according to spirituality we should love everyone despite their flaws and social status and race…. we find very difficult to follow such spiritual teachings why???…

      What is love?…. we forget our ego, identity, own betterment and preferring the betterment to our loved one who has been accepted by us without conditions or expectations.

      If we learn the aspect of pure love, it may be easier to transform the love to everyone around us. I believe , we are not practising authentic love nowadays. Why???… where it is???…

    • Afreesh
      May 30, 17:19

      Suni…. why I reminded my friend story???… she is such a capable, brilliant , admirable, beautiful lady. But she failed in her personal life just because of her stubbornness and bitter memories. She couldn’t move on or didn’t receive that love from any man who is around her at present.

      There are many Raj available in our society my dear. These Raj need to be identified and they must be treated. According to pV2 , he didn’t get a right partner, Sharita’s approaches are forceful. She is not his soul mate, but his priority is soul mate.

      I don’t know, whether we can trust Mittals’ writers or not…but we got a brilliant topic to discuss…This concept is very much needed to us than that remarriage concept.

    • Suni
      May 30, 17:20

      Too much gets lost in the translation yaar . We don’t understand that love is universal and that it sees no colour ,creed nor race , it just is . People try to mould it , to make it understandable . But , I feel that love should free person instead of holding them captive . Raj is angry that Divya is getting married , but what gives him the right to want to control her life when he couldn’t even control his own life ?? Is he really in love??
      Love is everywhere yaar . In Oklahoma when the tornado hit , the teachers covered the kids with their own bodies to protect them . In China a mother flushed her new born down the toilet , but someone saw and called the authorities hours was spent cutting a smelly sewer pipe to save a newborn’s life .

    • Afreesh
      May 30, 17:25

      Suni…. your mood is okey yaar???… I sensed your restlessness, that’s why decided to talk immediately. I think you feel better now…shall I go to bed???…

    • Suni
      May 30, 17:27

      In science love is seen only as a necessity for procreation yaar . It is viewed as a chemical response . We were traditionally attracted to men whom we consider good fathers for our kids with good genes , and good protectors of the home . But , times have changed , and women look or mates who are good providers and who would be faithful and sensitive to their needs . so , the nerds have a better chance now :/ . As society changes so does people’s ideas about love .

    • Suni
      May 30, 17:29

      Thank you so much Afreesh , I love you my friend . My mood was okay dear , I just had to speak my mind .
      Good night sweet dreams .

    • Afreesh
      May 30, 17:37

      Yes…..This is what exactly I’m thinking about love…. you know Suni , that saint sathguru says ” we must experience that authentic love once in our life time no matter we get married to that person or not but we will learn to love everyone around us”.
      Maya didn’t experience love in her life…how she became???…I don’t like to discuss about Ishita right now…
      Radha experienced true love from a wrong personality…. she never complained because it was true love. In fact, I tried to bring this Radha topic before but you were not interested yaar. Your attachments with Gayathri character didn’t allow you to understand Radha’s love.

    • Afreesh
      May 30, 17:40

      Suni….we will continue the same topic ttomorrow…okey

      Bye dear…โ™กโ™ฅโ™กโ™ฅ

    • Sj
      May 30, 18:22

      I know. Love Affresh heart too

    • Sj
      May 30, 23:05

      Uoooo you are so arttistic Affresh , I hate raj is sleeping on bed and sarita is sleeping on floor
      Well, saris will not say quite.
      This man khan he s old looking for devia

  10. Suni
    May 30, 13:55 Reply

    Thank you admin for not posting any pics. . Don’t trouble yourselves too much . They are not even necessary really .

  11. Suni
    May 30, 13:36 Reply

    I was looking at the first episode of Saraswatichandra and it was so beautiful , but only in Hindi ๐Ÿ™ . Why oh why :-‘( do I not have that channel ??
    Gautam Rode is 36 and he looks superb , Ayaz khan is 34 and he looks so not attractive . Where did they get this cast ??? If the storyline sucks , get a good looking cast !!! I don’t care anymore , I am not being shallow , I was willing to look past Mr Bean as the lead , honestly I hoped for something good . But , it keeps getting worse !!! Are they trying to make us not watch this show?? There was a sliver lining of hope that quickly got chased away by the usual PV dark cloud .

    • MK
      May 30, 13:45

      Hey Suni, yeah, that Gautam guy is super hot.
      Che green dot and find out what Indian channels they have I know it’s about four but not sure which four.
      I would really like to see English subs too. I do look at it on the net also.
      Jennifer is too cute and Gautam too hot. Lol

    • Suni
      May 30, 13:48

      I am going to call green dot on Monday . They came once to put Internet , but couldn’t get signal by us . I’m hoping that they could work something out for the TV .

  12. PAT
    May 30, 13:31 Reply

    Hi,, ladies,, how are you guys doing,, hope everyone doing great……………. Sarita is going about this the wrong way and to the wrong person……………. She knew that this man that she married wasn’t happen with the wedding and haven’t touch her for the past 10yrs in the marriage…………………… But going to Divya and blaming her is wrong……….. I think if Divya and Raj were still seeing each other,,,, then she Sarita can go and confront her saying leave my husband alone,,,, but that is not the case here…………….. I want Sarita to get her right as a wife and that her husband should love her to the fullest,,,,, but taking it out on someone who is no longer in the picture is wrong…………. I am saying this because this is what is happening in my case…….. My first love and I are not together,,, but he is married to some else,,, and for some reason he blames me for his unhappiness and she does,,, I am the reason her husband is not in love with her…………………..

    • MK
      May 30, 13:42

      You’re right Pat. I’m with you on this one.

    • Suni
      May 30, 13:45

      Well said Pat . No one should blame others for their situations in life . Just deal with your life as it is at present . It was meant to be that way . If you are sulky and filled with bitterness all the time , that is a choice you make to be that way . Life is beautiful and precious , why make yourself and others unhappy . Raj doesn’t realise how much he is hurting Satita , but he is hurting because of Divya . The nerve of that idiot !!! He is a selfish louse . He needs to appreciate the good things in his life , focus on what he has . Sarita shouldn’t put herself down by fighting for the likes if him .

    • MK
      May 30, 13:48

      True Suni she deserves better and Raj ain’t it.

    • Magi
      May 30, 14:01


      I can see your point she should really deal with the lowlife she married; but maybe because she is hurting so much she is unable to think logically. On the day of the wedding she must have been so confused not knowing what to do and thinking about her family and the society – it was a case of the devil and the deep blue sea. She no doubt hoped that if she tries hard enough she could win his love….. well we all know what happened there.


      You go girl, come out swinging agree with all you have said. Maybe we need to get the guy, his name escapes me now, who Yash boxed with with to give Raj a good going over and either knock some sense into him or knock something out of him….

    • Magi
      May 30, 14:12

      Sorry posted this in the wrong place lower down but so anxious to get in touch with Tyson (lol)

      Now I remember the guys name was Tyson.. can someone please get Tyson on line 1โ€ฆ got an assignment for him, and get Raj on line 2 โ€ฆโ€ฆ he is the assignment

    • Suni
      May 30, 14:14

      Magi , that is a grat idea , lol .

    • PAT
      May 30, 15:46

      Ladies,,,,, I do agree with all you said and it right…………………. Sarita too should put herself together and stop feeling like a failure to herself and others……………. Like Raj,,, Yash too didn’t want Aarti,,, and she too didn’t waste her time crying over him………………….. And she didn’t wear cloths that were not pleasing to others or to herself,,,, she always looked good………… Sarita is beautiful and she should act like it,,,,,,,,,, when a woman want to be notice by a man so badly,,,,,,, she will do everything in her power to get him……………. Raj is walking around like he don’t care for himself or others,,,,,, but if she Sarita dresses well and look good all the time,,, he will definitely notice and will like what he sees…………………

  13. MK
    May 30, 13:29 Reply

    Suni my dear, I am seeing a whole new side to you yaar. Lol

    • Suni
      May 30, 13:39

      I seldom had a bad word to say about PV 1 . I bore patiently with all the Ishita tracks , but this is toooo much . System overload , I’m cool until I’m provoked dear MK .

  14. Suni
    May 30, 13:16 Reply

    Bravo Mittals , you all have found a way for PV 2 leads to not have sex either .
    Please don’t ever show us another Bhang night , PV 1 should have the exclusive on that . Raj isn’t a hero , he is a zero . He has no sense of self worth . He has made his life and his wife’s life miserable because of someone who left him 10 years ago .
    Sarita is fighting for him !!! She should get a good lawyer and serve him divorce papers , leave the grouch , let him play with his trash .

    • Magi
      May 30, 13:23


      If this was not so sad it would be funny but thank you for bringing some humour this, this, this, this, Suni,truly, I don’t have a clue with this is. Have you ever brought a pack of fresh nuts that tasted really delicious and just at the end you get a really bad tasting one that completely ruins the experience, get my drift?

    • Suni
      May 30, 13:26

      Perfect comparison Magi LOL . The Mittals have a lot of rotten nuts , they call them writers .

    • Magi
      May 30, 14:10

      Now I remember the guy name was Tyson.. can someone please get Tyson on line 1… got an assignment for him, and get Raj on line 2 …… he is the assignment.

    • Suni
      May 30, 14:37

      Magi dear , is it an assignment or a hit on KVG , lol ??? .
      I will call my contacts and arrange something :D.

    • Magi
      May 30, 14:49

      Call them Suni,call them with great dispatch, time is of the essence. lolllll

    • PAT
      May 30, 15:51

      Suni,,, Magi,,, you guys are right and for some unknown reason it is very funny……………. People do kiss and they sometimes have fake sex on set……………. But what I don’t understand is why the writers think that kissing is wrong on these serial when now the well known actors and actresses are kissing on screen,,, so what is wrong with this picture?????????????????????

    • Suni
      May 30, 17:10

      It confuses me also Pat :S . Only the Mittals know why their characters behave like monks and nuns . Maybe they are trying to help control the people population by not exciting anyone with love scenes . There probably is a conspiracy theory in here somewhere ‘~’.

    • Sj
      May 30, 18:26

      Adorable analysts Suni jee

  15. MK
    May 30, 13:16 Reply

    I’m still trying to place that actress, the elder daughter, she’s from another show, was cry cry character.

    • Suni
      May 30, 13:08

      I underestimated the PV 2 writers ,I honestly thought that they couldn’t come up with more BS ,but , they did .

    • MK
      May 30, 13:14

      Lol, sure Suni, wonder if they doin it intentionally? Or just plain duffers?

    • MK
      May 30, 13:14

      Now looking at yesterday’s, god Karan looks retarded.

    • Suni
      May 30, 13:18

      I agree MK , he suits the role .

  16. MK
    May 30, 12:59 Reply

    Sarita have guts. I admire that in her. She really wants to fights for her rights which she has every right to do.
    Poor thing. She did not know about Divya before she married raj. I’m sure if she know what she was getting into she would not have gotten married. Could be wrong. With family pressure etc.

    • Suni
      May 30, 13:11

      MK she overheard the convo. with Raj’s parents b4 her marriage . Sarita knew that Raj was obsessed with some other girl . She walked into this with her eyes wide open .

    • MK
      May 30, 13:12

      Oh ok, must have missed that part. Did not look at all episodes.

    • MK
      May 30, 13:13

      Or it seems that the writers have forgotten that part lol

    • PAT
      May 30, 13:20

      So why fight Divya????????????????? Sarita should be fighting the husband who don’t want to give her that right…………………… I personally think she going about this the wrong way………………..

    • Suni
      May 30, 13:21

      No Mk , that scene was shown when ArYa was still there and Raj wants showing up for his wedding . Kamla and Mr Sohanlal were talking about the girl that Raj loves and Sarita overheard them .

    • Suni
      May 30, 13:23

      So true Pat , she should go all MU on his sorry a_ .

  17. MK
    May 30, 12:55 Reply

    So what is wrong in becoming a Raddi Wala. It’s his family business after and very successful. What is wrong if he takes over for the sake of the business and his family.? Didn’t she leave him for the sake of her family? She is the reason he left his directing and went into his family business.

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